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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    You're A Lucky Girl.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    Later, back at Cherryvale, Starr is excited to hear someone knocking on the door. Anticipating Cole's arrival, Starr rushes to the door and is shocked to see Hannah who says, "Sorry, Cole couldn't make it."

    The Guy's A Regular Santa Claus.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    Over at Marty's, Cole pulls back from his kiss with Hannah. He admits kissing Hannah makes his feelings stronger and says, "I love Starr. I always will." Hannah screams for Cole to get out! Cole understands Hannah's upset. If he wasn't with Starr he'd be with Hannah. Cole agrees to stay away. Marty appears and tells them Eli's alive. Hannah becomes hysterical. Marty and Cole promise not to leave her. Marty suggests Cole go be with Starr. Cole doesn't think Eli is a danger to Starr and insists on staying with Hannah.

    You're Next.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    Hannah finds Brody's patient folder at Marty's and begins reading Marty's notes, which suggest Brody is hiding something. Marty arrives and snaps at Hannah for having her confidential files. Hannah claims she found them on the floor then takes off to start dinner. Marty stops her. She has to be somewhere and won't be able to have dinner with her. After Marty leaves, Cole arrives. He admits he doesn't want Hannah to keep her distance. Starr hasn't stayed away from James, so why should he stay away from Hannah. She assures Cole that Starr loves him. Cole admits he's been a hypocrite. Starr has feelings for James and he has feelings for someone else too. Hannah doesn't want to hear something Cole doesn’t really mean. Cole kisses Hannah!

    He Kissed Me, Okay!

    Tuesday, September 28 2010

    Still in her apartment, Marty assures Hannah that she doesn't think she's a psycho. However, Hannah is too focused on her son. Marty talks about her own adolescent obsession. As Marty gives Hannah some advice, Brody arrives. He needs Marty's help. Dr. Levin referred him to her. Hannah gives them some time. Marty assures Brody anything he says will be confidential. Brody explains his situation and how he can't deal with the lies and what he did. Brody almost admits he slept with Natalie. He can't risk Jessica finding out something that would upset her. She could lose the baby. Marty urges Brody to be honest with Jessica. "Too many people will get hurt," Brody replies. After Brody leaves, Marty goes over her notes and tries to figure out what Brody is keeping from Jessica. Hannah reappears and promises Marty that she's going to try to get over her obsession with Cole. Marty's happy to hear it. Hannah smirks as she walks away.

    We Gotta Go Now!

    Monday, September 27 2010

    Cole arrives at Marty's who wonders if he's there to see her or Hannah. Hannah appears to say hello. She thanks Marty again for taking her in then talks about college with Cole. He reminds Hannah she still has time to sign up for classes. After Hannah leaves to shower, Marty warns Cole that if he cares about Hannah, which he does, he needs to back off. Cole assures Marty that Hannah understands his commitment to Starr. Marty wonders how Starr feels about Hannah living with her. Cole hasn't told Starr yet for fear she'd pull a Todd and go ballistic. As Hannah listens from the other room, Marty urges Cole to work things out with Starr. Hannah appears and asks Cole to go over his notes with her. She hopes they can get some classes together. Cole suggests that Hannah concentrate on getting her life back first. After Cole leaves, Hannah asks Marty, "Do you still think I'm a psycho who's after your son?"

    I Can't Ignore What Happened Because Of Her Falsehood.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Hannah is happy to see that Cole has shown up for her court hearing. Nora explains the charges to the judge. Though she sympathizes with what Hannah went through, she can't ignore what resulted from her lies. Marty takes the stand in Hannah's defense. She claims Hannah was driven to this behavior and shouldn't be punished for it. Nora brings up Hannah's lie involving the death of Marty's baby. Marty continues to defend Hannah. Cole stands up and admits Hannah did everything she did to protect him! Cole credits being alive due to Hannah protecting him. Marty asks the judge to release Hannah from St. Ann's into her care. Nora backs off and Hannah is released into Marty's care! Afterward, Nora admits to Marty that she did the right thing. Cole offers to help Hannah in any way he can. She only wants him to be her friend and places her hand on his. Together, Hannah and Cole leave with Marty.

    Am I Interrupting?

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    Marty goes to see Hannah at St. Ann's. Hannah hands her a letter. Marty looks at the letter as Hannah apologizes for her lies. Marty apologizes for what Eli made Hannah do and thanks her profusely for saving Cole. Marty wants to help Hannah by talking to her parents. Hannah warns Marty that her parents can be cold and cries, "I'm an embarrassment." Marty comforts her. Hannah admits what she did to Starr and Cole was a waste of time. No one could ever break them up.

    Prison Sentence.

    Thursday, August 26 2010

    Hannah gets ready for bed and is surprised to see Cole. She wonders why he is there and he says he is there for her. Cole informs her he knows all about Eli and what he did to her. Hannah wants Cole to leave because he is in danger until Eli is caught. Cole is angry that Hannah kept the truth from him, but she says Eli threatened to kill Cole if she didn't take the pills. Cole is floored she almost killed herself to save him! Hannah brings up Starr and apologizes for hurting them.

    I Think He Was Right!

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    In Hannah's room at St. Ann's John reminds her that Ford survived Eli's attack as well. Ford can back up Hannah's claims on Eli. Hannah admits she asked for Ford's help. He refused her. She fills John in on Ford's admission that he documented all of Eli's crimes and warned Eli if anything happened to him they would become public. Hannah fears for Cole's safety but John assures her he's protected. "Don't worry," John promises. "We're going to nail Eli." Hannah apologizes for lying about Eli.

    According To His Plan.

    Monday, August 16 2010

    In Hannah's room at St. Ann's John pushes Hannah for answers but she clams up. "I can help you," John says. "If you let me." As John badgers her Hannah admits Eli's not threatening her. He threatened to kill Cole! Hannah confesses everything Eli made her do and says, "I took the pills to save Cole." Hannah recalls how Eli pushed Marty down the stairs. Hannah ran and was afraid Eli, who she didn't know back then, would see her. Hannah worries no one will believe her confession. There's no evidence. "I believe you," John assures her. However, Hannah wonders if her word is enough to put Eli in jail. John admits Hannah's not the only one who can tell him the truth about Eli.

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