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    One Life To Live CAST - Echo DiSavoy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Echo DiSavoy Played by Kim Zimmer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer

    Birthday: February 2 1955
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married to Director A.C. Weary
    Real Name: Kim Zimmer


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    I Won't Bury Him. I Can't Do It.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Later, Kim sneaks back into Cutter's room. Echo arrives, sees Morris and puts on a big show, claiming she has an interest in porcupines. Kim says she'd be happy to help her with that.

    At Least I Didn't Kill My Twin.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    In Angels Square, over talk of Morris, Roxy tells Echo, "We have to get that thing back before Rex's life is destroyed." Rex appears and asks, "What thing?" Roxy explains how Morris is missing. Rex doesn't buy that Roxy's worried that losing Morris will hurt him, claiming Rex always loved Morris as a kid. After Roxy rushes off, Rex again tells Echo that he didn't kill Victor but agrees with her. He shouldn't have a gun in the house with Shane.

    Roxy rejoins Echo in Angels Square, claiming she has someone on the hunt for Morris. Echo worries someone will find the gun. Roxy doesn't think anyone will look inside Morris. Nearby, Brody runs into Natalie, who relays her talk with Todd. She's convinced he didn't kill Victor.

    Zero Tolerance For Weapons In My Hood!

    Friday, September 09 2011

    Echo, with Rex's gun in a bag, wanders through the Angels Square flea market, praying that Rex didn't kill Victor. "I have to get rid of this," Echo says. "Get rid of what?" Roxy asks, holding Morris. Roxy's selling Morris and shows Echo his hidden compartment. Roxy offers to get rid of whatever's in the bag if Echo buys Morris. When she grabs Echo's bag, the gun falls to the ground. Roxy hides the gun in her pants and warns, "I have zero tolerance for weapons in my hood!" Roxy thinks Echo killed Victor and threatens to call John. "I didn't kill Victor," Echo whispers. "Our son Rex did." Echo relays her conversation with Rex, who claimed the gun hadn't been fired. Rex lied. Roxy plans to get rid of the gun, but Nigel appears and wonders what she has for sale. While Echo distracts Nigel, Roxy hides the gun in Morris' compartment. As Roxy tells Echo the gun is in Morris' hidey-ho, someone looks Morris over. Later, Roxy finds Morris missing, with a gold dollar coin in his place.

    Trying To Forget About Me, Pretty Boy?

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Echo pulls out a gun and asks if Rex used it to kill Victor. There was a time when Rex thought about killing Victor but denies doing it. His clothes were muddy because he went to Gigi's grave. He tells Echo about the exhumation. Echo's sorry Rex felt he had to go to such lengths and assures him he can trust her now. Though Rex's grateful for whoever killed Victor, he again denies doing it. Echo has no choice but to believe him but still wants to get rid of the 9 mm.

    Shane arrives home just as Rex assures Echo that he didn't kill Victor. The gun's never even been fired. Later, Echo unloads the gun, finds a bullet missing and realizes it's been fired. She thinks Rex was lying.

    My Life Is A Sham.

    Wednesday, August 03 2011

    An overjoyed Rex cries out Gigi's name when he sees her standing behind him. He frantically chases after her when she disappears. Echo finds a crazed Rex running through the house crying for Gigi. She tenderly points out that Gigi would not have run away from him and he hasn't been sleeping well. Rex insists he is not crazy. A tearful Echo reminds him that Clint has Gigi's heart. She thinks he might need professional help, but he continues to come up with scenarios for how Gigi might still be alive.

    I Don't Know What To Do.

    Tuesday, August 02 2011

    Echo arrives at Rex's home to thank him for convincing Dorian to drop the charges against her. A tired Rex tells her that Gigi was with him last night. She is confused, and Rex claims he saw Gigi outside and ran to chase her before wondering if he is crazy. Echo thinks it is normal to see Gigi everywhere he looks. A sad Rex wishes it had been Gigi. She changes the subject to getting back at Dorian, and Rex reveals he almost committed murder. He explains how he saw Todd blow off Gigi's death while walking the red carpet, but didn't shoot him because he got a text message from Shane saying he missed him. A forlorn Rex knows Gigi is gone, but doesn't know how to go on without her. Echo tenderly reminds him Shane can help him get up and through the day. She steps away to answer a knock at the door. It is Dorian, who warns her that freedom comes with a price. Echo retorts to bring it on. Back inside, Rex utters, "It's you and me forever Morasco." He is shocked to see a glowing Gigi behind him!

    The Whole Town Is On Amber Alert.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    John finds the Minute Man Motel room empty but can tell that hasn't been the case for long. Next-door, Sam helps free Dorian, as Echo continues running her mouth. Sam sprays her with more spider webs. As Dorian laughs and takes a picture of Sam standing next to Echo, John appears, relieved to see Sam. John questions Sam about his friend. Sam admits that Spider Man is out fighting crime. He's the man with the line on his face. A cop releases Echo from the webs and arrests her. John leaves with Sam.

    I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Over at the Minute Man Motel, Echo rants, "I never meant for this to happen but what choice did I have?" Dorian, taped and bound, listens as Echo claims she never meant to hit her over the head after Dorian sprayed her with the hose. She never meant to put Dorian in the trunk of her car and never meant to kidnap her. Echo only wanted to make Dorian suffer for chasing Charlie away. How did her actions turn into a felony? Dorian fakes hyperventilating and screams for help once Echo removes the tape. She quickly retapes Dorian's mouth and decides to get rid of her. In the next room over, Sam reflects on the scream he heard. He grabs the Spider Man costume and says, "Someone's in trouble. What would Spider Man do?" Next-door, just as Echo's set to suffocate Dorian, Sam barges in as Spider Man and sprays Echo to the wall with his spider web. He removes his mask, as Dorian gushes over Spider Man saving her. Later, John arrives and finds the room empty, except for the Spider Man costume.

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