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    One Life To Live CAST - Echo DiSavoy

    Full detailed profile on Echo DiSavoy Played by Kim Zimmer on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kim Zimmer
    Echo DiSavoy

    Actor: Kim Zimmer

    Who played Echo DiSavoy over the years

    Kim Zimmer (March 1983 - October 1983; October 1, 2010 - October 14, 2011)

    Useful information on Echo DiSavoy

    * Afraid of the water.
    * Tried to kill herself by jumping from a bridge.
    * Allowed Clint Buchanan to take the rap for her murder after faking her death.
    * Had a past with Charlie Banks.


    Past: Photographer
    Past: Countess


    In 1983, Echo arrived in Llanview with her brother Giles looking to get retribution on Clint Buchanan for their mother's death. Knowing of Clint's affair with Giselle, Echo was hired at "The Banner" as a photographer and worked closely with Clint, who was an editor. After Echo managed to seduce Clint, he was livid to find out Echo had made his wife, Viki, privy to the information. Clint confronted Echo, who jumped from a bridge and left everyone to believe she'd committed suicide. Dorian Lord witnessed the whole exchange and told the Llanview PD that Clint pushed Echo to her death.

    Viki and Marco Dane were on the hunt to prove Clint's innocence and in turn found Echo alive. Echo was forced to admit she faked her death and cleared Clint of her mother's murder with new information that her father had indeed committed the crime.

    Though Echo was banished from Llanview years ago, she returned on October 1, 2010 on the doorstep of Llanfair. Charlie, who she'd had an affair with, was shocked to see her and to find out Echo and Viki were old rivals.

    Echo went along with Clint, who'd rigged Rex's paternity test to prove Charlie was his father. She and Rex began bonding when word came of what Clint had done. Charlie was devastated, and Echo didn't move to tell him she'd known about Clint being Rex's father all along. They became close and began an affair behind Viki's back.

    When the truth came out, Charlie walked away from Echo and left town shortly after that. It took a while but Echo started to form a bond with Rex and Shane.


    Count Maxim DiSavoy (deceased)


    Charlie Banks
    Clint Buchanan (one night stand)


    Arthur Stanford (father - deceased)
    Giselle French Stanford (mother - deceased)
    The Turners (father and mother by adoption)
    Leda French (aunt)
    Giles Morgan (brother)


    Rex Balsom (with Clint Buchanan)
    Shane Morasco (grandson)


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    Friday, October 14 2011: What Are You Going To Do, Kill Me?

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Echo apologizes to Rex for thinking he was guilty. Rex wonders why Echo didn't just get rid of the gun. She thinks back to Kim's blackmail and signing the document. Just as Echo starts to confess, Shane appears. Once Echo leaves, Rex asks why Shane didn't tell him what he had done to Jack the night of Victor's murder. It's not like Shane killed Victor. "No," Shane replies. "But I thought you did." They promise to be honest from here on out. Rex also knows it's time to accept that Gigi is dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011: Must Suck Being Dead.

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex watches Echo panic over the missing gun and asks, "I thought you got rid of it?" Echo explains what happened and how she hid the gun. Who could've taken it? They realize it must've been Shane. When they can't find Shane, Rex wonders if his son killed Victor. Rex thinks maybe Shane took the gun to finish the job by killing Jack. Rex rushes toward the door and finds Bo on the other side. They got a lead on the gun that killed Victor. It was Rex's. Rex confesses. Echo cries that Rex's confession won't help 'him'. Bo puts two and two together and whispers, "Tell me about your son." Rex admits Shane took the gun. He wonders what Bo will do if Shane killed Victor?

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