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    One Life To Live CAST - Inez Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Inez Salinger Played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Leccia

    Birthday: January 8 1976
    Birthplace: Washington Heights, New York
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Jessica Leccia


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    To Pay You Back...

    Thursday, January 13 2011

    Inez arrives at the station and turns in her resignation to Bo. Again, he asks her what happened. Inez says she drugged him. Just as Bo and Inez are saying their goodbyes, Rex barges in. Once Inez leaves, Rex admits Marty prescribed Inez a sedative on the same day Eddie was murdered. Bo remembers Inez having a pharmacy bag that night. They both agree Inez could've killed Eddie while Bo was drugged. Before Rex leaves, he thinks back to a conversation with Clint then tells Bo, "I'm sorry… for a lot of things."

    Inez approaches Tea at the courthouse. She begs her to save Nate. "That's up to you, Inez," Tea replies. Tea asks if she'd be willing to testify and paints a bleak picture of Nate's future. Inez leaves to go check on Nate. When Nora arrives, Tea admits she thinks Nate's covering for Inez. Nora warns Inez couldn't have killed Eddie. She was too busy sleeping with Bo! Tea sympathizes and thinks there's still a chance Inez did it. Nora's hands are tied. Unless something drastic happens today, Nate's going to be sentenced.

    Theo allows James and Ford to see Nate in jail before his hearing. Ford demands to know why Nate confessed! James warns Ford to back off, but he refuses. Ford reminds Nate he's headed to Statesville then asks where Nate put the money that Eddie had. Nate doesn't know what Ford's talking about. Ford orders James to distract the guard then tells Nate, "We're going to bust you out of here." Nate rejects Ford's offer. As Nate and Ford continue arguing, Inez arrives. A guard warns Ford and James that they can't be here for the hearing. They need to leave.

    Nate is brought into the courtroom. Tea pleads with him to tell the truth. Court is called to order. Bo enters. Tea calls Inez to the stand and asks why she's letting Nate take the fall for a murder she committed.

    You And Viki And Your Little Santa Suit!

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Over in the courtroom, Todd figures out Tea thinks Nate's protecting Inez. He doesn't want another daughter to watch a boyfriend go to prison and says, "Make sure Inez goes down." Tea's there to defend Nate not to prosecute his mother. Across the room, Dani explains to Inez how Tea tried to take the heat off of Nate. After Inez asks for a moment alone with Nate, she tells her son, "We need to talk later." Todd and Tea continue talking about their suspicions. Dani approaches and asks, "What suspicions?" Nora talks to her assistant, who asks if she has something against Nate. Nora's only looking out for the commonwealth. The judge calls court back to order and grants Tea's motion to drop the charges against Nate, who stares at Inez and says, "Wait!" Nate confesses to killing Eddie. Dani and Inez protest, but Nate gives an official confession. The judge reinstates the charges against Nate. "Why would you plead guilty to something you didn't do?" Dani cries. Tea privately promises Dani she'll do whatever it takes to save Nate. As Nate is taken away, Bo appears and asks what happened. Inez rushes off after Nate while Nora fills Bo in. Bo wants to talk about them, but Nora walks away.

    The Real Murderer Is My Husband Todd Manning.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Out in Angels Square, Bo asks Inez if they really had sex. He doesn't remember drinking more than one beer or having sex with her. "Are you accusing me of making this up?" Inez asks. Bo isn't but asks her to think back. Maybe she drank too much too. Over talk of his marriage, Inez admits she had a run-in with Nora. Bo brings up their kids then the time his friend was drugged. He doesn't know what reason Inez would have to drug him. She agrees, "No reason at all."

    In the courtroom, Tea claims Nate didn't kill Eddie, Todd did. "Tea?" Todd asks, as he enters to room, "What the hell are you doing?" Tea gives Todd a look and says, "I have proof." Tea brings out Todd's cuff-link, the match to the one found at the murder scene. Dani protests, but Tea whispers for her to just sit tight. Todd claims he was framed by Marty. Tea can't deny it and asks the judge why Marty isn't being looked into. They have no proof to hold her client, Nate. Nora and the judge want Tea to get to the point. She's only trying to prove others had just as much motive to kill Eddie as Nate did. While the judge takes a recess, Todd questions Tea's motives. Tea thinks Nate is trying to protect someone. Nora tries to call Bo with an update on the case but refuses to leave a voice message for him with his assistant. Inez arrives and is allowed to hug Nate. Tea eyes them suspiciously.

    A Pillow Person Under Your Covers.

    Wednesday, January 05 2011

    Nora walks into the courtroom, lays into Inez for sleeping with Bo then slaps her. Nate tries to defend his mother but Nora continues and blames Inez for making Eddie kidnap her just so Inez could take Bo to bed! Inez denies being the one who did that to Nora. As Nora presses Inez for answers, the judge calls court to order. Tea plays off Dani as her paralegal so she can stay but Nora insists that Inez leaves. Tea moves to have all charges against Nate dropped. She claims to know who the real murderer is.

    Inez comes upon Rex and Bo in Angels Square just as Rex is about to tell Bo about David. Rex excuses himself. Inez tries to leave but Bo says, "Stay."

    You Don't Even Deserve The Buchanan Name!

    Monday, December 27 2010

    Destiny sees Clint reading The Sun in Angels Square. She wishes Clint could help Nate because he didn't kill Eddie. Destiny shares her worry over Matthew and thinks back to his admission that Bo and Inez are sleeping together. Destiny covers and claims Matthew just has a lot on his plate. Suddenly, Inez appears. Destiny asks Inez to let Nate know she's pulling for him. Destiny sees Darren and goes to join him. Inez and Clint argue over whether or not Nate killed Eddie. Over talk of Bo, Inez wonders how Bo will feel when he finds out that Clint set this whole thing up to destroy him. Clint threatens to ruin Nate's life if Inez ruins his plans. He offers to pay for Nate's defense and warns Inez not to wait long to make a decision. Across the square, Destiny asks Darren why he wanted to meet. Mr. Evans appears. He urges Destiny to come home. She refuses. After Mr. Evans leaves, Darren says, "If I talked to my parents like that I'd get slapped." Destiny slaps him across the face and asks, "You mean like that?" Darren doesn't know who Destiny is anymore. He doesn't want such a bitter and nasty person in his life. As he walks away, Destiny screams, "Are you breaking up with me?"

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