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    One Life To Live CAST - Echo DiSavoy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Echo DiSavoy Played by Kim Zimmer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer

    Birthday: February 2 1955
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Director A.C. Weary
    Real Name: Kim Zimmer


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    Mr. And Mrs. Cutter Wentworth.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    Outside Clint's room, Dorian tells Echo Viki's on her way to play Charlie her taped confession. Echo warns Dorian if she comes after her, she'll tell Viki how Dorian blackmailed Clint to get the tape. Dorian taunts Echo as she stomps away.

    Viki goes to Echo's motel room with the taped confession. She and Charlie briefly discuss the custody hearing and Niki Smith visiting Echo. Charlie's sure Echo didn't know she was Niki. "I wouldn't be too sure about that," Viki replies. She takes out the recorder but decides she can't hurt Charlie. He wonders what's on the tape, takes it and plays Echo's confession. Echo appears just as Charlie hears she knew Rex was Clint's son. Viki leaves. "How could you do this to me?" Echo calls after her. She desperately tries explaining why she lied and how Clint threatened to send Rex to prison. Everyone warned Charlie about Echo. "I left my wife for you!" Charlie cries. Echo's taken away everything from him, even his will to stay sober. Charlie feels used and refuses to ever forgive Echo. He packs his bags and leaves saying, "You're the biggest mistake I ever made." Echo cries for him to come back then vows revenge on Dorian and Viki.

    I'm Dying.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011

    In his hospital room, Clint's doctor asks if he understand his prognosis. Clint does. Later, Echo appears and lashes out at Clint. How did Niki Smith get a recording of their conversation? "Dorian," Clint replies. He had no choice but to give Dorian the tape and admits she was going to let him die if he didn't. Echo needs to find out if Viki has the tape and leaves. Bo appears and asks how Clint is doing. "I'm dying," Clint replies.

    Out in the hallway, Dorian stops Viki. Once she's sure she's Viki, Dorian admits she knew about Echo and Charlie's affair. She brings up the recording she gave to Niki Smith and starts digging through Viki's purse. Dorian plays Viki Echo's taped confession. Echo appears, sees Viki in the elevator and tries to stop the doors from closing. Dorian informs Echo that Viki's on her way to prove she's been lying to Charlie all along.

    Did He Hurt You?

    Tuesday, April 26 2011

    Echo finds Viki in her motel room. "What's a matter?" Niki asks. "You've never seen an alter before?" Echo realizes she's Niki Smith and starts to call Charlie. Niki plays the recording Dorian gave her of Echo confessing about Clint being Rex's father. Echo hangs up the phone and tries to take the recorder. Just as Echo gets the upper hand, Charlie bangs on the door and calls out to her. Niki laughs then hides while Echo ushers Charlie in and straight into the bathroom. Niki quickly slips out then stands at the closed door and listens as Echo tells Charlie she has something to tell him about his wife. Echo talks about how Viki was there and threatened her. Charlie promises no one is going to take him away from Echo.

    Niki Is Alive.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    Still outside the diner, Echo and Charlie talk about the trouble Dorian's trying to cause for them. However, Echo admits she's glad Dorian's there for Viki. The situation must be tough for her. Charlie thinks Tess leaked the photo of them and says, "That girl doesn't care who she hurts."

    Echo The Wrecko.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    Before Echo and Charlie enter the diner, she listens to Clint's message about staying quite, while Charlie checks in with Rex. Inside, Dorian stands next to Destiny in shock over the photo of Echo and Charlie. When she sees them enter the diner, Dorian alerts them to their public outing on television. Echo and Charlie leave, hoping Viki didn't see the broadcast. Dorian follows them outside and lashes out at the couple. They make excuses for falling in love. When Charlie brings up how Clint manipulated them, Dorian claims Echo's known all along that Clint was Rex's father. Charlie refuses to believe it. Echo urges Dorian to ask Clint. He'll back her up. Dorian promises to do so and leaves. Echo promises Charlie she never knew for sure if Clint was Rex's father. Back inside, Phyllis Rose implies to her viewers that Nora could have killed Eddie Ford. A reporter listens as Destiny calls "Access Llanview." Destiny thinks Phyllis Rose has no idea who killed Eddie. While Destiny's on hold, the reporter approaches her and convinces Destiny to let her help prove that Matthew's mom is innocent. The reporter listens intently as Destiny talks about the 'rough time' Matthew's been going through.

    That My Husband Isn't Todd Manning?

    Thursday, April 14 2011

    Down at the carriage house, Rex blames Jack for Shane's suicide attempt. Jack, who's clearly shaken, turns his back on them, as Rex shows Blair Shane's goodbye note. In tears, Blair listens to Rex explain how they found Shane ready to jump. Blair is deeply sorry. Rex wonders if Jack is. Jack didn't realize Shane was so screwed up. They were just having fun. When Jack suggests Shane was just trying to get Rex's attention, Rex grabs him. Echo appears. Blair pulls Rex off Jack. She promises Jack will face what he did but warns Rex, "Don't you ever lay a hand on my son again!" After Blair and Jack leave, Rex tells Echo that Shane tried to kill himself. Echo blames herself for not coming forward. Rex takes the blame. He's as bad a father as Clint. Echo stops Rex from saying anymore. He needs to concentrate on Shane now. After Echo leaves, Clint appears and faces Rex.

    Please Don't Tell Me It Just Happened.

    Wednesday, April 13 2011

    Echo appears at the Buchanan Mansion and tells Clint about her affair with Charlie. Viki knows. When Clint accuses her of scheming to trap Charlie, Echo blames Clint for pushing them together during the paternity debacle. He orders Echo to send Charlie back to Viki. "He's in love with me now," Echo states and asks Clint for his silence. She never wants Charlie to find out she knew Clint was Rex's father. They argue over their lies. Echo breaks down and reveals what Shane's going through. Clint won't allow anyone to bully his grandson. He wants justice, but Echo counters, "You care about your grandson." Talk turns to back to Charlie. Clint doesn't think Echo cares about Charlie's feelings and accuses her of wanting him to stay quiet for herself. Clint can't make Echo any promises.

    I'm Leaving Llanview.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Charlie arrives at Echo's room. He's glad their affair is out in the open. Charlie wants to be with Echo but needs to stand by Viki during the custody hearing. Echo's content with Charlie's decision and doesn't want to further pressure him to tell Viki. They can't wait to be a couple and agree to endure all of the backlash that'll come with it together. Echo thinks back to knowing Clint was Rex's father all along.

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