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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    Temptation Strikes.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    Back in Llanview, Viki stands before the crowd at The Palace for Tea and Todd's vow renewal. Viki officiates the ceremony and repronounces Todd and Tea husband and wife. Todd asks everyone to stick around for a big surprise and refuses to tell Tea what it is. Dorian and Langston arrive with well wishes, as do John and Natalie. Todd makes a crack about Starr being better off without Cole. Natalie sees Vivian and privately asks her to put a rush on the paternity results. Vivian can't. Natalie rushes John away when he approaches claiming to know all about the test. Across the room, Echo tells Clint she's going to tell Rex the truth tonight. Clint drags her away, as Viki wonders where Echo went. Rex and Kelly appear. He's looking for Echo. Viki promises to keep an eye out for Echo. When Rex walks away, Charlie warns Viki whoever Rex's father turns out to be will have an effect on a lot of people. In another area, Inez pulls Bo away from Nora and fills him in on Eddie. Bo warns James, Ford and Nate that he'll be paying their father a visit tomorrow. Ford is upset but Inez refuses to let Eddie hurt her sons again. Inez walks Bo back to his table. When he leaves to get more drinks, Nora warns Inez that Bo helps everyone. She shouldn't read anything more into it! Close by, Darren is offended that Matthew knew about Greg but he didn't. Destiny reminds Darren that this isn't about him then briefly talks to Shaun about what Greg did to them.

    It's Over.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    In their kitchen, Ford assures James they'll get the fifty grand in order to get rid of their father. Eddie joins them and jokes about wanting to bond. Eddie took care of his boys when they were little and says, "Now you're going to take care of me." As they argue, Eddie appears sick and rushes to the bathroom. When Inez and Nate arrive, James and Ford try to get rid of them. It's too late. Eddie reappears, sees Inez and tells Ford, "Ask the whore in." Inez confronts him and slaps Eddie when he looks at Nate and accuses her of robbing the cradle. "Nate is our son!" she screams. Eddie rants about Inez always giving her boys wuss names then denies he's Nate's father. Inez orders her kids to come with her and warns Eddie not to try to stop them. He'll regret it! James and Ford push Inez and Nate out into the hall. Ford warns Inez to stay away. She plans to talk to Bo but refuses to stop protecting her boys!

    There's A New Ford In Llanview!

    Monday, November 08 2010

    Inez enters Bo's office with some cookies as her way to thank him for helping James. Nora is clearly irritated as she and Bo try a cookie. Tea, Todd and Dani arrive. Nora rushes to greet Tea, while Todd stares at Inez, who's brushing cookie crumbs off of Bo's shirt! After Tea insists on taking Cole's case, Todd invites them all to their party. Before they leave, Todd privately tells Nora, "Bo's assistant really knows how to make her way around a desk." He suggests Nora find Inez a date to the party. Later, Bo pulls Nora away, who is pushing for Inez to invite Clint to the party! Inez watches as Bo and Nora practice their dancing.

    The Love Letters Of Rick And Lili.

    Thursday, November 04 2010

    Bo calls Inez into his office. He needs to talk about her son. While Bo's happy James saved Starr, if he doesn't tell the truth about Cole's whereabouts he'll be charged. Inez can't afford to have another son in trouble and admits that Ford was beaten and refuses to tell anyone who attacked him.

    Outside Bo's office, Rex appears behind Clint and asks, "Spying on your brother?" Clint doesn't need to spy on Bo. He reminds Rex that Bo already stole his wife and asks, "What else could he do to me." Clint stops Inez on her way out. She has something to do on her own. After she leaves, Rex says, "Looks like she blew you off, Old Man." Rex heads toward Bo's office. Clint takes another call from Echo and leaves. Rex approaches Bo. He needs to talk about his father. Rex expresses how he was going to stop looking for him but now he can't.

    James visits Ford at the hospital. Over talk of James saving Starr, Ford wonders what James expects from Starr in return. James only wants Starr to be happy. Ford thinks if Cole goes to jail, James could have Starr. Why is James helping Cole? James doesn't want Cole to go to jail. Ford reminds James that he could do time too for helping Cole. James brings up Ford's condition and asks, "Who did this to you?" Just as Ford swears him to secrecy, Inez appears and warns James to go make things right with Bo now. "Please James," Inez begs. "Don't end up like your father." After James leaves, Ford thanks Inez for convincing James to do the right thing. She asks about Ford's beating but agrees to leave it alone. As Ford leaves his room, he overhears Jessica tell Brody that she hopes her baby isn't Ford's.

    Tea Didn't Die Of A Brain Tumor.

    Thursday, October 28 2010

    Inez and Clint arrive at the hospital. Ford looks at Clint, admits he took a random beating but doesn't rat Clint out. Ford distracts them with talk of James and Hannah. Inez calls Bo who promises to send someone to Marty's. Later, Brody appears to report that James wasn't at Marty's house. He's officially missing. Clint holds Inez who cries, "If the kids are right, she kidnapped Starr and her baby. What if she hurts James too?"

    If It Weren't For You!

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    Bo holds a press conference at the Llanview PD. James, Nate and Ford stand by listening as Bo fills the press in on the kidnapping. Cole appears and exchanges glares with James. After the conference ends, Cole grabs James and says, "Starr and Hope would be safe right now if it weren't for you!" Cole brings up their scheme to hide Dani. "I'm sorry, Cole," James cries. "I'm sorry." Cole punches James who returns the gesture! Bo holds Cole back as Nate takes the blame for getting Starr involved. Cole wants charges pressed against James. Bo pulls Cole aside and urges him to go be with Marty. Bo then tells James he's free to go. James promises Nate… If Starr comes home safely, he'll stop trying to make her love him back. When Brody arrives, Ford asks after the baby. Brody thought Ford didn't care. Ford admits the kidnapping, which involves baby Hope, put things into perspective for him. Brody orders Ford to put Jessica's baby out of his mind permanently then storms off. As Inez thanks Bo for not coming down on James, Ford spots Clint and thanks him for getting his job back. Ford will never forget what Clint did for him. Clint agrees and says, "There are some things you'll never forget."

    The Guy's A Regular Santa Claus.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    A girl approaches Ford at Rodi's. He assures her there's no chance of him returning to Llanview U. "Maybe there is," Inez interrupts. As Ford snaps at his mother, Echo approaches Inez. They appear familiar to each other. Echo sees Charlie and runs off. Inez begs Ford to let her make things up to him and says, "Clint Buchanan… He's offered to help you." After what Clint did for James, Ford remarks, "The guy's a regular Santa Claus." He reminds Inez that there's no such thing as a free lunch and leaves.

    At the station, John tells Marty that Eli is alive. John wants to protect her, Cole and Hannah. Marty rushes off wanting to get to Hannah. Nate is brought in. John admits Dani's in danger. Eli's alive. Inez arrives and convinces Nate to take John to Dani. After John and Nate leave, Inez gets a call from Clint and agrees to another date.

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