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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    I Was My Best With You.

    Monday, June 27 2011

    Joey finds Jessica in the nursery and informs her that they need to leave for the hospital for Clint's transplant. Brody enters to hear Jessica say that she wishes she didn't walk in on Brody and Natalie in bed. Brody tells Jessica it doesn't have to be like this, while an angry Jessica walks out. Joey urges Brody to make a choice between the sisters, but make the right one or end up alone.

    Clint's family arrives to say their good-byes. Jessica and Natalie cry over Clint. He wants them to smile and tells his beautiful girls that he loves them. He asks that they find a way to forgive one another. He tells Joey he takes comfort that he is around to take care of the family. Clint urges him not to let Kelly get away.

    A relieved Joey finds Kelly waiting for him outside of Clint's room. She pulls him in for a hug and tells him she couldn't stay away. An annoyed Jessica finds Brody and Natalie in an embrace and takes off. As Viki, Joey and Kelly pray, Rex arrives and asks if Clint is dead yet. Rex enters Clint's room and tells him, "You can have Gigi's heart you son of a bitch, but under one condition."

    That Fishy Frenchman.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Viki enters Clint's room and tells him and Joey about Gigi. Clint thinks Rex can't wait to dance on his grave. Jessica appears and convinces everyone she's back. Just as Jessica brings up the possible donor, Natalie appears. Jessica feels bad about Gigi but still wants her heart to save Clint. Viki and Clint want Jessica to go to Llanfair. Jessica insists she's fine and looks at Natalie. If Tess was going to come back, she would've the second she walked into the house. Joey finally convinces Jessica to go home with him. Gigi's doctor appears. After Viki and Natalie go to see Gigi, Clint asks the doctor a question. Later, Rex appears. Clint informs it's not up to Rex to decide if he'll get Gigi's heart.

    Joey brings Jessica back to Llanfair, reunites her with Ryder and tells Aubrey they're done. "Get your stuff and get the hell out," Joey orders. Later, Jessica vows never to leave Ryder again then flashes back to kissing Ford. "Tess." Ford appears in the doorway.

    What The Hell Are You Doing In Bed With My Fiance?

    Friday, June 17 2011

    Outside Clint's hospital room, Gigi's doctor talks to Clint's doctor and asks to see Clint's chart. He talks about a young mother who was brought in and states that she's a match for Clint. Inside, Bo tells Viki and Clint about the changes in Matthew. Clint wonders if Bo's there to tell him he won't be getting Matthew's heart. The tension subsides. Clint's happy for Matthew and has accepted that he doesn't have much longer. Bo urges Clint to reach out to Rex and admits how heartbroken Bo is over Clint's circumstances. Later, Joey finds Viki and Clint reminiscing over family photos. They share the news about Matthew. Clint's doctor appears. He may have found Clint a heart. He explains that the patient is in the ER. They just need to get permission from her fiancé. Viki feels for what the family must be going through.

    Clint's Dying Wish.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    Natalie and Joey watch Clint from outside his room. Natalie's been released but is worried about how pale Clint looks. Inside, a doctor tells Clint he needs a new heart now. His family should be told about his condition immediately. He doesn't have long to live. The doctor leaves, as Natalie and Joey enter. Clint urges them to keep everyone they love close to them then admits, "I'm dying." They're upset Clint didn't tell them and refuse to give up hope. There's only one thing that can save Clint now. Clint has one wish before he dies, to see Joey and Natalie happy with the ones they love. He apologizes for interfering in their relationships and makes them promise to grant his wish. Back outside the room, Matthew's doctor approaches Clint's doctor and asks to talk about his patient, who's in need of a B- heart donor. Later, Rex meets up with Natalie and Joey. While Joey gets word that Kelly left with John, Natalie insists Rex make peace with Clint before he dies or he'll regret it for the rest of his life. Rex goes in and confronts Clint.

    T.M. arrives outside the mansion and sees Sam by the pool. Sam forgot a drink and rushes inside. He finds Brad and Jack talking about Shane and asks, "Who's Wheezie?" When Jack tries bullying Sam to stay quiet about catching him online, Sam kicks Jack and runs away. Brad suggests Jack lock Sam up to keep him out of his business. Jack thinks Brad is a genius. He knows exactly how to handle Shane. John brings Kelly home and agrees to go back to the hospital to pick up her laptop. Later, Joey appears. Kelly holds him, as he cries, "My father's dying." Back outside, T.M. eats some of Sam's snacks and looks at a headline of "The Sun," claiming Todd's innocent. "Who is this guy that keeps saying he's Todd Manning?" T.M. asks aloud. He's startled when Sam approaches him and asks, "Who are you?" T.M. wonders who Sam is. "I'm the kid whose food you ate," Sam replies then hands the 'homeless man' a drink. T.M. asks who the man on the cover of "The Sun" is. "He's my dad," Sam replies. "Todd Manning." Before Sam can tell T.M. who his mother is, Starr calls for Sam. T.M. hides then stares at Starr, who approaches Sam.

    The Vimalator.

    Tuesday, June 07 2011

    Aubrey follows Joey into the station. He wants to file kidnapping charges against Ford. Aubrey begs him not to and insists Ford wouldn't take off with the baby. Suddenly, a cop gets word of Ford's whereabouts. Later, John brings Todd in, who calls Tea to report his arrest. John gets word that nothing's been found about the recent flight. It's as if the plane doesn't exist. Tea arrives. Todd isn't worried about John's so-called evidence, claiming he helped Marty escape.

    Joey and Aubrey arrive at St. Ann's. Tess pretends she's Jessica and says, "Joey, it's all right." Joey doesn't buy it, especially after Tess can't tell him what's in his famous 'Joey Special' sandwich. Joey and Aubrey take Ryder away. A nun shoos Ford out. "What did you want to tell me?" Tess calls after him.

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