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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    For Old Time's Sake.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Matthew goes to Bo's office. Once Inez leaves, Bo refuses to sign a slip allowing Matthew to get out of school early so he can work at B.E. Matthew wonders where Nora is. He'll get her to sign it! Bo admits he and Nora had an argument. Matthew accuses him of cozying it up with Inez then storms out. Inez rejoins Bo, who blames Clint for the change in Matthew. Inez gets a call about the fight between Eddie and Ford. Bo rushes off to check it out.

    Clint rants to Vimal in his office about all of the gold-diggers who are after his family. Vimal brings up what he did for Clint, who warns him to forget he ever entered the lab. If the truth gets out that Rex is his son, and Brody isn't really the father of his grandchild, Clint will know Vimal exposed the truth. Clint throws him out and is stunned to see Matthew standing in the doorway. Matthew talks about his parents fighting and how Nora is missing and his dad is doing nothing to find her. After Matthew says Inez and Bo looked pretty cozy, Clint admits they broke up. Clint takes a call from Inez, who is furious that Eddie is still in town. Clint didn't keep up his end of the bargain so neither is she! After Clint forces Matthew to leave on a coffee run, he promises if Inez sleeps with Bo tonight, she'll have everything she ever wanted. Matthew returns, irritated. When Clint refuses to forge Bo's signature on the early release form, Matthew brings up how Clint's forged other things. Matthew knows that Charlie isn't Rex's father, Clint is!

    Back at the station, John sees Inez crying. She admits to needing professional help. John gives her Marty's contact information.

    I Just Couldn't Do It.

    Monday, December 06 2010

    Natalie finds John reading a baby book at the diner. Over talk of baby showers, John admits Marty had a present for him. Natalie is confused when John explains that Marty took the present back before he could open it. John claims Marty said Natalie wouldn't appreciate her going overboard with the gift. Across the room, Bo reads Nora's text and tells Inez, "My wife has lost her mind." Bo admits their fight was about Inez. He warns Inez about Nora's suspicions, in case she runs into Nora. Inez assures Bo that Nora will be home soon. When Bo claims the text is so unlike Nora, Inez replies, "Maybe it wasn't her." Inez thinks back to her meeting with Clint but doesn't let on what she knows. Despite Inez pleading with Bo to think before he acts, Bo texts Nora back.

    What Do You Want With Me?

    Friday, December 03 2010

    At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint assures Inez that Bo and Nora aren't going to resolve their issues anytime soon. Clint wants Inez to live up to her end of the bargain. Inez wonders what kind of business Clint put Eddie up to. Let's just say Clint found a way to use Eddie's talents to help a lot of people. Inez knocks money out of Clint's hand when he says, "Go buy something sexy," and demands she go comfort Bo now. After Inez leaves, Eddie returns and assures Clint that he didn't hurt Nora. Eddie hands over Nora's cell. Clint does something on her phone, hands it back to Eddie then gives him instructions on when to make the next moveā€¦ when Clint's at The Palace.

    Bo walks into the diner and leaves a message apologizing to Nora. Over at a booth, Rex tells Gigi about his new job and watches Marty as she pushes a gift John's way. Bo interrupts them, where they talk about Cole's minor injuries and how John got him moved to a different cellblock. Bo's impressed that John got the warden to do that. Marty should be lucky to have such a good friend in John. Bo takes a call and Marty takes back the gift, just as John begins to open it. She'd rather wait until Christmas. Bo joins Rex and finds out he's watching over Eddie. They exchange information on Eddie. Rex promises to give Bo any evidence he finds against Eddie. Later, Rex swipes Marty's gloves as she's leaving then rushes out the door after her. Inez arrives and Bo admits he hasn't heard from Nora. Though he claims to be fine, Inez thinks he needs a friend. Suddenly, Bo gets a text from Nora saying she doesn't think she can ever forgive him.

    Something To Show My Gratitude.

    Thursday, December 02 2010

    At their apartment, James, Ford and Inez wonder where Eddie is. When James brings up the $50,000 Ford gave Eddie, Inez wonders where he got that kind of money. "What does it matter?" Ford replies. Inez thinks back to Clint agreeing to make Eddie disappear. She hopes Eddie is out of their lives for good. Later, Ford admits to Inez that he went to Clint for the money. Inez warns that Clint is just as bad as Eddie! She wants Ford to stay away from Clint. Ford wants her to do the same and wonders why she and Clint broke up. "I don't know what to do," Inez cries but refuses to say anything more, other than, "Like you, I'm doing what I have to for James."

    Eddie arrives at the Buchanan Mansion and warns Clint he won't do business with him if he's anything like his brother. Clint pulls a gun out of a briefcase and aims it at Eddie! He tells him to relax then shows Eddie some money. "Money and a gun," Eddie says. "Do you want me to kill someone?" Suddenly, Bo arrives. Eddie quickly hides. Bo joins Clint and wonders why he told Nora about his breakup with Inez. Clint admits Bo's the reason Inez dumped him. Bo talks about the issues Inez's crush is causing between him and Nora. Clint knows Bo and Nora will get past it. After Bo leaves, Eddie reemerges but Joey interrupts. He asks Clint to meet him at The Palace. Joey has something important to tell the family. Clint agrees then sends Joey off. Clint promises Eddie the money will be his after he does what he needs him to do. Clint hands Eddie the gun. Later, Eddie assures Clint they have an understanding. Eddie leaves, and Clint vows to Asa's photo that he's doing everything he has to in order to protect the family. Inez arrives and wonders what Clint did to Eddie. Clint assures her that James is safe now then urges her to sleep with Bo. Inez refuses, saying, "Bo's never going to cheat on Nora." Clint promises that Nora isn't going to be a problem.

    I Went To London For You.

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    In his office, Inez lies to Bo about her breakup with Clint. Inez claims things didn't work out. Bo wonders if the breakup had anything to do with him. Inez sidesteps the question and replies yes and no.

    Nora arrives at the Buchanan Mansion and blames Clint for her fight with Bo. Nora rants about Clint putting the thought in her head about Inez crushing on Bo. Clint was only concerned for her. Nora finally admits he was right. Suddenly, Clint gets a call from Inez. She told Bo they broke up but refuses to go along with Clint's plan. Once he hangs up, Clint confesses that was Inez. They broke up. He worries this could be bad news for Nora too. Clint thinks Inez dumped him for Bo. Nora rushes off.

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