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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    Your Brother's Really Big On Revenge.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    Joey meets Aubrey downstairs and tells her Cutter is dating Kelly. Cutter calls and asks Aubrey about Joey getting disowned. Aubrey admits she has some dirt on Clint. Everything will work out. Aubrey hangs up and comforts Joey. She has a feeling his father will change his mind.

    Asa One And Two.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Joey and Aubrey visit Cutter in his room at The Palace. Cutter's appreciative of Joey going to bat for him at B.E. Joey leaves to go talk to Clint, and Aubrey instructs Cutter to get ready and meet her for breakfast. After she leaves, Kelly arrives. She couldn't wait for their date. While Cutter takes a shower, Kelly snoops. Cutter catches her, drops his towel and startles Kelly further! Cutter wonders if he should wear boxers or briefs. Kelly suggests a thong and asks if Cutter wants to go get something to eat. Cutter would rather stay in.

    Clint wraps up a call with the Dean when Bo appears with a warrant to search the Buchanan Estate. His men are already there. Clint warns Bo he'll find no evidence against him. Bo refuses to stop looking until Clint pays for what he's done. "Uncle Bo, what's wrong?" Joey asks from the doorway. They claim they're having a disagreement. Bo leaves, promising to see Clint soon. Joey brings up Aubrey's brother. He's here for the wedding. Clint doesn't plan to fight Joey and Aubrey anymore, as long as Aubrey signs a pre-nup. Joey takes offense. He refuses to insult Aubrey by asking this of her! Clint warns if they get married without Aubrey signing the pre-nup, there will be consequences to pay. Clint will cut Joey off financially. Later, Ford arrives and demands to know what Clint's up to. Clint informs Ford that the days of him helping Inez are over. Ford demands that Clint fix things and warns he can make trouble for him. Clint holds nothing over his head anymore! "Are you sure about that?" Clint laughs. After Ford storms off, Clint calls the Dean.

    Joey returns to The Palace. After Aubrey introduces him to Rama, Joey pulls Aubrey aside and tells her about the pre-nup. Aubrey is stunned to hear that Joey refused to sign it and now Clint's disowned him! She glances at Rama and reassures Joey that everything will be okay. Aubrey leaves and calls Cutter on the way out, saying, "I have to do damage control." Joey heads up to tell Cutter he couldn't get him a job and is stunned to find Kelly in his room!


    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    Downstairs in the dining room, Joey thanks Kelly for apologizing to Aubrey. He looks at his watch and notices Aubrey's late. He makes it clear he wants to remain friends. Across the room, Viki joins Dorian, who's irked that Echo has tagged her in a photo on MyFace. It's the photo of Dorian at the AA meeting in disguise! Viki can't believe Dorian infiltrated an AA Meeting. Joey and Kelly appear. After Viki and Joey head to their table, Dorian tells Kelly how Aubrey dumped Ford after she found out he wasn't wealthy. Kelly realizes Aubrey and her brother are after Joey's money. Dorian stops Kelly from going to tell Joey. She suggests that Kelly date Cutter to get the dirt on Aubrey. Aubrey appears, says hello then joins Viki and Joey. Over talk of what they'll do for work, Joey asks Viki if he can take photos at The Banner again. Vikki agrees then questions Aubrey, who claims to have her hands in charity work. After Viki excuses herself, Aubrey brings up Cutter and says he needs something productive to do. Aubrey thinks he'd be a good match for B.E. Joey agrees to talk to Clint about getting Cutter a job thereā€¦ Echo walks in and joins Dorian. She warns if Dorian doesn't stop harassing her, she'll tag her in more photos and make the community question her drinking. Viki approaches and listens as Echo vows to do anything to keep her new family in her life. After Echo leaves, Viki suggests they just forget about Echo. She'll never admit to any wrongdoings. Dorian agrees. After Viki walks away, Dorian says, "Not by a long shot." Dorian calls Adriana in Paris and asks her to pick up a yearbook from Kelly's old boarding school. She then calls Rex and says she has a job for him.

    What're You Going To Do, Shoot Me?

