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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    Power Struggle Inside Viki's Head.

    Wednesday, April 27 2011

    In the courtroom, Tess denies that Niki is back. Joey grabs Tess and accuses her of using Niki to get custody of Ryder. "Get your hands off my wife," Ford demands. When Joey trashes Ford as a husband, Ford informs Joey that Aubrey only married him for the money. The men engage in a shoving match until Niki appears as Viki and chastises them for fighting. Joey and Natalie share their concerns about Viki being Niki. "Don't be ridiculous," Niki replies. "I'm completely integrated."

    Back inside the courtroom, word comes that a new judge has been assigned to the case. Niki, as Viki, refuses a lawyer and court begins. The judge is confused when Niki informs that her cheating husband has been removed from the suit. Niki claims with all the drama in her life, there's no way she can take care of her grandchild now. "Told you not to worry," Tess whispers to Ford. Joey stands up and pleads with the judge, "That woman is not my mother." Joey and Natalie explain Viki's condition. Niki turns around and seethes at Joey, "You and the red-head are royal pains in the butt!" Niki admits to the judge that she's really Niki Smith. Niki stomps around the courtroom then stumbles over the judge's bench. When she stands and puts on the judge's glasses, everyone realizes she's Jean. Though Jean makes it clear she's not a fan of children, she claims to be more than capable of taking care of Ryder. Natalie and Joey beg the judge to let them take their mother to the hospital. Jean starts to appear lightheaded.

    Natalie and Joey stand over Viki in the courtroom, begging her to wake up. Tess and Ford appear, as do the EMTs. Inside Viki's mind she warns Niki and Jean that she had a weak moment. She goes over everything she's suffered and vows to be stronger than all of her alters. The EMTs report that her pulse is stabilizing. As Niki screams, "No," Viki opens her eyes and assures Natalie and Joey that she's really Viki.

    Did He Hurt You?

    Tuesday, April 26 2011

    Cutter watches Aubrey comfort Joey outside of Clint's hospital room. Natalie appears. Joey follows her into Clint's room. Cutter rants about Aubrey falling all over Joey then admits Kelly knows about them. Clint gave Kelly the scoop. Aubrey doesn't believe that Kelly will stay quiet. Cutter explains how Kelly thinks Aubrey's feelings for Joey will cause them to self-destruct.

    Seated at Clint's bedside, Joey and Natalie wonder where their mother is. Natalie fills Joey in on her encounter with Tess and Viki, who claimed she was pretending to be Niki. "Are you sure mom was pretending?" Joey asks. They look at an unconscious Clint. It's not like Viki not to at least check in. Natalie doesn't think Tess has any use for Niki. Joey disagrees and brings up Ryder. He thinks if Niki's back, she's at Ryder's custody hearing.

    Natalie and Joey rejoin Aubrey and Cutter outside Clint's room and briefly explain they have to go find Viki. Once they're gone, Cutter says it's time to cut their losses. Aubrey thinks they have all their ducks in a row, expect Clint. What if he wakes up? Cutter suggests they make sure he doesn't. Aubrey refuses and goes in to sit with Clint. Cutter thinks maybe he should just do it himself. There are plenty of people he could pin Clint's murder on.

    In the courtroom, Tess assures Ford her secret weapon will pull through for them. While Ford checks in with Inez about Ryder, Tess leaves Niki a message, warning her to remember their deal. "Did you just say Niki?" Ford asks from over Tess' shoulder. She's forced to tell Ford about bringing Niki out. Ford listens to Tess' plan for them to get custody of Ryder but reminds her Niki isn't there. "We need Niki," Ford snaps. Natalie and Joey appear. "Admit it, Tess," Joey says. "Niki's back."

    You Must Really Want Me Away From James.

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rama sees Dorian standing over Clint and screams. Joey and Aubrey rush into the living room, as Rama claims Dorian killed Clint. The ambulance arrives. Dorian and Joey ride to the hospital with Clint. Alone, Rama brings up how lucky Aubrey would be if Clint died. Aubrey doesn't wish Clint dead and rants about Tess getting in on their scam. Rama hears how Cutter is playing Tess and implies how strange it would be if Aubrey fell in love with Joey and Cutter with Tess.

    While waiting for news on Clint at the hospital, Joey thanks Dorian for saving his father. What was she doing at the mansion? Dorian has something to tell Joey about his wife. Natalie appears and rushes into Joey's arms. The doctor joins them and says Clint is stable. They still need to run more tests. He's not conscious.

    Natalie and Joey go into Clint's room. Natalie cries in Joey's arms. Later, Aubrey joins Joey, who's pleading for Clint to wake up. She holds him close, as Joey cries.

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