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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    My Mother's Gone...

    Thursday, August 12 2010

    In his office Inez tells Bo she took his advice and now she's made everything worse for those she loves. Bo apologizes but Inez says it's okay. At least now her sons might be able to have relationships, even if they want nothing to do with her. Inez vows to stop the family talk. She wants to keep things professional now that she's working for Bo. Later Inez puts photos of Nate, James and Ford on her desk.

    Not Until All Three Of You Know Who You Are!

    Monday, August 09 2010

    Ford is stunned to see Inez and Nate at his door. She barges in and tells Ford that Nate and James need to know who they are. Ford pulls Inez in another room and protests. Inez is determined to expose the truth and begs Ford for his blessing. As Ford tries bodily throwing her out Nate grabs Ford. Inez screams for Nate not to hurt Ford and says, "He's your brother!" Ford tells James it's true while Nate chastises his mother for leaving her sons. Inez explains the abuse she went through and how she was forced to leave, pregnant with Nate. As Nate and Ford argue over Inez James snaps at Ford and demands he give Inez a break! In tears Inez promises James and Ford that she would've never left them. James listens as Inez talks about how she used to watch him from afar as a little boy. Nate lashes out at Inez for all of the lies then storms off. Inez begs Ford to be there for Nate. Before she leaves Inez again assures James and Ford if she would've stayed their father would've killed her and Nate. Inez leaves and James walks away from Ford.

    Is There Any Chance For You And I?

    Friday, August 06 2010

    In Bo's office Nate asks Inez what she's keeping from him. Nate thinks Inez is in trouble and defends her to Bo. Nate gets the news that Inez is Bo's new assistant and is very appreciative. Nate wonders why the job was a big secret and why Inez couldn't tell him. Bo distracts Nate by asking him for something from the break room. Alone, Bo suggests Inez tell Nate the truth about his brothers. When Nate returns Inez leaves with him, saying she'll see Bo in the morning. Nora approaches Bo and finds out Inez is his new assistant. She comments on what a 'looker' she is. Bo acts as though he didn't notice and hushes Nora with a kiss!

    James returns to the apartment just as Ford hangs up from St. Ann's. James admits he now knows exactly what he wants but doesn't know if he can get it. Just then there's a knock. Ford demands that James tell him what he was talking about after they see who's at the door and says, "Cause there's no secrets in this family." Ford is shocked to see Nate and Inez!

    I'm Actually Here To See Your Boss.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Bo arrives at the station and finds Inez who says, "Hello Officer." She's there to see his boss. Bo laughs when he hears that Inez is applying for a job to be an assistant to the police commissioner. Inez asks Bo what kind of man the commissioner is. It would help with her interview. Bo gives her some tips then leads Inez into his office. She wonders if Bo will get in trouble if the commissioner finds him behind his desk looking at her application. "I am the commissioner." Bo smiles. Inez feels bad for burdening Bo again. He insists she not leave. Bo acts professional, as though he's never met her, and conducts the interview. Bo hires Inez and assures her it's not based on charity. Inez thanks Bo profusely and asks him to please forget about everything she told him before she stepped into his office. He agrees and shares a story about his son Drew. Bo hopes one day Inez will get another chance with her sons like he did with Drew.

    Nate enters Bo's office just as Inez thanks Bo for keeping her secret from Nate. Nate asks what secret his mom is keeping!

    It's About Time Viki's On MyFace!

    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Bo has Inez pulled over and explains she was driving erratically. Inez apologizes but Bo orders her to step out of the car. Inez breaks down as Bo puts her through some sobriety tests. She starts crying about how she abandoned her sons and begs Bo to arrest her! Bo refuses then holds Inez close as she gives way to tears. Inez calms down and listens as Bo says he can relate to having issues with a son. As she banters on something clicks and Bo asks, "Are you Nate's mother?" Inez admits she is and feels awful that both she and Nate dumped their problems on Bo today. Bo gives her the same card he gave Nate. He can help them. Inez politely declines and says she can fix this herself.

    You Should Hate Me...

    Wednesday, July 28 2010

    Nate finds his mother at the diner holding a foreclosure notice. She promises things will work out then gets a call from Ford. Inez leaves, claiming the call was about a job offer. Across the room Bo tries to cheer Nora up who's worried about Cole's trial. After she leaves Bo sees Nate and says, "You're the one who stole my son's girlfriend and stole the money that almost got her killed." Nate begs Bo not to arrest him. He did it for his mother and if he went to jail it would kill her. Bo calms Nate down and urges him to open up about his mom. Nate talks about her not being able to get a job and about his father throwing them away. Bo feels for Nate but warns there are other ways to get help verses stealing someone else's money. Bo hands over his business card and urges Nate to give him a call. Maybe he can help. "You should hate me," Nate says. "I know," Bo replies. "But I don't." After Bo leaves Nate notices a Help Wanted sign.

    Ford looks at a newspaper article about Cole's trial inside James' empty hospital room. When he spots Nate as being one of the witnesses Ford says to himself, "You're my brother." Inez appears to hear James is off having tests. Ford confronts her about Nate. Inez admits he's Ford's brother. They share the same father. She never wanted to leave Ford and James but his father threw her out and later threatened to kill Nate. Inez talks about spying on him and James daily as they got off the school bus. Ford claims she had plenty of time to reach out to them. Inez loves Ford and James just as much as Nate! Ford doesn’t believe her and warns Inez to stay away from James. She refuses to give up on them again. After Inez leaves Ford breaks down in tears.

    On her way home Inez is pulled over by Bo!

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