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    By the nursery, Cutter talks more about the girl he met at the gym. Aubrey tries to lead Joey away to go visit his sisters. Cutter invites himself and tags along. Joey goes ahead to make sure his sisters are up for visitors. Cutter makes it clear he doesn't appreciate how Aubrey is overdoing it with Joey. "It's not like we haven't done this before," Aubrey reminds him. When Aubrey hears Cutter plans to occupy himself with Kelly, she jealously demands he stay away from her! Cutter refuses.

    Joey joins Jessica and Natalie and gushes about the babies and how proud Asa would be. Jessica brings up how the nurses think their babies look more like brothers than cousins. As Joey steps out to get Aubrey, he catches her arguing with Cutter. Cutter claims Aubrey's insinuating herself into his love life. Aubrey stomps off with Joey to see Natalie and Jessica. Cutter follows and comments on how hot Joey's sisters are, which irks Aubrey more. Jessica and Natalie play along with Cutter and announce that their boyfriends are cops. Brody arrives and is introduced to Cutter. Brody wonders if they know each other. Cutter looks very familiar. Cutter doesn't think they've ever met. Cutter leaves. Aubrey follows him out. Kelly calls Aubrey and apologizes. She reminds her how they hit it off on the plane. Kelly wants to be civil for Joey's sake. Aubrey hangs up and tells Cutter Kelly's up to something. "It's a good thing I'll be keeping an eye on her," Cutter replies.

    John joins Natalie in her hospital room and hands her their son. Ford watches from afar as Brody and Jessica cuddle their baby in the nursery. Neither couple realizes that over at Buchanan Enterprises Rama is assuring Vimal that it's time Clint suffers the consequences for the mess he's created.

    Lover Not Brother.

    Tuesday, January 18 2011

    Joey brings Aubrey to the hospital nursery. He notices her distraction and thinks it has to do with Kelly. Over talk of Cutter questioning him about Kelly, Joey brings up how nervous Cutter appeared when Joey said his uncle is police commissioner. Aubrey claims Cutter's harmless. Cutter's sudden arrival makes Joey realize how little he knows about Aubrey. She reminds him how they connected from the moment they made love. Joey still doesn't know what she wants out of their life. Joey holds Aubrey close, who appears affected by his words. She wants to have kids and loves Joey's dream for their life. Aubrey agrees to move to Llanview but reminds Joey that his dad and Kelly are going to be a problem. Joey promises to make sure Aubrey is happy no matter what. Cutter appears and listens as Aubrey tells Joey no one's ever cared about her the way he does. He interrupts and makes a jab at Aubrey. Cutter talks about all of the knockouts in Llanview and how he just met one he'd like to see again at the gym!

    I'm Sorry, Mom. I Tried.

    Monday, January 17 2011

    Cutter takes Aubrey in a kiss at the gym. She pushes him off and warns Joey will be there soon. Joey arrives. He's excited to get to know his future brother-in-law. Cutter brings up Joey's father's disapproval of Aubrey. Joey admits Clint's convinced everyone's after the family fortune. Cutter and Aubrey exchange a look when Joey warns Clint could very well cut off his trust fund. Joey doesn't care about the money and claims Aubrey doesn't either! Cutter sneaks another kiss when Joey goes off to get some water. He suggests they hurry up with their plan before Joey's father cuts him off. Aubrey worries about what Kelly will find. Cutter promises to take care of Kelly. When Joey returns, he insists Cutter join him in the steam room. The guys walk off. Kelly arrives. Aubrey confronts her for going to Joey with the photo. Kelly apologizes and suggests they forget it ever happened. Aubrey refuses and says they're going to hash this out once and for all!

    In the steam room, Cutter listens as Joey gushes about falling in love with Aubrey. They briefly talk about what Cutter does for a living, which is a little bit of this and that but nothing illegal. Cutter wonders what's up with him and Kelly. Joey has nothing but good things to say about Kelly but assures Cutter that he loves Aubrey more than anything. Joey thanks Cutter for the talk. He's glad Cutter's not doing anything illegal. After all, his uncle is the police commissioner. Joey leaves.

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