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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    It's All Coming Back To Me...

    Monday, June 21 2010

    Still at the mansion Cole answers the phone. It's Starr. He explains his bail and says, "The first thing I did is come looking for you. Where are you?" He apologizes for allowing others to come between them. Cole gets a call from Hannah and sends it to voicemail. Starr tells Cole she can't meet him. In fact, she can't see him at all. Cole asks for an explanation but Starr begs him to just trust her. Cole takes the blame for their problems. He wants a chance to fix things and cries, "Please meet me. I just want to make it up to you. I want to be with you." Starr promises to call him when she's ready in a day or two. After she hangs up Langston appears. Cole vents about his conversation with Starr. He wonders if this is Starr's way of getting back at him. Langston assures Cole that Starr just needs time. She'll come back to him. Langston leaves and Hannah arrives. When Cole explains he needs to find Starr Hannah replies, "Maybe she's with her new boyfriend."

    I Have A Surprise For You.

    Friday, June 18 2010

    Inside the courtroom Hannah warns Marty that she's going to regret turning Cole against her. "Are you threatening me?" Marty asks. John appears and wonders if Marty is okay. Hannah claims they were celebrating over Cole's release and tries to leave. John stops Hannah and questions her about the day Marty fell. He admits they found fibers that match the blue sweater Hannah had on that day. "Are you sure you weren't in the stairwell?" John asks. "Where were you the night Robert Ford was attacked?" Hannah denies both instances, saying half the girls in Llanview have blue sweaters, then leaves. Marty admits to John she's starting to believe Todd about Hannah. John knows Hannah is hiding something. And she's not the only one. John walks Marty out. Hannah watches them go then looks at the photo of James and Starr.

    The $50,000 Confession!

    Thursday, June 17 2010

    Outside the courtroom Hannah smirks and looks at a cell photo of Starr and James.

    Inside the courtroom Elijah tells Cole he hopes to get him out on bail today. Marty knows how much Cole misses Starr and Hope. He admits he told Starr not to visit him. Cole didn't want them to fight. "I miss her," Cole says. Hannah appears and hears about his possible release. Marty leaves them alone. Hannah wonders if Cole believes Todd's accusations. He's acting strange. Court is called to order. Elijah makes his case for Cole's release yet again. He assures the judge Cole isn't a flight risk. The woman he loves lives in Llanview. Hannah moves uncomfortably in her seat. Elijah brings up Todd's bail release. He wants Cole to have the same privilege. The judge sets Cole's bail at $10,000. Elijah heads off to post bail and Hannah hugs Cole. She wants to go celebrate but he wants to be at Starr's graduation. Elijah returns and Marty hugs Cole. He thanks Hannah for being there then heads off to find Starr. Hannah stops him. She needs to tell him something but Cole agrees to talk later. Marty tries to leave but Hannah has a few things to straighten out with her. Hannah refuses to allow Marty to poison Cole against her!

    This Will Go Good In My Big Book Of Blackmail!

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Out in the hallway Marty demands to know if Hannah tried to kill Ford. Did she push her down the stairs too? Hannah can't believe Marty is suggesting she's a murderer. Marty pretends she's concerned about her but Hannah wonders if Todd and Starr are trying to poison Marty's mind. "It doesn't get much worse than defending your rapist," Hannah says. "It would be really awful if you let him off the hook just so he could hurt you again." Hannah storms off. Marty calls Todd and tells him Hannah is petrified of him. "Goodbye, Todd," Marty says and hangs up.

    Hannah arrives at Cole's cell and tells him that Todd is making her look guilty!

    No One's Drooling Over Your Six-Pack Now!

    Wednesday, June 09 2010

    Hannah enters Ford's hospital room. From the foot of his bed she taunts Ford, who's unconscious, about how horrible he looks. "No one's drooling over your six-pack now," Hannah says. She's happy with her life now. Hannah found the perfect way to get over Ford. Though she should be sorry she's not. "You got exactly what you deserved," Hannah says then leaves.

    Langston runs into Hannah outside of Ford's room and asks, "What're you doing here?" Hannah claims she was concerned about Ford and patronizes Langston for hurting Markko. Langston warns Hannah that if she's planning to get Cole she'll fail!

    Later Marty catches Hannah outside of Ford's room. She quizzes her about their relationship but Hannah plays it cool. Marty suggests they talk, like they'd planned. However, Hannah's worked things out with herself and refuses Marty's help. Hannah tries to walk off but Marty asks if she's the one who tried to kill Ford. If Hannah is the one who pushed her down the stairs!

    He's All About The Truth...

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    In Todd's office Hannah denies knowing Ford. Todd accuses her of lying and shoves Ford's bloodied photo in her face. Todd threatens to write an article on Hannah and Ford's connection. Todd has a theory that Ford's the guy Hannah almost killed herself over. When Todd is told to mind his business he grabs Hannah's face and makes it clear everything is his business! Hannah cries as Todd talks about Ford's head being smashed in. He wonders why she hasn't asked who did it. "Do they know?" Hannah snaps. Todd abruptly releases Hannah then instructs his goons to trail her. Todd has a feeling she's the one who beat Ford.

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