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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    I Went To London For You.

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    Eddie walks into Inez's apartment and taunts Dani about how lucky Nate is. Nate returns and grabs Eddie, who continues making remarks about Dani. Eddie claims he's there to see Inez, not Nate. Nate convinces Dani to leave then demands to know what Eddie wants with his mother. When Eddie makes a crack about the men Inez has entertained, and 'the pair' Dani's sporting, Nate slugs him! "You shouldn't have done that," Eddie warns. Inez arrives home and screams at Eddie, who warns her to get Bo to back off! Eddie reminds her that he does what he wants, when he wants! After Eddie leaves, Inez vows to protect her sons. She orders Nate to lock the doors then leaves.

    Inez goes to the Buchanan Mansion and agrees to work with Clint. If he makes Eddie disappear.

    Let's Talk About Sex.

    Tuesday, November 30 2010

    Inez enters Bo's office and starts to tell Bo about Clint. Nora interrupts and asks, "What exactly are you offering my husband this time?" Bo assures Inez she doesn't owe Nora an explanation. Nora relays news that the charges against Eddie didn't stick. Inez worries Eddie will go after James again. They all head out into the station house. "Did I interrupt your threesome?" Eddie asks Inez, Bo and Nora. After Eddie leaves with his lawyer, Nora wonders how he could afford such a high-powered attorney. When they return, Bo screams for Eddie to leave after he asks Bo which one is better in the sack, Nora or Inez? Nora is disgusted. Inez is beside herself. Bo leads Inez into his office and leaves Nora behind, who he rejoins momentarily.

    At the Buchanan mansion, Ford asks Clint for $50,000. Ford explains how he needs to get his father to leave town and threatens to tell everyone Clint beat him if he doesn't help. Ford brings up Inez. Clint challenges him to call her and tell Inez about his beating. Ford goes to leave. Clint stops him. He agrees to give Ford the money. Not for his sake, but for Inez's. Clint hands over $50,000 in cash. Ford promises to stay quiet about the beating and thanks Clint. "No Ford," Clint whispers. "Thank you." Clint takes a call from Inez, who wonders if he paid for Eddie's lawyer. Clint admits he just gave Ford the money to get rid of Eddie and suggests she do what needs to be done. Inez hangs up and tells Bo that she and Clint broke up! Later, Eddie's lawyer visits Clint. He assures Clint he won't tell a soul that Clint paid him to get Eddie out of jail.

    He Had This Thing With My Aunt.

    Monday, November 29 2010

    Still at the Buchanan Mansion, Inez is stunned that Clint wants to destroy Bo's marriage because he destroyed his. Clint claims it's just business. "Ruining your brother's life is business to you?" Inez snaps. "It's time for payback," Clint replies. Inez tries to leave, saying, "This is despicable!" Clint accuses her of wanting Bo and promises he'll make sure she gets him. Inez denies wanting Bo. Clint brings up her sons and says, "You don't want anything bad to happen to them. I can make sure you and your sons have it very easy… or very hard." Inez can't believe he's threatening her family. Clint isn't but warns he'll take back everything he gave them. Inez doesn't think Bo would ever betray Nora and lashes out at Clint for using her. Clint orders her to go to Bo and tell him they broke up. Inez refuses and vows to tell Bo about Clint's plan. As she leaves, Clint warns, "You'll regret that." Later, Ford arrives asking for Clint's help.

    Inez arrives at the station and finds Eddie cuffed outside of Bo's office. As they argue about James, Eddie reveals that Bo and Nora were arguing about her. Later, after Nora storms off, Inez goes to Bo and says, "I have to tell you something."

    I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

    Wednesday, November 24 2010

    Nora, Bo and Matthew arrive at the Buchanan Mansion. Matthew sees Inez and snaps about Clint inviting her and Nate. Privately, Clint tells Nora that Inez wouldn't accept a necklace he gave her. He suggests Inez may have a thing for Bo. In the living room, Nate lashes out at Matthew for treating Nigel like a slave. Matthew comments on the way Inez is dressed in 'that tight little number'. Nate grabs him! The adults appear and Inez scolds Nate, who storms out, refusing to spend the holiday there. Clint promises to teach Matthew how to keep his enemies close. Matthew wonders why Clint doesn't want to keep Rex close, considering he hates him. Bo gets a call and reports that Eddie crashed Dorian's. After Bo leaves, Clint fills Nora's head with more insecurity about Bo and Inez. Nora starts to wonder if Clint isn't right, especially when Bo texts Inez, instead of Nora, to say he's almost at Dorian's! Later, Clint demands to know why Inez can't accept the necklace. She's not ready to take things to the next level. "I don't want you to sleep with me," Clint says. "I want you to sleep with my brother."

    Six Years In Statesville.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    Bo enters his office and asks what's going on. Nora and Inez claim it was an accident. He begs to differ. Nora starts sneezing and Bo realizes she's allergic to the smashed plant. Nora scampers off to court. Bo asks Inez if Nora accused her of overstepping. Inez takes the blame and admits Nora's right. She's been taking advantage of Bo. He pushes Inez to admit that Nora thinks she has a crush on him. He shares Eddie's theory too. Inez receives a package from Clint. Bo wonders why she can't accept the necklace.

    Inez Done And Snagged Herself A Cop!

    Tuesday, November 16 2010

    Nora finds Inez in Bo's office. She brought Bo a plant to say thank you. Nora tries to calmly explain that it's not needed. Inez urges Nora to say what she really means and asks, "You think I'm trying to steal your husband?" She promises Nora has no reason to feel threatened. "I'm not threatened!" Nora replies and admits she's annoyed. Inez's boys are grown and can take care of themselves! "I think you have a crush on my husband," Nora accuses. Inez denies it and gets Nora to admit she doesn't trust her. Inez can't afford to quit her job but hopes they can one day get past this. Later, the women struggle over the plant, trying to apologize. It smashes to the floor. "What's going on here?" Bo asks from the doorway.

    I Am Rex's Mother.

    Friday, November 12 2010

    Nearby, Viki rants at Echo about who Rex's father is. Echo thinks back to Clint's threats and replies, "I'm here to work." Echo takes Viki's photo then heads over to snap a few of Bo and Nora. Viki thinks Echo's evasiveness means that Charlie could be Rex's father. Charlie goes to Echo and asks if she's Rex's mother. Is he his father? Clint eyes Echo as he joins Bo and Inez and finds out about Eddie. Clint wonders why she didn't ask for his help. Nora stands back and appears to wonder the same thing. Bo reminds Clint that it's a police matter. He can't just head over and confront Eddie with a shotgun. Clint makes eye contact with Echo, as Viki and Charlie press her for answers. Echo cries harassment to Bo. Clint defends Echo and asks what Charlie has to do with Rex. "All right!" Echo screams. "You're right, Viki. I'm Rex's mother." From the entranceway, Rex stares at Echo in shock.

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