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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    Tell Them You Didn't Do This!

    Tuesday, December 21 2010

    John and Brody arrive at Inez's. They have an eye witness who saw Nate leaving the site of Eddie's murder. John gives Inez a warrant then orders Brody to search around. Inez claims Nate stayed at the Manning's last night. Nate corrects her and admits he stayed at Dani's late then stopped by Eddie's room. Nate wanted to find a way to get rid of Eddie. "John," Brody interrupts and hands over a gun. "I think you dropped something," John tells Nate. Just as Brody is cuffing Nate, Dani appears and begs, "Tell them you didn't do this!" Nate allows John and Brody to take him away.

    How Do You Live With Yourself?

    Monday, December 20 2010

    At home, Nate confronts Inez about sleeping with Bo. Inez refuses to talk about Bo. She brings up Eddie's murder and remembers Clint's threats. Inez asks if Nate went to Eddie's last night. James and Starr arrive and fill them in on his talk with the cops. Shortly after they leave, John arrives and asks what Nate was doing at his father's murder scene.

    What Is This? Good Cop, Worse Cop?

    Friday, December 17 2010

    In her apartment, Clint taunts Inez about seeing one of her sons at the scene of the crime. Inez begs to know which one. Inez thinks back to Bo's gun. Clint orders Inez to stay quiet to Bo or he'll have to tell the cops about her son! Nate arrives and wonders what's going on. After Clint leaves, Inez brings up Eddie's death. Nate already knows but asks, "Is it true you slept with Mr. Buchanan?"

    She Never Gave Up.

    Thursday, December 16 2010

    Clint goes to Inez's apartment and asks, "On a scale from one to ten, how was it?" Inez makes it clear she slept with Bo for one reason only… to get rid of Eddie. When Clint tells her Eddie was murdered last night, Inez thinks back to Bo's gun. She asks if Clint killed him. Clint denies it. Since Clint didn't get rid of Eddie himself, he didn't keep up his end of the bargain. "I lied," Inez says. "I didn't sleep with Bo." Inez claims Bo pushed her away. She owes Clint nothing and plans to tell Bo the truth! "Not if your son's life means anything to you," Clint counters and threatens to tell the cops that Inez's son was at the scene of his father's murder.

    Did We Sleep Together Last Night?

    Tuesday, December 14 2010

    Inez returns home and stares at Bo's gun belt. Bo appears after waking up in her bed and asks, "Did we sleep together last night?" Bo notices all of the empty beer bottles. Inez remembers emptying them but lets Bo believe he drank them. Bo pushes Inez for answers, but Nate arrives. When Nate asks what Bo's doing there, Inez grills him for not coming home. Nate claims he didn't want to wake her then rushes off to get ready for school. As Clint calls Inez's cell, she lies to Bo and says they had sex last night! Bo doesn't remember a thing. Inez promises to pretend it never happened and takes all of the blame. Nate tries to rush past them but Inez stops him and says, "Something's wrong." Nate thinks back to kneeling over Eddie's body and claims he's fine. Nate leaves. Bo makes it clear that he loves Nora and hates what has happened. Inez hopes Bo and Nora find their way back to each other. Bo leaves and stares at his wedding band.

    This Is The Last Time...

    Monday, December 13 2010

    Matthew is stunned to see Inez and Bo kissing. He closes Inez's apartment door unseen. Clint was right. His parents are cheating! Matthew can't believe Bo could do this to Nora, even if Nora was cheating on him. Matthew rushes off. Back inside, Bo and Inez break the kiss. Bo thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Inez apologizes. However, Bo still thinks she's Nora and apologizes for the remark about Sam. Inez plays along. Bo kisses Inez again. As he apologizes again and vows to love Nora forever, Inez cries out of guilt. Bo passes out again. Inez refuses to sleep with Bo but wonders, "How will I ever get rid of Eddie?" Inez stares at Bo's gun belt.

    Back at Rourke's gym, Dani relays Matthew's message to Nate. Nate's irritated with Matthew but has bigger problems, like how to get rid of Eddie. "I want him gone, Dani." Nate thinks it's possible to make that happen. Dani wonders what Nate means. He urges her to forget what he said. Later, Nate calls Inez to report what happened with Eddie. She begs Nate to stay away from Eddie.

    Will You Marry Me?

    Friday, December 10 2010

    In Inez's apartment, Bo texts Nora back, while Inez looks at a photo of her boys in the kitchen. She thinks back to Clint's warning then drugs Bo's beer. Over talk of Nora, Bo becomes very groggy and finally passes out. Inez checks Bo's cell when a text comes in from Nora, urging Bo to sleep with Inez. Clint calls. Inez admits Bo's drugged. Clint ignores Inez's questions about the texts from Nora and demands she get Bo in bed now! Inez wakes up Bo, who calls her Nora, and says, "I need you to make love to me." Bo kisses Inez but sees Nora. Neither realizes that Matthew has entered the apartment and sees them!

    I Can't Keep This Secret.

    Thursday, December 09 2010

    Inez arrives in Marty's office, as Marty rereads the letter from the review board. Inez admits she's about to hurt someone really bad. She can't remember the last time she slept. She has to hurt a good man, who's married, in order to protect her boys. Without giving any names, Inez talks about Clint wanting her to break up Bo and Nora's marriage. "You and me right now!" Natalie storms in. Marty apologizes for the interruption and hands Inez a prescription, promising to stay in touch. After Inez leaves, Natalie makes it clear she knows exactly what Marty is up to and says, "I will not let you ruin my life!" Natalie slaps the DNA form in Marty's hand, who claims she's never seen it before. It was found in Marty's house, Natalie screams! Marty challenges Natalie to call John or Brody. Maybe they'd be interested to know who Natalie's baby's father is. Marty admits she couldn't hurt John but Brody… He's another story. Natalie slaps Marty hard across the face!

    Nate and Dani are talking about Eddie at Inez's. Though Nate never knew his father, he can't believe Eddie is so bad. Dani reminds Nate he's nothing like his father. If he were, Nate wouldn't have been so understanding about her wanting to wait to have sex. Nate really cares about Dani and has no problem waiting. Bo arrives and tells Nate about the fight. Nate knows Eddie won't leave town, even if Ford wins. Bo gets a call from Brody saying Eddie's at the Minute Man Motel, acting really cagey. It's not enough to get a warrant but Bo orders Brody to go to Rourke's Gym in civilian clothes and keep an eye on Eddie when he arrives. Inez returns home. Bo relays where Eddie's staying. After Nate and Dani head out, Inez stops Bo from leaving. She thinks about Clint's threat then asks Bo to stay for coffee. Bo agrees and asks for a beer. He opens up about his problems. "I can't do this," Inez says. "Do what?" Bo replies. Inez backtracks and claims she can't sit there while Ford's getting ready to fight Eddie. Bo convinces Inez not to go to the gym. While Inez is drugging Bo's beer, Bo gets a text from Nora giving him permission to sleep with Inez! Bo takes off his gun belt and sets it on the couch.

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