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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    I Have Proof. Patrick Thornhart Is Alive.

    Friday, June 03 2011

    John questions Blair at the diner. What did Tomas say about Patrick? Tomas was surprised he was married to Marty. John reminds Blair Patrick was killed due to his connection with terrorists. Blair thinks Tomas simply admired Patrick's poetry and suggests John look for Liam instead of gunning for Tomas. John is called away. Starr and Hope appear. She overheard Blair talking about Patrick. Did something happen to Cole? Blair reassures Starr and asks about her date with James. Both admit to running into James and Tomas in the elevators. They share how their evenings turned out. Starr loves James but is relieved they didn't have sex. She worries about Cole. He has no one now that Marty has lost it. They decide to take Hope to Statesville to visit Cole, to remind him he's not alone. Nearby, Aubrey admits she had no choice but to let Ford take Ryder. He was going to rat them out to the judge. Joey will never trust Aubrey again. As soon as Jessica returns, he's leaving her for Kelly. Aubrey guesses Kelly didn't welcome Joey back with open arms. If she had, Joey wouldn't be there with her. No matter what, Joey can't wait to be free of Aubrey.

    This Must Be My Lucky Day.

    Thursday, June 02 2011

    Joey enters Kelly's hospital room and fills her in on Cutter getting the mansion and admits he needs to stay married to Aubrey for Ryder's sake. He wants nothing more than to be with Kelly. She doesn't want to be his rebound girl. Joey vows to make Kelly believe in him again. He kisses her then leaves.

    Ford finds Aubrey with Ryder at the diner. Aubrey claims they left the Buchanan Mansion to be closer to Viki at Llanfair. "That's a lie," Ford counters and warns he'll have Ryder back once the truth comes out. Joey already knows about her and Cutter. Ford plans to inform the judge that their marriage was a sham from day one. Aubrey knows if she loses Ryder, she'll lose Joey. Aubrey promises to talk to Joey about visitation then allows Ford to take Ryder for a little bit. Later, Joey appears and wonders where Ryder is. At the counter, Claude verifies to Blair that Tomas was with him the night before. Blair wonders why the CIA has a file on Tomas. Claude acts as though he knows nothing then calls Tomas after Blair leaves. Claude warns Tomas to be careful and reminds him of the secret they're keeping. Shaun arrives, as does John, who asks if he's seen any sign of Marty at the Manning Estate. Shaun has no way of knowing if she's been there. Todd's had him roaming the streets instead of guarding the house. Shaun shares his suspicions regarding Todd and Tomas' newfound relationship.

    Something To Remember You By.

    Wednesday, June 01 2011

    Joey confirms Clint gave Cutter the Buchanan mansion. Cutter wanted the mansion just so he could kick Aubrey, Joey and Rama out. Aubrey apologizes for hurting Cutter but professes to love Joey. Joey doesn't want her. Cutter gives them an hour to pack and get out. Aubrey and Joey decide to head to Llanfair, for Ryder's sake. "What about me?" Rama squeals. Cutter says Aubrey shouldn't be surprised. How did she think things would turn out? While Joey goes to get Ryder, Rama lashes out at Aubrey for betraying Cutter. Aubrey brings up what Rama did to Vimal and accuses her of sleeping with Cris. Rama slaps Aubrey, who slaps her back. The women engage in a hair-pulling fest. Cutter grabs a lamp and orders the girls not to tear the couch. Rama pulls out a chuck of Aubrey's hair. Joey screams, "Enough," and demands Aubrey help him with Ryder. Once they leave, Rama blackmails Cutter into letting her stay. She knows his secret. The one that not even Aubrey knows. On Joey and Aubrey's way out of the mansion, she promises to make things up to Joey.

    You Must Really Hate Me.

