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    One Life To Live CAST - Kristine Karr - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristine Karr Played by Terri Conn on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: January 28, 1975
    Birthplace: Bloomington, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married to Austin Peck.
    Real Name: Terri Conn


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    The Natalie Effect.

    Thursday, December 29 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex tells Aubrey, "Gigi's alive." Aubrey thinks Rex is delusional until he explains. Over talk of Cutter, Aubrey admits he called from jail. She hung up on him. Aubrey knows she and Rex don't have a future now but hopes one day to find a guy like Rex. She urges Rex to go be with his family then cries after he goes.

    There's No Other Bad Girl For Me.

    Wednesday, December 28 2011

    Rama joins Aubrey in Angels Square and rants about Neela framing Jack. Aubrey thinks Neela did the right thing. Rama fears Neela will get hurt in the end. Whatever Jack's done, Neela still has feelings for him. Talk turns to Rex. Aubrey fears Rex is keeping something from her. Rama thinks Aubrey's making too much of Rex's voicemail and suggests she call him.

    Aubrey arrives at the Buchanan Mansion first and takes down Gigi's stocking. She hangs it back up. Rex appears. Aubrey rambles about Gigi meaning a lot to Rex and Shane. She wanted the stocking to be a part of their decorations. Aubrey hugs Rex, who says, "There's something I have to tell you."

    I Should've Died, Not My Mom.

    Thursday, December 22 2011

    Aubrey catches Shane leaving the Buchanan Mansion. He's going to meet Neela. Aubrey warns Shane if Jack told Neela anything, she might want to keep his confidence. Later, Rama arrives with a gift for Aubrey, who whines about Rex not being ready to move on. Over talk of Shane, Aubrey warns Rama to keep an eye on Neela's involvement with Jack. Rama chalks it up to a teenager with a crush and gushes about her holiday card from Cris. Aubrey holds Gigi's stocking. Rama promises Aubrey will get her happy ending and meet the man of her dreams.

    From jail, Cutter calls Aubrey for help.

    I Pushed Her Into The Basement.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Shane finds Aubrey decorating the Buchanan Mansion. She wanted to surprise him and Rex. Shane explains Rex stayed behind in Texas. He's not sure when he'll be home and asks if Aubrey wants to spend Christmas with him at Viki's. Aubrey thanks Shane but assures him she won't be alone. She'll spend the holidays with Rama. Shane rants about what Stacy did and how Noelle's pie won. It was weird being in Texas without his mom, but he was able to say goodbye. Shane doesn't think his dad is ready to say goodbye but has an idea how to help him. Aubrey questions Shane's motives for getting Neela to get Jack to confess, especially since Neela has a crush on Jack. Shane knows Neela will come through for him. Aubrey hangs Noelle's pie award on the tree for Gigi.

    I Want You Back, Cowboy.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    In Angels Square, Ford and Jessica look for a tree. Ford thinks back to his childhood and anticipates giving Ryder everything he didn't have. He heads off to find the perfect tree. Nearby, Shaun gets Vivian to sign a petition to save "Paternity Row." Vivian hushes Shaun's mention of marriage again but wants to prove to Mrs. Evans how much she loves him. She points out a huge tree and wants to surprise his parents with it. If Shaun can't give her a ring, he plans to get Vivian a tree. Shaun takes off. Jessica joins Vivian. The women watch as Shaun and Ford fight over the same tree. They calm the guys down. When Jessica and Ford refuse to sign Shaun's petition he agrees to give them the tree if they do. Jessica and Ford sign then privately admit how much they love the soap. Jessica snaps at Aubrey on their way out. Rama invites Aubrey to spend the holidays with her and Vimal. Aubrey shares that Rex invited her to spend the holidays with him and Shane. She ordered a huge Christmas tree to surprise them with. Rama hears about Aubrey and Rex's kiss. Aubrey hopes when Rex returns, he'll be ready to let Gigi go. Over talk of Kim, Aubrey warns it's possible Kim's back on the streets. Rama refuses to hide from Kim. Kim appears and calls Rama a bitch. Rama lunges after her! Across the square, alone, Shaun takes out Vivian's engagement ring and vows to marry her.

    Viki and Charlie are stunned to see each other at the Bon Jour Café. He wonders what she's doing working there. They talk about Gigi and Noelle's new pie. Viki offered to help out when the new waitress flew the coop. They catch up over Charlie's new construction firm and how he's rebuilt his life. Charlie apologizes for how things turned out between them. She fills him in on the family back in Llanview. Seeing Viki in the waitress uniform, Charlie wondered if she was running away from her life again. Charlie urges Viki to open up. Viki admits her troubles with Clint and how he kissed her. "Are you still in love with Clint?" Charlie asks and urges Viki not to give up on Clint just because she's afraid of getting hurt again. Like Charlie hurt her. Is Viki going to keep running away from happiness or toward it with Clint?

    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    Aubrey finds Rex outside of the diner. She offers to help him find Stacy. Rex declines the offer. He needs to spend some time with Shane and explains their trip and how special Paris, Texas was to all of them. He needs to go back to the diner in order to let Gigi go. Aubrey wishes him luck and says goodbye. Rex stops her from walking away and kisses Aubrey. Aubrey agrees to spend the holidays with Rex and Shane.

    Exes Should Be Seen And Not Heard.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    Roxy cries at the salon about her soap being cancelled. "It's just a TV show," Rama replies. Roxy objects. "Fraternity Row" is part of her family! Rama offers Roxy a drink. Roxy refuses and leaves to try to save her soap. Aubrey appears. She knows Rama and Cutter framed Kim for murder. Rex is important to Aubrey. Therefore, she needs Rama to help get Kim out of jail, so they can find the Gigi lookalike. Aubrey reminds Rama how she helped her when Vimal was upset over her relationship with Cris. Rama warns Aubrey will be sending Cutter to jail in Kim's place. Outside the salon, Shane continues to blame Jack for his mom's death. Neela doesn't think she can help Shane. He knows she's the only person who can get Jack to confess. A lot of people were hurt by what Jack did. Shane suggests Neela go to Jack with a hidden recorder. Neela calls Jack and makes plan for a date. Shane hands over a recorder.

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