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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    Apparently, We're Second Shift.

    Wednesday, February 02 2011

    As they walk into Rodi's, Kelly tells Vivian about her feelings for Joey. Todd sees Gigi and Roxy and asks after Tea, who was called away on a case. Todd starts ranting about Tea to Vimal and how she kept his daughter from him all those years. What kind of person would do that? Rex comes up behind Gigi and hears about Joel. Rex could've done the stripping job just as well and gathers up all the guys to prove it. Roxy hits the jukebox, and the guys all start stripping! "Too bad Viki's stuck at Llanfair," Roxy says. "She would love this!" Todd and Vimal do shots. "Since when did this become a gay bar?" Todd asks then urges Vimal to buck up and take life by the horns. Rex and Gigi drag Roxy out of the bar, drunk out of her mind. Aubrey appears, stares at Cutter then joins Joey. Rama finds Vimal passed out at the bar. She admits to telling Aubrey about what he did. Rama plans to fix things. They're going to the wedding tomorrow to tell Clint's family everything!

    Shaun and Vivian compare notes about Kelly and Joey and separately lure them downstairs to a storage closet. Once Joey and Kelly are both inside, Vivian and Shaun lock them in! Kelly and Joey share a close moment when Kelly almost falls. Both try to leave but realize the door is locked.

    The Real Aubrey Wentworth.

    Tuesday, February 01 2011

    At the gym, Joey asks Rex to put the past behind them and start fresh. Rex notes their youth issues then they shake to new beginnings. As Joey talks about how extreme Clint's been acting, Rex thinks back to Dorian telling him Clint could be his father. Since Rex and Kelly are such good friends, Joey asks what's going on with her. Rex suggests Joey take a good look at things and talk to Kelly about this. After Rex leaves, Joey thinks back to all his conversations with Kelly. He can't believe he's been this blind and rushes off!

    At the mansion, Dorian wonders what happened to the yearbook. She's sure it'll prove Aubrey isn't who she says she is. Kelly wants to drop it. Dorian insists Kelly not give up on Joey. Kelly talks about Joey finding her with Cutter. Dorian remembers seeing Joey upset at The Palace and asks, "Do you think Joe could be jealous?" Talk turns to Clint. Kelly wonders what Dorian knows. Dorian admits she thinks Clint is actually Rex's father, not Charlie, and that Aubrey knows this too. Fed up with the games, Dorian urges Kelly to tell Joey how she feels! Cutter arrives with a package he found on their doorstep. He notices it's from the school his sister went to. Kelly and Dorian force Cutter to wait while they privately look at the yearbook. They see Aubrey's photo. Though she's not an imposter, Dorian still thinks she's up to something. However, Kelly gives up. She's done with Joey! Kelly rejoins Cutter, ready for their date. Just as Kelly kisses Cutter, Joey appears in the doorway and sees them. Back inside, Dorian takes a call from Rex. He lies and claims he had the DNA test redone. Clint's not his father!

    Do You Know What She Did To Me?

    Monday, January 31 2011

    Aubrey stands before everyone at the church and says there's something they need to know about Joey's dad. Joey tries to stop her, but Aubrey persists and says, "They need to know what he's done." Clint stops her and insists that his family should hear the truth from him. He thought he was looking out for his family, but in turn Clint denied his son, Joey. Viki is appalled to hear that Clint wanted Aubrey to sign a pre-nup and that he disowned their son when Joey refused to make Aubrey sign it. Clint promises to give Joey back his trust and welcomes Aubrey to the family. "Thanks Dad," Aubrey whispers when Clint hugs her. "Dumb move, Aubrey," Clint replies. Later, Viki apologizes to Aubrey for Clint's actions. Across the room, Kelly listens as Joey comments on how amazing Aubrey is. Kelly declines an invitation to go to Llanfair. She has a date with Cutter. Joey knows if they ever drift apart, Ryder will be there to bring him and Kelly back together. John and Natalie privately talk about having a new start. He hopes Natalie isn't still worried about Marty interfering.

    Aubrey and Joey arrive at Llanfair. Aubrey admits she couldn't stand seeing what Clint was doing to him. Joey's okay with it. Clint appears and asks to speak to Aubrey. After Clint warns her never to call him dad again, Aubrey reminds Clint of the secret she knows about Rex and his grandson. "Nobody ever corners me and gets away with it," Clint warns. Joey rejoins them. Clint makes his exit. Joey invites Aubrey to go upstairs and see the babies, but Aubrey has some things to take care of and leaves.

    He Sounds Like Another Weirdo.

    Friday, January 28 2011

    Joey runs into Aubrey at The Palace. She assures him they'll be okay. Aubrey doesn't care about the Buchanan money. Besides, Clint will come around. Joey leaves to get ready. Aubrey finds Cutter and fills him in about blackmailing Clint. Cutter talks about changing their mark. Kelly's loaded. Aubrey insists they stick with scamming Joey. It'll all work out fine! "Now you can stop dating Kelly. I've got us covered," Aubrey says then leaves. Cutter makes reservations for two then does an internet search on Dorian Lord.

    Outside of Jessica's bedroom at Llanfair, Clint takes a call from Aubrey. He has until his grandsons' christening is over to make things right with Joey! He hangs up and joins Viki, Jessica and Brody in the nursery to hear they named the baby Asa. Jessica can't wait to find out what John and Natalie named their son. Viki leaves to find Charlie. While Jessica's getting the baby ready, Clint tells Brody, "I knew you'd be a good father." Brody can only hope to be half the man Clint is. Kelly and Joey arrive and agree to be the baby's Godparents.

    Natalie enters the church first and asks God for forgiveness for keeping this lie. John, Jessica, Brody and the priest appear. He asks what they're naming the boys. "Asa," both couples say at once. Their family and friends arrive. John offers to let Jessica and Brody take the name. They all decide to switch the middle names to the first. Aubrey arrives and warns Clint the clock is ticking. The ceremony begins. John and Natalie present Liam Asa McBain. Brody and Jessica present Ryder Asa Lovett. Both babies are baptized. As Rex and Gigi talk about how similar Rex's situation is to Natalie's baby's, Aubrey glares at Clint. Everyone starts to leave for the after party, but Aubrey stops them and says, "There's something I need to tell everyone."

    Your Brother's Really Big On Revenge.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    Joey enters Cutter's room at The Palace and is stunned to hear that Kelly is the girl he's interested in. Cutter wonders if it's going to be a problem. "You're damn right," Joey snaps. Kelly accuses Joey of being jealous. Cutter wonders why Joey doesn't want him with Kelly. "Kelly's supposed to be with someone else," Joey replies and reminds Kelly about Kevin. They're supposed to be back together! Cutter gives them some time alone. Kelly explains that she and Kevin didn't work out. Kevin wasn't 'the one'. Joey wonders if she thinks 'the one' is still out there. Kelly does, with all of her heart. Cutter rejoins them. Before Joey leaves, he apologizes to Cutter. He couldn't get him a job. Joey refused to have Aubrey sign a pre-nup. Clint disowned him. Kelly feels bad for Joey. Cutter's a bit stunned, but Joey assures him that Aubrey doesn't care about the money either. Joey leaves, as does Kelly after Cutter asks for a rain check. Out in the hallway, Kelly calls Kevin to warn that if anyone asks, they broke up.

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