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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    I'm Ruling In Favor Of...

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    Clint and Inez are at The Palace. Though Inez thanks him for helping James, Clint wants to know more about Ford's job issues. Inez thinks there is more to the accusations against Ford. Clint assumes the Dean didn't want to let Ford, an award winning director, go. They were backed into a corner because the girl involved is the Mayor's daughter. Clint offers to put in a good word for Ford. Inez doesn't want Clint to waste his time. Ford doesn't want her help or the help of anyone associated with her. She wonders, in time, what Clint will want from her in return for his help. Clint assures Inez she owes him nothing. He has power and isn't afraid to use it to help others. Ford arrives unnoticed and asks about the job opening saying Nate referred him. The manager thinks highly of Nate and offers Ford a job to start immediately. Later, Ford is called to Clint's table to take their order. Introductions are made then Ford leaves to get a waiter for Clint, who wonders if this is going to be a good career change for Ford. Inez hates seeing Ford so unhappy. She would like for something else to come up for him. Clint would like for that to happen too.

    Oh, Those Balls!

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    Bo comes out of his office and tells Inez to leave early for her date. She smiles when he says whoever is taking her out is one lucky guy. After Bo leaves Nora approaches. Inez admits she's going out with Clint. Nora isn't surprised that Clint's helped her. He really seems to like Inez. Nora warns her not to listen to Bo's remarks about Clint and says, "Clint's a standup guy." Nora insists that Inez go get pretty for her date and offers to watch her desk.

    Bo returns to his office and is irritated when Nora says Inez is going out with Clint. He backtracks and butters Nora up with Rodi's burgers. Inez watches from outside Bo's office. Clint appears and says, "They're lucky, aren't they?" Clint can't resist peeking in at Bo and Nora to say hello. Clint privately tells Inez he has something to talk to her about. Once they leave, Nora rambles about how cute Clint and Inez are. It'd be great if they fell in love! Bo grumbles when Nora suggests they invite them to a dinner party and says, "You're out of your cotton-picking mind!" Nora fills Bo in on what Clint did for James, which makes Bo suspicious. He brings up Rex. Bo thinks he's hiding something and is worried.

    Dani And Todd... Where Are They?

    Friday, September 24 2010

    James and Ford are eating breakfast at Rodi's. Just as James wonders why Ford doesn't want to know who set him up, Langston arrives. She makes eye contact with Ford and leaves. Inez appears. She tells James that Clint found out the grant fell through. He even put in a good word for James with the Dean. Ford wonders if Inez is sleeping with Clint. James jumps to Inez's defense and reminds Ford that some people help without expecting sex in return! Inez urges James to go call the college then begs Ford to support James in getting the grant. She would help Ford too if she could. Ford stops her from leaving and apologizes for what he said about her and Clint. James returns and happily reports that the college said he was a perfect candidate for the grant. James just has to wait for an official confirmation. He thanks Inez, who is happy to finally see James happy. On Inez's way out, she calls Clint to thank him. Clint suggests she do that by having dinner with him. Back at their table, James promises things will look up for Ford too. James vows to find out who set Ford up. Cris shows up and joins Gigi at the bar. He hands her a book for class. Gigi explains that she lost her grant. Cris gets a call and happily tells Gigi he has an allowance at college, one he didn't know about. Cris asks Gigi to be his assistant. Rex arrives and hears the news. Gigi is so excited that this new job just fell into her lap!

    Shall I Grab Some Gloves?

    Thursday, September 23 2010

    At Rodi's, Bo admits to Nora that he and Inez were laughing over Clint. Nora becomes annoyed after hearing the details of their conversation. Inez excuses herself to make a call. Nora immediately wants to know if Bo was trying to get Inez not to go out with Clint. Bo assures Nora that's not how it was. Nora shares Hannah's court outcome with Bo, who's proud of her. After Inez calls Nate, and finds out that he's with James and Ford, she rejoins Bo and Nora. Bo hopes he didn't scare Inez away from Clint. Inez assures Bo he didn't. On Inez's way out, she takes a call from Clint, who brings up James. Clint has a hunch that things are going to work out for him. Gigi returns to work and puts her apron on. It's only a matter of time before she can retire it in exchange for a career. Rex arrives. He's happy to hear about Gigi's great day. After Rex goes to talk to Bo, Gigi gets a call from the Dean. Rex sees her upset and returns to Gigi's side. There was a technical problem at Llanview U. The grant is going to be reassigned! Rex holds her close and says they'll find a way to pay for her to stay in college.

