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    One Life To Live CAST - Eddie Ford - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eddie Ford Played by John Wesley Shipp on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Wesley Shipp

    Birthday: January 22, 1955
    Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia
    Real Name: John Wesley Shipp
    Height: 6' 1"


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    Inez Done And Snagged Herself A Cop!

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    Bo wakes Eddie up when he shows up at Ford's apartment. He warns Eddie to stay away from Inez. "Inez done and snagged herself a cop," Eddie replies. He insists that Inez has a strategy and accuses Bo of falling for it! Eddie makes Inez out to be a manipulative liar. "The more you talkā€¦" Bo says. "The harder I'm going to work to get you out of this town." Eddie hasn't broken any laws and denies putting Ford in the hospital. Bo warns Eddie to keep his hands off of Inez and her sons. "How does your wife feel about you and Inez?" Eddie asks. Bo vows to watch every move Eddie makes. He may just regret he ever came to Llanview. Once Bo leaves, Eddie hunts down Inez's address.

    I'm Such An Idiot!

    Monday, November 15 2010

    Ford finds a woman in his apartment. "I only got $28 bucks," Eddie yells as he comes out of the bedroom. He threatens James and hits Ford up for some extra cash to pay off the hooker. Once the woman leaves, Eddie teases Ford about women and wonders what happened to him. Is he saving himself for little Ms. Right? "I never thought I'd see the day when Bobby Ford got his own little ball and chain," Eddie says. He can't wait to see her! Ford grabs Eddie and warns he'll never see her! Eddie looks at Ford's phone. He sees all of the girls' numbers and claims, "You're the same player you always were." Ford denies it. He has nothing to prove to Eddie, who offers to have his hooker waiting when things with Langston blow up in his face! Later, James comes home. Eddie can see he struck out like Ford. Eddie's the only Ford who got lucky tonight. Eddie makes a jab about James getting him his money back. Only then will they all live happily ever after.

    It's Over.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    In their kitchen, Ford assures James they'll get the fifty grand in order to get rid of their father. Eddie joins them and jokes about wanting to bond. Eddie took care of his boys when they were little and says, "Now you're going to take care of me." As they argue, Eddie appears sick and rushes to the bathroom. When Inez and Nate arrive, James and Ford try to get rid of them. It's too late. Eddie reappears, sees Inez and tells Ford, "Ask the whore in." Inez confronts him and slaps Eddie when he looks at Nate and accuses her of robbing the cradle. "Nate is our son!" she screams. Eddie rants about Inez always giving her boys wuss names then denies he's Nate's father. Inez orders her kids to come with her and warns Eddie not to try to stop them. He'll regret it! James and Ford push Inez and Nate out into the hall. Ford warns Inez to stay away. She plans to talk to Bo but refuses to stop protecting her boys!

    There's A New Ford In Llanview!

    Monday, November 08 2010

    James and Ford are stunned to see their father at their door. Ford tries to turn Eddie away, but he pushes his way into the apartment. "Why aren't you in jail?" James asks. The charges were dropped. "What do you want?" Ford demands. Eddie looks at James and replies, "He knows exactly what I want." Ford grabs Eddie, who shoves him in the ribs, causing him to cough from his prior injury. Eddie wants his money! As he and Ford get into it again, Eddie notices Ford's cough and demands to know who messed him up! They don't need Eddie's help. Eddie blames their rotten childhood on their mother. When Ford and James stick up for Inez, Eddie realizes they've spoken to her. He wants them to call her over. "You stay the hell away from her!" James warns. Eddie grabs James by the face and threatens to have him charged with grand larceny.

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