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    One Life To Live CAST - Echo DiSavoy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Echo DiSavoy Played by Kim Zimmer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer

    Birthday: February 2 1955
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Director A.C. Weary
    Real Name: Kim Zimmer


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    We're Not All Perfect Like You.

    Thursday, April 07 2011

    Viki arrives at the carriage house to deal with Echo, who asks, "Are you here to slap me around some more?" Viki warns once Shane comes home, she wants Echo off the property, permanently. Echo tries to explain the affair. "You're a devious selfish whore," Viki interrupts. "I never set out to hurt you," Echo apologizes. Viki doesn't believe her lies. Echo tried not to fall in love with Charlie. She talks about how she and Charlie lost a child. Viki takes offense, having lost a child herself. Echo refuses to walk away from Rex or Charlie. In the end, Charlie chose Echo, who says, "We're not all perfect like you." Viki reminds Echo she's to leave as soon as Shane returns then walks away.

    While Gigi settles Shane into bed at the carriage house, Echo urges Rex to call if he needs anything. Gigi rejoins Rex. She removed all of the things that could be of danger to Shane and cries, "When did I stop feeling his pain?" Rex promises they'll get through this together.

    A Picture Of You Kissing That Piece Of Trash.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    Viki walks into Echo's motel room and sees her and Charlie in bed. "How could you do this?" Viki asks then shows Charlie the text she received from Tess. "It's a picture of you kissing that piece of trash." Once dressed, Charlie tries to referee the women. Though Echo claims they never set out to hurt Viki, Viki slaps Echo and screams, "You pig!" Echo takes a call from Rex, leaving Viki to lash out at Charlie. She warned him Echo would dig her claws into him. Echo rejoins them. Shane's missing. She needs to go find him. Charlie comforts Echo. Viki warns Echo not to dare ask her husband to go with her. Echo leaves. Charlie claims he still loves Viki, who demands to know when the affair started. Charlie admits it started on the night that her daughters were to be married. Viki remembers leaving her daughters and searching for Charlie. She was afraid he was hurt, drunk or dead. It never occurred to Viki to look for him with Echo. Charlie tries to reach out to Viki. "Don't touch me," Viki snaps. "You stink of Echo."

    Echo arrives at the carriage house. They show her Shane's note. Rex looks on Shane's MyFace and sees the video of Shane. Echo thinks maybe Shane went to confront Jack.

    Matthew Shot Eddie Ford.

    Friday, April 01 2011

    In Echo's motel room, Charlie warns that once things calm down, he's going to tell Viki about their affair. Echo wonders if Charlie is leaving her. Charlie realizes he can't have both Echo and Viki. He ignores a call from Viki. Charlie promises as soon as Ryder is safe with Viki, he's going to leave her. Charlie loves Viki but can't imagine being without Echo. They kiss. Both accept and understand each other. Charlie and Viki are so different, unlike him and Echo. She becomes nervous when Charlie brings up how Clint lied to both of them about Rex. Charlie comforts her with another kiss. Later, Viki arrives and sees Charlie and Echo in bed.

    I Hate You! I Hate All Of You!

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    Charlie gets ready to leave Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel. She'd like to spend the day with him, but Charlie replies, "My wife needs me." Echo wonders where she'll fit in when he's helping Viki raise her grandson. He knows Echo's hurting but has to leave. Charlie runs into Rex on his way out. Echo claims Charlie was fixing her pipes. After Charlie leaves, Rex admits he's worried about Shane. Rex talks about Shane stealing and bullying other kids. "Shane's no bully," Echo replies and finally admits he's being bullied at school. Echo talks about all the nasty posts on Shane's MyFace. Two months ago, Shane made her promise not to tell Rex and Gigi. Echo gives Rex her laptop. Rex hacks into Shane's MyFace and sees the posts. Rex recognizes a screen name as Jack Manning's and rushes off.

    Charlie goes back to Echo's room and tries to end things. He can't do this anymore.

    What's This? It's The Wrong End Of Your Shotgun.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    Charlie arrives at Echo's motel room. She can't believe he's really there. Charlie takes her in a passionate kiss. They make love. Charlie wishes he could stay there, but he has to go home to Viki. Charlie gets dressed and promises things won't always be like this.

    Cutter brings Tess to his room at the Minute Man Motel. Tess mocks his digs and wonders why he hasn't moved in with Aubrey. "Would you want to move in with your sister?" Cutter asks. Tess thinks he has a point. They share a drink, and Tess defends herself against her family's claims that she's sick. She just wanted to reinvent herself with a different name. Cutter understands. He hasn't always gone by Cutter Wentworth. He doesn't elaborate but claims the original him is never too far away. They kiss. Aubrey calls and demands Cutter bring Tess back. Tess agrees to leave. Cutter promises there will be other nights. She heads outside ahead of Cutter and sees Charlie and Echo kissing outside her room. Tess snaps a photo.

    Todd's Been Shot.

    Monday, March 14 2011

    Over at the carriage house, Echo breaks from their kiss and asks Charlie, "Was that a goodbye kiss?" Charlie hates that Dorian is blackmailing him into ending things with Echo. She suggests that Charlie leave Viki. Charlie worries their affair will put Viki over the edge for good. Charlie doesn't want to leave Echo. She can't pretend there's nothing between them and urges Charlie to report to Dorian. Tell her what she wants to hear.

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