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    One Life To Live CAST - Echo DiSavoy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Echo DiSavoy Played by Kim Zimmer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer

    Birthday: February 2 1955
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Director A.C. Weary
    Real Name: Kim Zimmer


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    I Just Knew It!

    Friday, February 18 2011

    In Echo's motel room, Charlie worries about cheating on Viki. He hides when Rex arrives looking for him. Echo doesn't think Charlie would've taken a drink. Echo acts surprised when Rex brings up the DNA switch. Charlie listens as Rex talks about wanting him to be his dad. Rex brings up how upset Viki is. Echo promises to call Rex if she hears from Charlie. Once Rex leaves, Charlie admits to Echo that last night wasn't a mistake. She agrees. "I care about you too," Charlie says. "More than I have a right to." However, Charlie's unsure if he's going to tell Viki about their affair.

    Echo hears a knock on her door and thinks it's Charlie. It's Dorian, who eyes her suspiciously!

    You Lying Selfish ...

    Monday, February 14 2011

    Charlie arrives at Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel. Echo wonders how the wedding went. "As far as I know there was no wedding," Charlie replies. Echo invites him in, where Charlie ignores a call from Viki. Echo's stunned when Charlie screams that he's not Rex's father, Clint is! Echo cries but doesn't let on that she already knew. She's upset to hear Charlie stopped at Rodi's. Charlie assures Echo he didn't give in to the booze. He doesn't know how to face Shane and Rex and didn't know where else to go. Viki never wanted this to work out for him. She and Dorian were so sure Echo was playing him. Clint destroyed him, and Echo's anything but the bad guy everyone made her out to be. Echo appears nervous and suggests this is her fault. Maybe she shouldn't have come back to Llanview. Charlie won't allow Echo to blame herself. She's back in his life where she belongs. Charlie kisses her! Echo kisses him back, and they fall to the bed.

    Apparently, We're Second Shift.

    Wednesday, February 02 2011

    Echo joins Viki in the kitchen. A cop just arrived to arrest her daughters! Viki assures Echo the cop is there for the party. Echo talks about bringing Charlie soup, leading Viki to scream, "Stay out of our bedroom!" Echo heads upstairs, but listens when Dorian arrives and admits to Viki, "Rex had another DNA test done." Viki can't believe Dorian convinced Rex to have another test. Echo interrupts nervously. After Dorian admits the results proved Charlie is Rex's father, Dorian asks Echo, "Why do you look so surprised?" The ladies argue until Viki finally demands that Echo get out of her house now. For good! Viki heads upstairs to pack Echo's bag. Dorian prevents Echo from following her and even threatens to bodily hold her back. Viki returns shortly after and finally gets Echo out. But not before Echo warns that Viki and Dorian's newfound friendship will soon end, and then they'll be back at each other's throats.

    Do You Know What She Did To Me?

    Monday, January 31 2011

    Shane approaches Echo at the carriage house. She looks at the MyFace messages and photos and asks if someone's bullying him. He denies it but then opens up to Echo. Shane thinks he's a loser and this is what happens to losers in high school. Echo wants to call the school. Shane warns she'll make it worse! He begs Echo not to tell his parents and says, "It'll ruin my life." Rex and Gigi arrive home. Echo warns they have a problem. Shane looks at her. Echo claims she had Shane up looking at his comic books. His fever might have returned. Gigi feels his head. Shane's fine. Echo privately warns if the bullying doesn't stop, she's telling Rex and Gigi. "It'll stop," Shane promises. With Shane and Gigi gone, Rex privately tells Echo about Dorian's theory that Clint is his father. Rex shows Echo the DNA samples. Echo reminds him how much Charlie loves him and begs Rex not to give Clint the honor of claiming Rex's family as his own. He'll regret it as long as he lives! Echo urges Rex not to have another DNA test done and asks that he keep an eye on Shane. He needs his father right now. Gigi reappears. Shane is fine and is going to school tomorrow whether he likes it or not. Upstairs, Shane receives another bullying message on his laptop.

