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    One Life To Live CAST - Nate Salinger - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nate Salinger Played by Lenny Platt on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lenny Platt

    Birthday: July 25
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Lenny Platt
    Height: 5' 91/2"


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    R.I.P. Cole Thornhart.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    James throws an issue of The Sun across his apartment, as he remembers Starr vowing to never stop loving Cole. Nate arrives, in tears, as James says, "Bobbie died a hero." Nate explains that their mother is making the funeral arrangements and feels awful for leaving Ford and James when they were young. James breaks down and explains everything leading up to Ford's death. He admits to overhearing Starr professing her love to Cole. When Starr and Dani arrive, Nate leads Dani out of the apartment. James tells Starr they're over.

    I Should've Died, Not My Mom.

    Thursday, December 22 2011

    Dani appears at the Manning Estate as Tea comments to John about dealing with the secret she's keeping about Todd. Tea covers then snaps when Dani admits she bought Todd, her father, a Christmas gift. "Victor is your father," Tea asserts. "Todd is not your father." John interrupts and explains Tea's sensitivity, due to the baby. When Dani leaves to answer the door, John reminds Tea the best way to protect Tomas is to hide what she knows about Todd. If she goes after Todd with all of this animosity, he'll figure out they're on to him. Tea agrees to keep her cool and stay away from Todd altogether. Dani opens the door to Nate. They exchange gifts then talk about what happened with Rick, the porn and how it affected them. Things have changed… They've missed each other and kiss. After Nate leaves, Dani brings Tea a delivery, flowers from Todd. Tea tries to show her gratitude then privately vents to John about Todd's nerve.

    Living Inside Fraternity Row.

    Monday, December 19 2011

    At the fraternity, John as Brandon stands with Natalie as Brianna while Norbert, Rick, lashes out at their peers: James, Starr, Nate, Dani, Ford and Jessica. Norbert reminds Brandon and Brianna that they're brother and sister. He warns everyone to clean up the frat house or they're all out! While the girls accuse the boys of cheating on them, Brianna wonders if it's true. Could she and Brandon really be siblings? Brandon suggests, if it really matters that much to Brianna, they could get a DNA test. They're as close as two people can be. Lovers and siblings. Nearby, 'Roxanne' a slutty alter of the Jessica lookalike is accused of sleeping with all of the boyfriends. The girls found her blond hair in their boyfriends' room. They pull a hair out of Roxanne's head.

    One by one, the guys separately enter their dorm room, strip and walk into the bedroom. They all order the others out and say, "I'm waiting for my chic!" Lorraine appears. They all start ravishing her. Norbert barges in and accuses them of having group sex. Lorraine assures Norbert that no one's having sex, not yet anyway.

    Murphy and Macy return to the mansion with Dash, who claims he's the real Dash. However, the Shaun lookalike appears and screams, "I'm the real Dash Dunning!" They both whip out a DNA test. Lorraine returns and hears that there are two Dash Dunnings. They are twins! Irene rushes in and pinpoints Lorraine as the boss behind it all. Brianna and Brandon arrive in time to hear the maid claim Brianna is her child. She had twins and gave one to Nigelia. Derwood demands, "How could you do such a thing." The maid blames Lorraine, who swears she's innocent. The girls arrive and seethe at Lorraine for sleeping with their boyfriends. The boys appear in time to save Lorraine. A riot erupts!

    I Know Exactly Who Killed Victor Lord.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    After Starr's served at the mansion, Dani is as well. They can't believe Rick's suing them for each bone in his body. Just as they go to call Nate and James, they appear with papers too. Having a lawyer for a mom, Dani warns Rick has a case. His fall happened on Starr's property. Nate and James want Tea's help. Dani can't ask her mom, not with all she's going through. Starr vows they'll deal with Rick on their own. James refuses to let Starr and Nate pretend to have an affair. Starr plans on finding a way out of this. Todd could very well scare the hell out of Rick.

    I'll Probably Never Walk Again.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    James, Starr, Dani and Nate begrudgingly stand outside of Rick's hospital room. Nate recalls putting Matthew in the hospital and worries they'll be blamed for Rick's injuries. Starr's sure Rick's exaggerating his condition. They enter the room and are shocked to find Rick in traction. Rick opens his eyes, starts screaming for help and cries, "I'll probably never walk again." He momentarily thinks that could be a good movie title then claims the kids beat him silly back at the mansion. He could even be impotent! Rick wants to call 911 and recants his memory of being beaten. They deny things went down the way Rick remembers. They relay their version and how Rick tripped on one of Hope's toys. Rick threatens to sue Starr. By the time he's done, Rick will own the mansion - and Starr. If they don't want Rick to sue Starr, they better stick to the story that Starr and Nate are sleeping together. Starr reminds him they aren't. "But you will be," Rick replies.

    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Blair arrives at the Manning Estate. Tomas isn't there. Tea explains, "He's chasing Victor's killer." After talk of Tomas' secrecy where the case is concerned, Tea brings up how her brother spent the night with Blair. Tea respects Blair but wants to make sure Tomas is really who she wants. She believes Blair loves Tomas but says, "Admit you love Todd too." Though Blair did love Todd for a longtime, she promises Tomas holds her heart. Blair wants a new beginning. Tea also doesn't want Tomas to hurt Blair and wishes she could trust her brother. Dani answers the door to Nate who says, "This is not my fault. Don't kill me." Nate shows Dani an online article about him and Starr, reading, 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down'. They know Rick's behind it.

    James arrives at the mansion, furious. He shows Starr the online article. Starr reads the article, which claims Starr and Nate are having an affair. James knows it's not real but still feels like a jerk. They vow to kill Rick for his publicity stunt. Rick appears and admits he's responsible. Dani and Nate rush in. Rick suggests Dani and Nate break up over the article. Everyone objects, as Rick explains how people crave a story. Maybe Starr should fake a breakdown! Starr acts as though she's onboard and hands everyone something to hit Rick with. They all go on the attack, as Rick runs away screaming, "Please don't hurt me!"

    We Used To Love Each Other.

    Thursday, November 10 2011

    At Ultra Violet, everyone watches Starr's music video titled "One Life To Live," featuring her and Nate. Ford arrives late. Nate, Dani, James and Starr love it. Rick hates it. He wants public nudity, something hotter. He hands out lyrics for Starr's next single titled "Jailbait." Everyone's appalled by the lyrics. "Sick and filthy, that's music to my ears," Rick replies. Starr admits she and Baz laid down the track. They were just joking back then. No one was meant to hear the song. Baz signed everything over to Rick. If they don't do "Jailbait," Rick will cancel "One Life To Live." Rick wants Ford to direct the video. Dani's okay with Nate's involvement, for the extra exposure. James wants the same thing for Starr. Shooting gets underway with Nate as a cop and Starr as jailbait in a cell. He instructs them to tear their clothes off! Later, Jessica arrives, upset. Ford holds her close. He's there for Jessica and assures her she isn't crazy.

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