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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    The Real Todd Manning?

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Viki finds Joey in the hallway and tells him about Natalie.

    Over The Edge.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    At the hospital, Kelly tells John how crazy Marty got. "She attacked me," Kelly gasps. "I heard someone come in… Natalie." Kelly passes out. A doctor asks John to leave. He goes outside the exam room and leaves Natalie a message. John tells her what Marty did to Kelly and warns, "If you're anywhere near Angels Square get the hell out of there." Dorian and Joey appear. John explains what happened at his apartment. Joey blames John for the attack then stares in at Kelly. A cop appears. They haven't found Marty. John wants every cop on the case until Marty's in custody. A doctor emerges and explains Kelly's life threatening injuries. John tells Dorian he's heading out to help with the search. Joey goes inside, holds Kelly's hand and admits, "I can't imagine a world without you."

    Left To Die.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    In his hospital room, a doctor tells Clint he should get his affairs in order. Clint doesn't want his family to know his heart is failing. "Dad," Joey says from the doorway. Clint dismisses the doctor then hears that Cutter married Tess. Joey confirms that Cutter wants money. Talk turns to Aubrey. Joey brings up how Kelly was sure Aubrey and Cutter aren't brother and sister. "Please," Joey begs. "Tell me what you know." Clint admits Aubrey and Cutter are lovers, who've been scheming to rob Joey blind. "You've been conned," Clint says. Joey feels like a fool and thinks of how badly he hurt Kelly. He wants to put an end to Aubrey and apologize to Kelly now. Clint convinces Joey to stay quiet for now. They need to get Jessica back and beat Aubrey at her own game. Joey thanks Clint. He's happy his father is going to be okay. Later, Viki overhears Clint tell his doctor, "Nobody needs to know I'm dying."

    Inside, Cris asks Rama if she's told Vimal she isn't pregnant. Aubrey appears and pulls Rama away. She's worried Cutter will blow their cover. Aubrey told him they're through. Rama tells Aubrey to fix this and take Cutter back. "I don't want Cutter back," Aubrey snaps. "I love Joey." Rama changes her tune and assures Aubrey she won't lose Joey. He'll believe in their love. Rama suggests she blackmail Cutter into never telling Joey the truth. Joey appears and acts like the adoring husband. Wess appears and hits on Rama and Aubrey.

    Your Family's Billions...

    Tuesday, May 10 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Cutter admits, "I married your crazy sister, so I could get your family's billions. Sorry Aubrey, the jig's up." Joey demands to know what this has to do with Aubrey, who denies any involvement. Cutter admits this has been his plan since the day he heard his sister snagged a rich guy. "Cutter, please," Aubrey cries. "Don't do this." When Ryder cries, Joey goes to check on him. Cutter warns it's over, no more games, and urges Aubrey to fight with him. The Buchanans will give a ton of cash just to have Jessica back. Aubrey refuses and asks Cutter not to hurt Joey's family. This is the life she wants. She begs Cutter never to let on that she was once part of the scam. "What's going on?" Joey reappears. Cutter claims Aubrey just disowned him and had no idea about his plan. He urges Joey to tell Clint if they want Jessica back, they better open their pocketbooks. After Cutter leaves, Aubrey promises she had no idea what Cutter was up to. Joey assures Aubrey he believes her. After Aubrey goes to check on Ryder, Joey makes it clear he didn't believe a word Aubrey said.

    What Did You Do That Was So Bad?

    Monday, May 09 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey and Joey discuss how Ryder must miss Ford and Tess. Joey wonders if she's sorry they got temporary custody. "I'm not sorry for anything I've done with you," Aubrey replies. He reminds how Aubrey wasn't ready for kids and wonders what made her plead for Ryder so passionately. Aubrey gets upset and admits though her family was well-off her mother wasn't around very much. "I was alone a lot," Aubrey cries. Joey thought she and Cutter grew up together. Aubrey lies that Cutter grew up with their dad when their parents divorced. Joey promises Aubrey will never be alone again. Later, Aubrey tries to calm Ryder, whispering that everything she told his Uncle Joey wasn't all lies. Ford arrives and tells Joey and Aubrey that Tess married Cutter. After Aubrey leaves Cutter a message, they reluctantly let Ford see Ryder. Ford gets emotional, tells Ryder he loves him and shakes Joey's hand in thanks. Later, Cutter arrives and admits he married Tess for the Buchanan family fortune. Hasn't Joey figured it out? That's what Cutter's been after all along. Aubrey becomes nervous.

