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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    Could The Lockbox Hold The Key?

    Monday, May 10 2010

    Outside Todd's room a guard tells Brody that Todd's daughter is in with him. She claimed she had clearance. Brody informs the man that Todd is going to be released tomorrow. Jessica appears to visit Todd and assures Brody she can stay out late for prom. Brody's looking forward to it and so is Jessica who says, "Even more than I was before." Suddenly, Hannah emerges from Todd's room. "That's not Manning's daughter," Brody snaps at the guard. Hannah claims she was there to help Cole. Brody warns Hannah to stay away from Todd then tells Jessica he'll be right outside Todd's room if she needs him. Jessica asks Brody to pick her up early for prom then heads in to see Todd.

    Welcome To New Mexico!

    Friday, May 07 2010

    Starr arrives outside the courtroom and asks Cole, "What happened?" Cole shows her his cuffs and replies, "Isn't it obvious?" He wonders why she wasn't there for his hearing. Cole catches Starr up to speed then asks if she was with her father. Starr admits it and Cole accuses Todd of bribing the judge. Starr sticks up for Todd and snaps, "If you want to blame anyone you blame Hannah!" Hannah confronts Starr and claims she's terrified of Todd. Cole's just glad Hannah is there for him, unlike her. Starr and Cole throw blame at who's breaking them apart. Marty and John appear and demand to know what's going on. Starr promises Marty her dad didn't do this. However, Marty admits Todd wanted her, Cole and the baby gone. "Can you really put him away without knowing for sure?" Starr asks. John interrupts Starr by demanding the truth from Hannah, "Did you see Todd Manning push Marty?" Hannah sticks to her story but John warns, "If you're lying I will find out about it." Hannah tells Cole to hang in there then rushes off. Starr apologizes to Cole for what Hannah made him believe. Cole continues to blame Todd. He's taken away after Starr professes her love to him. Cole only wants Starr to tell Hope that he loves her.

    Outside his room Tea breaks down. After Tea leaves Hannah arrives at Todd's door. Just as he's calling someone to find Hannah she says, "I'm right here."

    How Can I Help You?

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    In the courtroom the judge refuses to allow a plea bargain. As Nora objects, the judge reminds everyone of what Cole did to Todd. The judge charges Cole with attempted murder and asks for Cole's plea. Marty and Nora protest and accuse the judge of being bribed. The man calls a recess. John rushes out, knowing something is off. Hannah joins Cole. He's upset Starr didn't show. After the judge gives Nora and Cole's lawyer a warning court is called back to order. Nora is forced to agree to assault and attempted murder charges. Cole pleads, "Not guilty." Both parties fight for Cole to be released on bail but the judge denies it!

    John arrives in the courtroom just as Cole's taken away. He admits he went to see Todd. Hannah approaches Cole and apologizes for Starr not showing up. "If she wanted to she would have," Cole says as Starr suddenly appears!

    An Unexpected Diagnosis...

    Monday, May 03 2010

    Still at the station Starr demands Hannah tell the truth. She accuses Hannah of lying just to get her hooks into Cole. Hannah denies the accusation and claims she didn’t initially go to the police as a favor to Starr. Hannah accuses Starr of always letting her father off the hook and wonders if she'd ever pick Cole over her blind love for Todd. Again, Starr accuses Hannah of lying in order to get Cole. She warns her plan will backfire and tells Hannah to take back her statement! "You'll never break us up," Starr snaps then stomps away. John appears momentarily and Hannah wants to be sure Todd won't be on the loose any time soon. John assures her he won't be. After Hannah leaves Marty joins John and falls into his arms.

    A Handsome Stranger Arrives In Llanview!

    Friday, April 30 2010

    Still at the station Cole looks at the clock and tells Hannah he'd normally be tucking Hope into bed with Starr right now. Hannah promises that Cole will be with Hope soon and wonders what's keeping John. Marty arrives and is shocked to hear that Cole tried to kill Todd. At Brody's request, Elijah shows up to represent Cole. Marty scolds Cole for breaking his promise and going after Todd. Cole points to Hannah as being a witness. Hannah tells Marty what she saw and Cole claims she didn't come forward because she was scared. "I was terrified that he was going to come after me," Hannah cries. Cole explains he wanted to make sure Todd couldn't hurt anyone again and vows he'd do it again. Elijah isn't able to get Cole bail tonight then leaves. John arrives and tells everyone that Todd's alive and has been placed under arrest. Marty thinks back to her argument with Todd then leaves after John takes Cole away for booking. Later, Starr arrives and confronts Cole about not caring if her father lives or dies. Cole only cares about Starr. After Cole's taken to his cell Starr demands the truth from Hannah!

    His Worst Fears...

    Thursday, April 29 2010

    At their apartment, Starr chastises Cole for beating Todd. She takes Hope from Hannah and informs Cole her dad could die. "What were you thinking?" Cole doesn't appear remorseful and reminds Starr Hannah saw Todd push his mother. Starr thinks Hannah lied then asks why she didn't help Marty. "Trust me… John McBain's going to want to know all of this," Starr warns then lunges for Hannah. Cole holds Starr back as Hannah claims she was scared of Todd. Starr can't believe Cole is siding with Hannah. Suddenly, Brody arrives and arrests Cole! Hannah's told she's going with them for questioning. Starr gets a call from Blair and tells Cole she's going to the hospital. Cole refuses her offer to get him a lawyer but asks Starr to make sure Hope knows how much he loves her.

    When Cole is brought into the station John snaps on him for what he did and demands he speak to no one! Brody takes Cole away and John asks Hannah to tell him exactly what she saw. "Starr Manning's dad pushed Dr. Saybrooke down the stairs," Hannah confesses.

    In Bo's office, Brody asks if Cole wants to call his mom. Cole refuses then John appears and says he has somewhere to go. Later, Hannah comes in to see Cole and they agree to have each other's back. Hannah places her hand on Cole's.

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