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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    That My Husband Isn't Todd Manning?

    Thursday, April 14 2011

    Cutter and Aubrey argue about their cover being blown at the Buchanan Mansion. Cutter agrees to drop Tess if Aubrey drops Joey. Aubrey doesn't think it's the right time. Cutter has no choice but to string along Tess like she's doing with Joey. They agree to trust each other. "I'll handle Tess," Cutter promises. "Handle her now?" Joey asks from the doorway. Cutter claims he's trying to save Jessica. He was the last person who brought Jessica out. Joey urges Cutter to be careful and says, "Go for it." Later, Joey apologizes to Aubrey and promises that he only loves her.

    I'm Leaving Llanview.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Joey arrives at Llanfair and interrupts Viki's memories of meeting Charlie. He needs advice on marriage. He explains Aubrey's upset, how he punched John and claims not to care about Kelly anymore. Viki is the last person who should give him advice. She admits her marital issues with Charlie. Viki wants to fight for Charlie, but if he loves Echo, the marriage is over. Viki urges Joey to be honest about his feelings for Kelly now before anyone gets hurt. If Charlie would've done that, things might be different for her. When Charlie appears, Joey leaves. Viki needs to know if Charlie loves Echo. "Yes," Charlie replies.

    Kelly approaches Clint at the Buchanan mansion, wanting a quote on why the charges were dropped against him. Clint changes the subject to Joey, and Kelly's fling with John, then admits Aubrey and Cutter replaced the original contents of the flash drive. Kelly wonders what was on the original then backtracks. She doesn't want to know. Kelly refuses to chase Joey anymore. Though she leaves, Kelly quickly returns and asks what was on the flash drive. "They are no more brother and sister than you and I," Clint reveals about Cutter and Aubrey, who also plan to rob Joey blind. The flash drive's been destroyed. Clint can't risk further destruction of his relationship with Joey by telling him, but Kelly can. Kelly won't. Joey will only hate her more. Clint was hoping Joey would open his eyes where Aubrey is concerned. Now he'll have to point Joey in the right direction and says, "I hope you'll help me." Just as Clint suggests they set it up so Joey finds Cutter and Aubrey together, Joey appears. Kelly leaves. Joey asks after Aubrey. Clint hasn't seen her.

    What Are You Doing With This?

    Monday, April 11 2011

    In the gym, Ford assures Brody he won't allow Tess near Cutter again, seeing as Cutter was able to bring Jessica out. Brody better get used to it. Tess is here to stay. Brody vows to bring Jessica back. Kelly and Joey argue nearby. Aubrey hears Joey punched John. It's clear Joey is jealous of Kelly's relationship with John. Joey denies it but continues lashing out at Kelly for sleeping with John, especially in the closet at Rodi's where they almost… "Almost what?" Aubrey asks. Joey insists nothing happened. Kelly leaves, and Aubrey wonders if Joey's sorry he married her. He isn't. She rushes off anyway. Across the room, Rama admits to Cris it's her fault Vimal's in prison. She covers then thinks about telling Vimal she was pregnant. Rama realizes she's late for her visit with Vimal. Cris offers to drive her.

    Vicker Man: The David Vickers Story.

    Friday, April 08 2011

    At Llanfair, Natalie takes a call from Joey, who insists she doesn't need John. Natalie admits Brody's been great. She hangs up, joins Brody inside the nursery and takes over with Liam, who's fussy. Natalie asks Brody to stay, who's startled when she starts breastfeeding. After she lays Liam down, Natalie opens her robe and shows Brody the goods. He needs to get used to them since she's not going to stop breastfeeding. They have a laugh then Brody leaves.

    Rama stares at Cris at the gym. Aubrey reminds her she's married. Over talk of Vimal, Aubrey thinks maybe they need a new plan. Aubrey asks Rama to distract Joey then leaves. Rama rushes Joey over to spot Cris. Rama was worried Cris would hurt himself. While Rama flirts with Cris, she notices Joey's gone. Rama takes off. Brody joins Cris and talks about his situation with Natalie. Tess and Ford appear. After Tess taunts Brody, she heads to the steam room. Brody warns Ford to keep his hands off Jessica. Ford assures Brody Tess isn't interested in him at all.

    In the steam room, Cutter looks at a newspaper and realizes he needs a new angle to get to the Buchanan fortune. Aubrey appears. When she refuses to rob Joey blind, Cutter has no choice but to go to plan B. As Aubrey opposes him going after Tess, they hear Rama call out, "Joey, don't go in there." With Joey's back to the steam room door, Aubrey sneaks out and approaches Joey. Later, Tess joins Cutter and takes him in a kiss.

    Kelly arrives at the gym and approaches Joey and Aubrey. She wonders if Joey knows why Bo would drop the charges against Clint. Joey suggests Kelly ask her boyfriend. While Joey displays his jealousy in front of Aubrey, Cris joins Rama, who appears sad. Cris assures her there was nothing she could do to prevent her husband from going to jail. "It was my fault," Rama blurts out.

    An Out Of Control Kardashian Wannabe.

    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Joey grabs Cutter and tells Aubrey he was with Jessica at the Minute Man Motel. Cutter claims Tess just showed up at his room. Didn't Joey tell Aubrey to make sure Cutter stayed away from his sister? "I did," Aubrey replies and thinks back to Cutter getting the call while she was in his shower. Once alone, Aubrey confronts Cutter for lying to her. He reminds Aubrey she's lied to him too and accuses her of thinking of Joey while they have sex. Aubrey denies that she's falling for Joey and warns Cutter they can't be careless. "It's Joey or me," Cutter warns. "What's that supposed to mean?" Joey asks from the doorway. Joey refuses to allow Cutter to give his wife an ultimatum. Cutter leaves. Aubrey lays her love for Joey on thick. Money or not, she'll always stand by him. "Tell me you believe me," Aubrey cries. Kelly arrives to give Joey her condolences in regards to Clint and offers to be there for him. Aubrey assures Kelly she can take care of her husband.

    My Husband The Big Wiener.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    Clint arrives at the Buchman Mansion. Matthew flips on him for all of the lies. Clint reminds Matthew of everything he's done for him. Matthew worries. His parents think Clint killed Eddie and are looking for evidence as they speak. Clint promises Matthew they won't find any evidence. Out in the foyer, Aubrey arrives and lies about where she's been. Joey's clearly upset. She begs Joey not to believe a word out of Ford's mouth.

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