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    One Life To Live CAST - Joey Buchanan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Joey Buchanan Played by Tom Degnan on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: September 24
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Tom Degnan


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    The Nerve To Show Your Cleavage Back In Town.

    Wednesday, August 24 2011

    At Llanfair, Joey holds Clint's ankle monitor, wondering where he went. Viki checks the grounds. Clint's car is gone. Viki warns Joey they can't let Clint go to prison. Joey thinks Viki's amazing. After all Clint's done, she's still worried about him. Viki will always care about Clint. Joey suggests she still loves him. They belong together. Viki thinks Joey's stuck in a childhood fantasy of his parents getting back together. Joey denies it. Viki's the greatest thing that's ever happened to Clint. Joey thinks Clint's finally realizing it too. Clint appears and apologizes for worrying them. Bo let him off. Viki snaps at Clint then walks out on him. Clint knows she's just letting off steam and tells Joey, "We have a past together." Kelly arrives. Joey and Kelly promise Clint they'll visit with Zane. They say goodbye then leave, ready for the second chapter of their life. Clint's stunned when Kim walks through the patio doors.

    We Need You, Pa.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011

    Aubrey arrives at Llanfair and finds out Joey's going back to London. Aubrey hands over her engagement ring and hopes he'll be happy in London. Joey breaks the news that he's going with Kelly. She still wishes him the best. Joey insists she take the ring back and hugs Aubrey goodbye. Kelly arrives and sees them. Aubrey assures Kelly it's not what it looks like. Kelly doesn't feel threatened. In the living room, Viki finds Clint upset because Joey's leaving. Viki suggests Clint give Shane and Rex a chance. Clint objects and looks at a photo of Asa. He'll be seeing Asa before he plans to see Rex. Viki reminds Clint he's alive because of Shane's mother. They all look at the photo of Asa, who’s been gone four years. Clint orders Nigel to bring the car around. He wants to honor their traditional bourbon toast in Asa's memory at the Buchanan Mansion. Viki reminds Clint he can't leave Llanfair then goes to get the bourbon. Clint orders Nigel to move quickly and runs him down with his wheelchair. Soon after, Joey and Viki hear a beeping. They find Clint's ankle monitor.

    My Twin Sons.

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    Joey finds Kelly crying in the nursery upstairs. Kelly misses Zane and is going back to London as soon as possible. Brody appears to take Liam. Kelly urges Brody to treasure every moment with him. After Brody leaves, Joey insists on going to London with Kelly, who couldn't be happier. She worries about giving Dorian the news.

    I Don't Know What To Do.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    Joey and Kelly return to Dorian's from their trip. They are surprised to learn from David and Dorian that the movie premiere ended in a scandal. Kelly can't believe Echo walked away from the charges. Dorian claims she is taking the high road. David then asks them to see his movie, but they opt to leave for Clint's arraignment. David thinks they should go to Bo's, but Dorian advises him to go alone. David tells Dorian she is rip-roaring hot for letting him go have family time with Bo.

    Viki wheels Clint into court. He discusses going to jail and claims he isn't worried about his children, but is worried about Rex. Viki points out Rex is grieving, but Clint thinks Rex is on a dark path and Shane needs his father. Viki tells Clint it matters to her whether or not he goes to jail. Kelly and Joey arrive to show their support. As the proceedings begin, the judge goes over his charges. Clint declines to make a statement. Before pleading guilty to all charges, a guilty Nora interrupts! The court is shocked when Nora wants to remove the murder charge.

    Premiere Tickets To Vicker Man.

    Thursday, July 21 2011

    Dorian walks into Kelly's bedroom and sees Joey and Kelly in bed. She rushes out. They make themselves decent and call Dorian back in. Dorian briefly informs them of what Echo did and shows them the write-up of Echo and Sam in The Sun. When Dorian hears Joey filed for divorce, she suggests he marry Kelly then quickly hands them tickets to the premiere of "Vicker Man." Kelly turns her down. Zane has a production that night.

    The Whole Town Is On Amber Alert.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    Joey joins Kelly in her bedroom at the mansion. They briefly discuss Clint then talk turns to their relationship. Joey gives Kelly a clown to replace the exact one she gave him for Christmas. Kelly remembers how Aubrey broke Joey's and can't believe he found another one. "Some things are just meant to be," Joey says. They share some sandwiches and wine. Joey realizes visiting hours at the hospital are almost over. Kelly asks him to stay. They kiss and start taking their clothes off. Downstairs, David and Dorian arrive home and begin tearing their clothes off. "Someone should be making love in this house," Dorian says.

    I Didn't Come Here To Drink.

    Tuesday, July 05 2011

    Still outside the hospital, Joey questions why Kelly kissed him. Didn't she simply want to be friends? "I changed my mind," Kelly replies but expresses doubts. Joey begs her for a new start. Viki calls Joey, who reports that Clint made it through surgery. They watch fireworks for a bit then go to check on Clint.

    Can You Hear Me, Tess?

    Friday, July 01 2011

    Kelly finds Joey outside of the hospital. He brings up wanting her back. Kelly doesn't think it's a good idea to get caught up in the moment right now. Joey's made a lot of mistakes, but through them all every time he saw Kelly she reminded him that she was all he ever wanted. Kelly admits she was with John out of jealousy of him and Aubrey. Joey laughs about them being quite the pair and asks if they can settle on being friends. "We already are friends," Kelly replies and accepts Joey's passionate kiss.

    I Want Your Money.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011

    Later, Joey, Kelly and Viki join Clint. He asks for Nigel, who appears soon after with a box. Rex returns and finds out Clint lied again. He didn't need time and has one paper that transfers everything he owns, if signed. Clint signs the paper. Viki does so as a witness. Rex is handed over the keys to the mansion. Cutter won't be a problem. Rex takes the box of Clint's belongings, including his mother's ring, and leaves. Clint asks Viki to call the doctor.

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