    I Can't Ignore What Happened Because Of Her Falsehood.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Clint joins Inez at Rodi's. She admits her heart is breaking over not being able to help her sons. Clint listens as Inez says she wishes James would take the money for college from her. Bo interrupts and Clint has to head back to B.E. Clint urges Inez to let him know if he can help in any way. After Clint leaves, Inez admits she felt awkward being there with Bo and Clint. Bo felt the awkwardness too but assures Inez he's okay with her dating his brother. Clint's been through a lot. Bo suggests maybe they can help each other. However, Bo doesn't think Inez and Clint react to problems the same way. When Bo talks about Clint pulling a gun on David at his wedding, Inez wonders if Bo's trying to hint that Clint's dangerous. As they laugh, Nora appears and asks, "What's so funny?"Across the room, Gigi asks Kelly if she's interested in Rex. Kelly assures Gigi that her relationship with Rex is pure business. Gigi brings up their naked encounters and is shocked that Rex didn't tell her about the latest one. Again, Kelly reassures Gigi, who makes it clear she doesn't need Kelly's money. She got a grant. The women finally reach a common ground then Gigi leaves for class.

    What's Wrong?

    Tuesday, September 21 2010

    At Llanview U, James sees that the grant has already been awarded to someone. Inez appears looking for Ford. James explains that Ford got fired and now he can't afford college. Though James doesn't want to upset Ford by telling her why he was fired, he thinks it was all a setup. Inez wants to help but James refuses. James needed her help when he was a kid, when his father was beating him. Inez listens as James talks about how he managed to get by. "I can take care of myself," James says then leaves in tears.

    Kelly and Clint arrive at Rodi's. Kelly secretly hands Rex the security card. After Rex leaves, Clint warns Kelly that she and Rex better give up their crusade to bring David back to Llanview or he could lose B.E. Clint appears concerned for Dorian but Kelly thinks facing David would help her the most. Clint asks for her loyalty to the Buchanans and lies, saying David's been trying to take the company from them. Kelly had no idea. "Leave well enough alone," Clint pleads. She tries to stop him from leaving but Clint has to get back to work. Clint spots Inez on the way out and asks, "Do you want to talk about it?" Gigi goes to Kelly's table. She wants to talk about Rex.

    Role-Playing Therapy!

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    Over at The Palace, Bo becomes angry when Nora accepts Clint's invitation for him and Nora to join Clint and Inez for dessert. Just as Bo reluctantly agrees, Inez disappoints Clint by saying, "I have to go." She needs to get home to Nate. After Inez leaves, Clint blames Bo for scaring off his date! Bo assures Clint that Inez can make her own decisions. Rex appears and wonders if they know where David can be found. Kelly hired him to find David. No one knows where David is, which leads Rex to leave. Clint follows and asks Rex, "Don't you think everyone will be better off if Vickers stays gone?" Rex calls Clint out about not liking David. Back at their table, Bo rants about Clint sticking them with the bill. He sees how much Clint spent on wine for Inez and thinks Clint's trying to get back at them.

    Daddy's Here.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    While Bo and Nora wait for Dorian at The Palace, Inez appears and says, "Sorry I'm late." Bo's confused. Just as Inez explains the note left on her desk to meet Mr. Buchanan there, Clint appears and admits he left it. Clint steals Inez away. Nora notices Bo's preoccupation with them. She wonders why Bo has such an issue with Clint and Inez sharing dinner. Bo thinks Clint's targeting Inez because she's his assistant. Dorian and Kelly arrive. Dorian takes a seat and gets right down to the station's budget meeting. She starts hallucinating that Bo and Nora are trash talking her. Dorian stands up and throws a glass of water on them! Kelly is forced to drag Dorian out of the restaurant. At their table, Inez is worried about there being a conflict of interest since she works for Clint's brother. Clint assures Inez that he and Bo have been through worse and have maintained their relationship. Later, Clint and Inez rejoin Bo and Nora. Clint wonders what they did to Dorian and makes a comment about David always being trash! Clint turns his attention to his phone. Bo's shocked to hear that Clint has a MyFace!

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