    He Sounds Like Another Weirdo.

    Friday, January 28 2011

    Downstairs, Charlie tells Viki he's feeling sick and can't go to the christening. Echo listens in then offers to be there for Charlie if he needs anything.

    In his bedroom at the carriage house, Shane sees another bullying message aimed at him on MyFace. Shane places a thermometer under a light until it reaches 102. Downstairs, Gigi urges Rex to get another DNA test. Shane appears and shows them he's sick. He can't go to school. Rex calls Charlie, who agrees to sit with Shane. Later, Echo arrives to take care of Shane and Charlie. Shane receives another nasty message. Later, Echo goes to check her MyFace on Shane's laptop and sees the bullying messages.

    Your Brother's Really Big On Revenge.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    At Llanfair, Echo admits to Charlie that she doesn't have the confidence in herself that he has. Charlie reassures Echo and they share a laugh, never realizing Viki's watching them. When Charlie hugs Echo, Viki interrupts to discuss the babies' christening. Echo offers to take the photos. Viki insists the event is only for family. Echo leaves the room, and Charlie accuses Viki of being ungenerous toward Echo! Viki takes offense and warns that because of Echo, her, Charlie and Rex are all going to end up hurt! Echo barges in to let Charlie know his son is there to see him. Viki leaves. Rex, Charlie and Echo have tea. Charlie apologizes for Viki and tells Echo, "I appreciate you." After Echo leaves, Rex urges Charlie to go check on Viki. Once alone, Rex pockets the spoon Charlie was using, pulls one of his hairs out then bags that too.


    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    Shane helps Echo set up a MyFace page at the carriage house. Rex and Gigi arrive home. Rex thanks Echo for watching Shane and asks her to stay for dinner. Gigi opens the mail and questions Shane about a letter from school claiming he's skipping math class. Echo sticks up for Shane, which ticks Gigi off. After Shane promises to go to class, Rex gives him the benefit of the doubt. Gigi orders Shane to get some homework done. After a rude comment from Gigi, Echo declines dinner. She tells Rex she wishes she would've been around for him when he was a kid then leaves. When Shane goes online, he finds a message that reads, "Missed you in class. Not!" Shane grabs his laptop, argues with Gigi and Rex a bit more then stomps upstairs.

    Downstairs in the dining room, Joey thanks Kelly for apologizing to Aubrey. He looks at his watch and notices Aubrey's late. He makes it clear he wants to remain friends. Across the room, Viki joins Dorian, who's irked that Echo has tagged her in a photo on MyFace. It's the photo of Dorian at the AA meeting in disguise! Viki can't believe Dorian infiltrated an AA Meeting. Joey and Kelly appear. After Viki and Joey head to their table, Dorian tells Kelly how Aubrey dumped Ford after she found out he wasn't wealthy. Kelly realizes Aubrey and her brother are after Joey's money. Dorian stops Kelly from going to tell Joey. She suggests that Kelly date Cutter to get the dirt on Aubrey. Aubrey appears, says hello then joins Viki and Joey. Over talk of what they'll do for work, Joey asks Viki if he can take photos at The Banner again. Vikki agrees then questions Aubrey, who claims to have her hands in charity work. After Viki excuses herself, Aubrey brings up Cutter and says he needs something productive to do. Aubrey thinks he'd be a good match for B.E. Joey agrees to talk to Clint about getting Cutter a job thereā€¦ Echo walks in and joins Dorian. She warns if Dorian doesn't stop harassing her, she'll tag her in more photos and make the community question her drinking. Viki approaches and listens as Echo vows to do anything to keep her new family in her life. After Echo leaves, Viki suggests they just forget about Echo. She'll never admit to any wrongdoings. Dorian agrees. After Viki walks away, Dorian says, "Not by a long shot." Dorian calls Adriana in Paris and asks her to pick up a yearbook from Kelly's old boarding school. She then calls Rex and says she has a job for him.

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