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    One Life To Live CAST - Ross Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ross Rayburn Played by Billy Warlock on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Billy Warlock

    Birthday: March 26 1961
    Birthplace: Gardena, California
    Marital Status: Married to Julie Pinson
    Real Name: Billy Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"


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    The Guy's A Regular Santa Claus.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    Todd faces Eli at the docks. Eli aims his gun at Todd, who aims his gun at Eli. Eli promises to fix everything surrounding Dani and Ross if Todd puts his gun down. Todd drops his gun then takes aim again and fires! Eli is shot to the ground. When Todd approaches him, Eli kicks Todd off balance and rushes off. Suddenly, a hand emerges from the water and grabs Todd. Todd holds onto Ross with one hand and aims his gun at him with the other. "Help me, please," Ross begs. Todd smirks, puts his gun in his pants, pushes Ross off and walks away. However, he returns, pulls Ross out of the water and says, "This one's for you, Dani." As Todd jokes about Ross getting blood on his suit, Ross gasps, "Eli wants Dani." Ross goes unconscious. Dani appears, looks at Todd and a bloodied Ross and cries, "Dad?"

    You're Next.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    On the docks, Ross informs Eli that Dani's missing. "How could you let this happen?" Eli asks. "I'll lose everything I worked so hard for." Ross wonders what Eli's talking about. Eli reminds Ross of everything he did so Ross could get custody of Dani. Ross suggests Eli take off and get a new identity. Eli wants to use Dani to squeeze every penny out of Todd. Ross refuses to give Dani back to Todd. "What if she's not yours to give?" Eli prompts. All Ross cares about is that Dani's his legally. Ross goes to call the police, to see if they've found Dani, but Eli pulls a gun on him! "I'm your brother," Ross says. "You won't kill me." Eli blames Ross for pulling him into his mess once again. He had a nice life before Ross contacted him again. Ross is shocked to hear that Eli killed Tea. "You're next," Eli warns. He shoots Ross then pushes his body into the Llantano River. Ross calls out Dani's name. Eli assures him he and Dani will be together again soon.

    Why Are You Lying To Me?

    Tuesday, October 05 2010

    Brody questions Nate and Todd at the station. Ross insists they know where Dani is. Todd thinks Dani wanted nothing to do with Ross and ran. Ross brings up the last time she took off with the help of a boy. Brody questions Nate again. He claims he'd be with Dani now if he hid her and says, "I lost Dani too." Brody pulls Ross off of Todd when he attacks him and takes him away. Once alone, Todd asks Nate, "Where is she?" Nate claims he has no idea. Todd grabs Nate but is forced to let go of him when Brody returns and says, "You're free to go." Nate tries to leave. Todd stops him and assures Nate that he can tell him. Ross reappears and Todd acts as though he's bullying Nate to make sure he's not holding out on them.

    John arrives at the station, finds Todd and Ross arguing and asks, "What're you girls gabbing about? Anything I should know about?" Ross accuses Todd of kidnapping Dani. John pulls Todd aside and informs him that Eli is alive.

    Ross leaves a message for Dani. As he goes to leave the docks, Eli appears and asks, "Looking for me?" Eli demands to know where Dani is and says, "We gotta get out of town!"

    Tea, Is That You?

    Monday, October 04 2010

    Downstairs, Todd holds his phone and asks, "Tea, is that you?" Suddenly, the line goes dead. Todd tells Blair it was Tea. "Tea's dead," Blair replies. Todd calls the number back but Tea's nurse claims there must've been a mix-up. Blair hears Nate screaming outside and tells the cops to let him say goodbye to Dani. After Nate is allowed upstairs, Blair rejoins Todd. He's sure he heard Tea's voice. "It's impossible, Todd," Blair replies. Todd reminds her they never saw a body. There's a knock at the door. It's Ross. He's there to pick up Dani. Blair pleads with Ross to think about Tea, to honor her memory and do what she'd want. She begs Ross not to take Dani to Tahiti.

    Starr comes downstairs and lashes out at Ross for taking her sister away from her, their family and her friends. Starr tells her parents goodbye then heads home to be with Hope. Nate comes downstairs alone. Ross wonders where Dani is and runs upstairs to find her. Blair follows him, as Todd goes to Tea's urn.

    Upstairs, Ross and Blair find Dani's room empty.

    I'm Ruling In Favor Of...

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    The judge calls the courtroom to order to address her decision. She grants custody of Dani to Ross! Todd objects. He pleads Dani's case and can't believe he has to get visitation to see Dani. Blair interrupts, "That will right there is a fake and Mr. Rayburn knows it!" Destiny and Nate enter as the judge transfers full custody of Dani to Ross. Todd begins threatening the judge. Ross vows to fight it if she grants Todd visitation. He's dangerous! Ross plays a recording of Todd threatening to kill him. "Oh my God," Dani cries. "How could you?" The judge allows Todd an hour with Dani and gives Ross permission to take her to Tahiti after that. Nate vows to help Dani and asks her to wait for him. He leaves. Todd pushes Ross away from Dani and takes her home.

    Oh, Those Balls!

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    In the courtroom, Todd accuses Greg of lying and demands the judge ask him why he changed his story. Greg insists Tea wanted Dani to live with Ross. He didn't have the heart to tell Todd the truth and knew Tea stipulated her wishes in her will. Todd's lawyer questions if Tea was in her right mind when she confided in Greg. "I believe Tea was lucid when she expressed her wishes," Greg testifies. The judge steps down and leaves to deliberate. Todd grabs Greg by the throat and demands that he tell the truth. Before he kills him! Dani and Destiny rush in as Todd is pulled off of Greg. Destiny sticks up for Greg but says, "No way," when Blair fills her in on Greg's testimony. Everyone walks off. Greg assures Destiny that everything is going to be okay. Destiny asks Greg if he was telling the truth on the stand. Across the room, Blair assures Todd she's on his side. In another area, Ross fills Dani's head about how dangerous Todd is. The judge calls court to order. She's made a decision.

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