    Tuesday, May 31 2011

    From his hospital room, Clint takes a call from Viki. He hopes Jessica returns before his heart gives out. Joey appears. Clint reports Tess is in St. Ann's. He made a deal with Cutter. Now Joey can tell his wife to take a hike. "I already did," Joey replies. Clint's stunned to hear Joey didn't throw Aubrey out yet. Joey brings up Ryder. Once Jessica returns, Ryder will be safe. Only then can Joey leave Aubrey and try to win Kelly back. When asked why Clint confessed, he claims, "It was time to settle all my accounts." Joey's about to head home. Clint warns, "I had to give Cutter Pa's house." Joey wants to introduce Cutter to a shotgun. Clint begs Joey not to be like him. After Joey leaves, Rex appears. He wonders what it is about him that Clint hates so much. Rex remembers Clint calling him a bad father and vows never to be like Clint.

    Rama arrives at the Buchanan Mansion. She didn't have the nerve to tell Vimal the truth. Aubrey admits she told Joey the truth. Cutter appears. Aubrey doesn't need to act as though she cares about Joey and Ryder anymore. He explains the deal he struck with Clint and says, "I want you back." Aubrey loves Joey. Rama urges Aubrey to go back to Cutter, especially since Joey now hates her. Joey appears. Aubrey professes her love for Joey. Rama's finally convinced Aubrey loves Joey, who ends up attacking Cutter. Rama pulls Joey off Cutter. Cutter orders Aubrey out of his house.

    You're Nothing But A Lying, Scheming, Gold-Digging...

    Monday, May 23 2011

    Aubrey's glad Joey is home. She needs to tell him something. "I love you so much," Aubrey begins. Joey admits he knows everything and snaps, "You're nothing but a lying, scheming, gold-digging bitch." Aubrey admits it's true. He was her and Cutter's latest mark. Joey doesn't buy it that Aubrey was just going to confess. She claims Joey changed her. She fell in love with him. Aubrey claims everything Cutter's doing now is all him, not her. She knows Joey loves her and pleads for their marriage. Joey's sorry he ever met Aubrey and says, "I want you out of here." He plans to file for divorce and then beg Kelly for another chance. Joey takes off his ring. Aubrey reminds Joey if he wants to keep Ryder out of foster care, he can't divorce her. She hands Joey back his ring.

    Knocked Out By His Wife, Who Thinks She's A Dude.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Down the hall, Kelly wakes up and asks after Marty. Dorian relays Marty hasn't been found yet. Joey appears. Dorian gives them some time and watches Clint's news coverage from outside the room. Back inside, Joey admits he knows everything about Aubrey and Cutter. "What's going to happen to your marriage?" Kelly asks. Joey regrets allowing Aubrey to con him and pushing Kelly away. Dorian returns and relays that Clint confessed on TV. Joey admires his father for laying everything out on the table. He wants to do the same. Joey leaves. Dorian reminds Kelly that she and Joey belong together.

    Rama and Aubrey catch the news at the Buchanan Mansion. They can't believe Clint went public with all of his crimes. Rama becomes excited. Now that Clint's confessed, Vimal can get out of jail. She worries about her lie, telling Vimal she was pregnant. Aubrey worries Clint will tell Joey about her and Cutter. Rama stops Aubrey from calling Joey to tell him the truth first and warns, "We could lose everything." Aubrey admits she loves Joey and doesn't know what to do. Suddenly, Joey storms in and glares at Aubrey.

    The Real Todd Manning?

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Inside Kelly's room, Joey begs her to squeeze his hand. He has so much to make up for. If he had known there had been a chance for them before he met Aubrey, Joey would've come back to Kelly in a heartbeat. The machines go off. Joey calls out into the hallway for help just as Dorian's about to tell Viki about the trouble surrounding her daughter. Just then, Natalie's rushed in. Viki follows as she's taken away. Kelly is wheeled away to surgery. John watches her go and whispers, "I'm sorry, Kelly." Viki reappears. John explains what they think happened and how Brody's looking for Marty and Liam. A doctor appears. Natalie's going to be okay. Dorian comforts Joey, who didn't happen to see Natalie brought in. He beats himself up about not listening to Kelly in regards to Aubrey. Dorian sees Blair and Starr and fills them in on Kelly.

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