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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    I Almost Slept With Hannah...

    Tuesday, July 27 2010

    Hannah is ranting in her room about being locked up at St. Ann's. Suddenly, Cole arrives. As they talk Cole wonders why she lied. Hannah admits it was because of Eli. Hannah fills Cole in on everything surrounding Eli, how he pushed Marty, hurt Ford and threatened to kill Cole. "Promise me you won't trust Eli," Hannah begs. Cole promises and says he'll make sure everyone believes Hannah too. Hannah is happy Cole believes in her. He urges her to use her talents and bust out of there. Once she does they'll team up against Eli then who knows what could happen between them later on. An orderly interrupts Hannah's fantasy to bring her breakfast. Hannah eyes his cell phone as he checks a text and convinces the young man to sit and chat for a bit. He sets his phone down and Hannah manages to swipe it!

    What The Hell Are You Doing Here?

    Friday, July 16 2010

    Inside Hannah's room Cole wonders why Hannah changed her statement. Hannah replies, "Because of you." Hannah talks about 'him' making her do it and Cole wonders if Eli coached her to handle things this way. To keep Hannah out of prison. Hannah is just happy that Cole will be safe. He can now go home to Starr and Hope, because of her. John briefly interrupts. Cole asks for a few more minutes to tell Hannah goodbye. Hannah claims everything she did she did for Cole. He rubs her chin then leaves. John takes a seat and tells Hannah to call him if she changes her mind and wants to talk about the person who's making her keep a secret.

    Blair's Just Blair...

    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    Over at St. Ann's Marty asks Hannah why she confessed. Hannah thinks back to Eli's threats then says, "I do what I'm told." Marty presses for who told her to confess but Hannah claims 'he's' just a voice in her head. One among many.

    Inside Hannah's room Eli says, "I heard you've been talking up a storm." Eli assures Hannah that she'll beat jail time, enjoy a cushy bed at St. Ann's for a few months then she'll be free. She wonders if there's another way? Eli warns there will be jail time and trouble for Cole if she doesn't stick to the plan.

    Cole gets permission from Marty and Nora to talk to Hannah and enters her room. He claims to care about her then asks, "It's just you and me. I need to know the truth. Did you do it?"

    Evangeline's Life Is In Layla's Hands.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    In the interrogation room Hannah warns Eli she's sick of being scared. She needs to get the truth out. Eli threatens to hurt Cole and assures Hannah he'd be the last one suspected. Hannah warns him not to touch Cole but Eli replies, "What happens to Cole is entirely up to you." Eli instructs her to admit to pushing Marty and beating Ford then let him do his job. John, Nora and Marty appear and Eli claims something is wrong with Hannah. They all look on as Hannah rocks back and forth and repeats, "I did it for Cole." Eli urges Marty to help Hannah who apologizes for pushing her and admits to beating Ford. "Do you know how much I love Cole?" Hannah asks Marty. "I'd do anything for him." Eli turns to John and says, "She's falling apart." John appears suspicious. Marty admits they shouldn't leave Hannah unsupervised. John goes to Hannah and questions her about her past statements. "I lied!" Hannah screams but John demands, "Why do you keep changing your story?" Hannah claims it's all for Cole.

    Please Don't Leave Me!

    Friday, July 09 2010

    Hannah is with Eli in the interrogation room. She calmly tells him she saw him push Marty down those stairs, and knows he saw her. She asks why he did it, then presses him to confess. He laughs, and says she'll go down for it. Hannah wonders if he wants to take the chance no one will believe her. Eli tells Hannah she complicated everything by having an agenda and blaming Todd. Hannah wonders if she hadn't blamed Todd, if he would have pushed her down the stairs too! Hannah starts to put the pieces together about why Ford is blaming her, saying to Eli, "You got Ford to accuse me." She realizes he attacked Ford, who is scared of him. Eli asks if she's scared, then mocks her theory. He goes on to explain how guilty she appears and suggests she make a plea deal. Hannah fires him, and says John McBain will believe her! She walks to the door, but he blocks her way! Eli asks what she thinks he'll do to her if she tries to turn him in!

    Don't Say Another Word!

    Thursday, July 08 2010

    John brings Hannah and Cole to the station. Eli informs John that he's representing Hannah. As Hannah swears she didn't hurt Ford Eli thinks back to his earlier conversation with Ford. Eli warns Hannah not to say another word. He's there to help her. Cole privately apologizes to John and says he's ready to face the consequences for jumping bail. Marty rushes in and hears that Hannah lied about seeing Todd push her down the stairs. Marty demands to know if Hannah saw who pushed her! "Yes, I did," Hannah says but Eli hushes her from talking further! Marty continues pleading with Hannah who admits, "It wasn't me and it wasn't Todd Manning either. You deserve to know who wanted you and your baby dead." Hannah promises to tell Marty the truth if the DA gives her immunity. Eli insists on talking to his client. Before Hannah is led away she pleads with Cole to believe that she'd never try to kill someone. After Hannah and Eli leave John turns the other cheek and claims he found Cole in a motel inside the PA border. As far as John's concerned Cole didn't jump bail.

    In an interrogation room Eli wonders why Hannah thinks she's being set up. "I think we both know the answer to that question," Hannah replies. "You're the one who pushed Marty down those stairs."

    I Know Who You Really Are...

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Preparing to leave the motel room in Maryland Hannah insists she didn't kill John's baby by pushing Marty down the stairs. She knows who did but refuses to talk without getting full immunity. John doesn't have that authority. The DA does. John lets Hannah call Elijah for representation. Eli warns Hannah not to say anything to the police and agrees to meet her at the station. Hannah hangs up then says to Cole, "Everything I did I did for you."

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