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    One Life To Live CAST - Eddie Ford - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eddie Ford Played by John Wesley Shipp on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Wesley Shipp

    Birthday: January 22, 1955
    Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia
    Real Name: John Wesley Shipp
    Height: 6' 1"


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    I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    Monday, January 09 2012

    In another area of the hospital, Jessica and James await news on Ford. Jessica wonders if James found Starr. James only wants to concentrate on Ford right now. They never see the hooded figure carrying Ford's spirit away. In a darkened room, Eddie reveals himself to his son. Ford thinks he's dreaming and wants to get back to Jessica. Eddie opens a door and exposes flames, claiming they're in Hell. Ford rants at his father and calls Eddie a rapist. Eddie reminds Ford he didn't rape Nora, unlike what Ford did to Jessica. Ford knows Jessica forgave him. They have a son now. After Ford pushes Eddie into the flames of hell, he runs through a set of doors, sees Luna and asks, "Will you help me?" As Luna, Megan and Gabrielle watch from afar, Ford and Cole's family and friends gather in the waiting area of the hospital. A doctor appears, as Luna admits, "I could only save one."

    Back in the church, Mitch's spirit stands, prepared to serve his God for all eternity. Stacy and Eddie arrive and take Mitch away. Stacy reveals that Jessica was never his daughter. Mitch screams, "No!"

    The Eddie Ford Investigation Begins.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    John and Natalie arrive at the Minute Man Motel. She notices some cuts on Eddie's wrist but thinks it's due to the fight with Ford. Brody joins them and tells Natalie about Rex, who was investigating Eddie for a client. John finds a cuff-link on the floor. He knows where it came from but not how it got here. After John leaves to check out the lead, Natalie finds a long red hair that isn't hers. Brody remembers Eddie saying he had a woman in the room with him.

    Did We Sleep Together Last Night?

    Tuesday, December 14 2010

    Nate stands over Eddie's dead body at the Minute Man Motel and says, "You got what you deserved." Nate puts some things in a duffel bag and leaves. Later, a maid lets herself in and screams!

    Brody arrives at the Minute Man Motel and stands over Eddie's body. Brody identifies the body and tells another cop that Eddie has a trail of enemy's a mile long.

    This Is The Last Time...

    Monday, December 13 2010

    At Rourke's Gym, Eddie pummels Ford and has to be pulled off by Brody and Nate. Eddie refuses to leave town. Everyone huddles around Ford, as Eddie taunts James. James faces Eddie and warns that this is the last time Eddie's going to hurt them. Just as Eddie gets ready to leave, Langston screams for Eddie to be arrested. Brody's hands are tied. Ford took the first punch. Brody suggests Eddie leave town. James backs him up, toying with the gun in his pocket. "What're you going to do if I don't?" Eddie asks James. "Hurt me?" James challenges Eddie to tempt him. Eddie leaves, and Brody warns everyone to stay away from him. James wants to be alone and promises Starr he'll stay away from Eddie. James leaves the gym. Langston convinces Ford to go to the hospital to get checked out. Before they go, Starr shares her concerns over James, saying, "He looked too calm."

    Rex tries to pick the lock of Eddie's motel room. A maid appears and asks, "What're you doing?" Rex rushes away when she threatens to call the manager. Once the coast is clear, Rex picks the lock, opens the door and gasps, "Nora!" He quickly unties Nora, who explains what Eddie did to her. She's really jumpy and tries to button her shirt. The circulation in her fingers was cut off. Rex buttons Nora's shirt for her, as she worries about Eddie breaking up her marriage. Rex tries to call Bo but doesn't get an answer. He and Nora leave the room. Later, Eddie arrives and finds Nora gone. As he packs his things, Eddie wonders where his gun went. "It's right here," James says from the doorway. James aims the gun at Eddie.

    A few hours later, Eddie lies dead in the Minute Man Motel from a gunshot wound.

    Will You Marry Me?

    Friday, December 10 2010

    In the Minute Man motel room, Eddie strokes Nora's face, who asks, "Are you going to add rape to your list of charges?" Eddie begins unbuttoning her shirt and starts rubbing her breasts. Nora spits in Eddie's face! Eddie grabs her hair but is distracted by a call on Nora's cell. Eddie gags Nora then answers her cell. It's Matthew, who wants to talk to his mother. Eddie warns, "She's tied up right now!" then hangs up. Eddie realizes he has to get to the gym. He turns up the volume on the television, aims a gun at Nora then leaves.

    At Rourke's Gym, Ford watches Cris and Brody sparing, as Langston begs him to call off the fight. Ford and Brody spar next. Brody gets the better of Ford easily. Again, Langston asks Ford to walk away. She even agrees to have sex with him if he does. Ford appreciates how much she cares about him. However, no sex, not now. He needs to take care of Eddie. James worries Eddie won't play by the rules. Nate suggests they beat Eddie by cheating. Just then, Eddie rushes in, ready to rumble! Eddie sends a text from Nora's phone then begins to taunt Langston about sex. While Eddie's distracted, James steals the gun from his gym bag. Nate lunges for Eddie when he offers to bed Dani after Langston! "If you don't put him in the ground," Langston tells Ford. "I will!" James hides the gun and acts as though he's going to let the chips fall where they may. Nate is upset and vows to take care of Eddie himself then! Eddie gets a call from Clint, who's furious he's not with Nora. Clint demands that Eddie get Nora to Inez's apartment as soon as possible. Something is about to happen that she needs to see! Eddie hangs up and claims he needs to change the fight date. He has somewhere to be. Cris storms off irritated. Ford calls Eddie a coward, as Nate and James taunt their father. After Ford sucker punches Eddie, Eddie pummels Ford to the ground!

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