    Bring Your Cuffs.

    Tuesday, May 03 2011

    Cutter approaches Dorian outside of Clint's hospital room and taunts her with blackmail. Dorian warns Cutter has no proof she intended to cause Clint harm. Dorian threatens to go to Joey about Cutter and Aubrey's relationship. Joey and Aubrey appear and share their custody news and why Viki was deemed unfit. Cutter's irked to hear Aubrey fought for Ryder. Dorian relishes in Cutter's jealousy then goes in with Joey to visit Clint. Cutter and Aubrey argue over their scam and Tess, who may now be out for revenge due to losing Ryder. He's afraid Aubrey's going to get attached to Ryder. She denies it. Cutter doesn't think Aubrey has any plans to leave Llanview behind. Joey and Dorian rejoin them. After Aubrey and Joey leave, Dorian pushes Cutter's buttons about how Joey, Aubrey and Ryder are now a family. Cutter can't take it anymore and storms off. Dorian calls Kelly and urges her to tell Joey about Aubrey. Kelly refuses. They have a baby to take care of now.

    At her apartment, Inez helps Ford try to calm Ryder. Tess arrives. Ford tries to throw her out, but Tess admits, "I feel bad." Inez leaves to give them time alone. When Tess starts offending Ford, he regrets ever throwing in with her. Ford threatens to have Tess committed unless she tells him what she knows about Joey and Aubrey that could've prevented him from losing his son. Tess won't fess up. Ford opens the door to throw her out and comes face to face with Joey and Aubrey. Ford has a hard time saying goodbye to Ryder but hands him over to Aubrey. Before they leave, Ford offers to commit Tess in exchange for Ryder. Tess flips out and warns Joey he can't trust Ford. "Are you sure you want to make me this mad?" Tess asks Aubrey. The baby fusses. Ford allows them to take the baby but urges Joey to call him tonight. Once they're gone, Ford picks up the phone to call St. Ann's. Tess smashes him over the head with a statue, watches Ford fall unconscious then screams, "Look what you made me do!" Later, Inez returns, sees Ford lying on the floor and rushes to his side.

    I Bullied A Bully.

    Thursday, April 28 2011

    John hears a noise inside his apartment and enters with his gun drawn. Kelly holds up her hands. She thought she'd surprise him with an early dinner. John realizes Kelly didn't get his message and explains why he's having dinner with Marty. After talking to Marty's doctor, something isn’t right. He needs to find out what it is. The doctor implied as much. He kisses Kelly and promises to make it up to her later. "Check her stove," Kelly warns. "Make sure she's not boiling a bunny." Kelly gives John the envelope she and Blair found taped inside Todd's desk then leaves.

    In the courtroom, Tess isn't happy to see Viki's back. Joey and Natalie tell Viki about Niki and Jean. "Please tell me I haven't ruined everything," Viki says of Ryder's hearing. The judge appears with her ruling. Tess hugs Ford, as Viki's appeal for temporary custody of Ryder is denied. "You and Mr. Ford aren't getting custody of him either," the judge tells Tess. She explains to Ford her decision is due to Jessica's mental state and accuses him of marrying her to gain access to Ryder's trust. The judge places Ryder in the custody of the commonwealth. "No," Viki cries. Natalie offers to take Ryder, but the judge denies her since Natalie lives at Llanfair. Aubrey stands up and pleads with the judge to let her and Joey take Ryder. Tess thinks back to Aubrey kissing Cutter and says, "Happily married, yeah right." The judge wonders if Tess knows something about Joey and Aubrey's marriage. Aubrey stops Tess from ratting her and Cutter out by cryptically reminding Tess she won't get a cut of the money, from their scam, if she talks. The judge grants temporary custody of Ryder to Aubrey and Joey. While everyone gushes about how amazing Aubrey is, Tess refuses to tell Ford what she knows that could've prevented him from losing his son. "This marriage is over," Ford snaps. Later, Kelly arrives and hears from Natalie that Joey and Aubrey got custody of Ryder.

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