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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Back at Marty's, as Ford begs Hannah to give them a try, Cole arrives. Hannah rushes into Cole's arms. She kicks Ford out then tells Cole why Ford was there. Hannah assures Cole she doesn't want Ford. Over talk of Starr and Hope, Hannah says that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to.

    Nice Try, Starr.

    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Starr points up to the attic window and tells Hope that help is on the way. Hannah appears with the baseball in hand and says, "Nice try, Starr." She took it from the neighbor boy. Hannah admits that James is becoming suspicious and warns that things aren't going to end well for her. Hannah waves her gun and talks to Hope about how annoying Starr is. Starr warns Hannah to leave Hope alone and says her daughter needs to go home. "You're right," Hannah agrees then picks up Hope. "I'm taking her with me." Starr talks Hannah around and wonders how she'll explain having Hope. She already had a hard enough time explaining why she had James' necklace. Hannah realizes she can make Cole forget about Starr but not Hope. She hands Hope back to Starr and leaves. Starr vows to protect Hope and prays James can find them.

    Hannah returns to Marty's and looks at the baseball. There's a knock. Hannah rushes to the door calling out to Cole. It's Ford who says, "It looks like it's just you and me."

    Act First, Think Later.

    Monday, October 18 2010

    Outside of Marty's apartment, James asks Hannah where she got his bullet necklace he gave to Starr. Hannah lies that Cole found it in his apartment. James wonders how the necklace ended up in Hannah's purse. Hannah then claims Cole threw it away because he didn't want any reminders of him, but she fished it out of the trash for him because it belongs to him and so does Starr! James get defensive, but Hannah informs him that Starr told Cole she had feelings for James. James knows that Hannah has issues with guys and it's never going to happen for her and Cole. Hannah thinks James should fight for Starr, but James is just interested in getting Starr out of trouble.

    The Shock Of Their Lives.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Hannah enters the attic where Starr and Hope are being held. Starr threatens to bash Hannah's head in. "I don't think so," Hannah replies. She aims a gun at Starr and admits they're at her parents' house. Hannah's parents are traveling through Europe and Hannah has no intention of being ignored anymore. If Starr and Hope are out of the way, Hannah and Cole will eventually live happily ever after. Hannah brings up Cole's feelings for her and Starr's feelings for James. Starr claims to love Cole. Hannah tears off James' bullet necklace and asks, "Why are you wearing this then?" As Hannah keeps badgering her, Starr screams, "All right, I love James!" Hannah listens as Starr claims Cole belongs with Hannah, and she belongs with James. Hannah refuses to let Starr go. She'll keep Starr there long enough for Cole to forget about her. Hannah leaves.

    Langston finds Hope's stuffed frog at Marty's. Markko just thinks Hope forgot it there. James arrives and wants to see Cole. James was hoping he could help him and Nate find Starr and Dani. Markko gets a call and has to pick up a prescription for his dad. Once alone, Langston accuses James of trying to look like a hero for Starr. Is James hoping if he saves her Starr will choose him? James only wants Starr happy, like Ford wants for Langston, and asks, "Is Starr happy?" Langston claims she is and is stunned to hear that Ford didn't tell James that she sent the photos of her and Ford to the Dean. On James' way out he bumps into Hannah who drops James' necklace. "Where did you get this?" James asks.

    I Want To Talk To My Wife.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    At Marty's, Hannah tells Cole, "I have to tell you what really happened to Starr and Hope." Langston and Markko arrive. Hannah claims she was just going to tell Cole that everything will work out for Starr and Hope. As Hannah goes to get drinks, she overhears Langston and Markko warning Cole not to trust her. Hannah rejoins them. She understands their mistrust but assures them she only wants what's best for Cole. After Hannah leaves, Cole says he wants to go talk to Bo. Markko and Langston agree to say in case anyone calls. Later, Langston finds Hope's stuffed frog.

    Just as Starr is ready to bash in the door with a bat, Hannah opens the door and smirks.

    If It Weren't For You!

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    Hannah returns to Marty's who was worried sick about her. Hannah assures Marty that Eli didn't contact her. "Then where were you last night?" Marty asks and notices the scratches on her neck. Hannah claims she was handing out flyers for Starr, Hope and Dani and makes excuses for the marks. Hannah blames herself for Starr and Hope being missing. Cole should've been with Starr and Hope. Instead, he was with her. As Marty tries to make Hannah feel better, Cole arrives and fills Marty in on his fight with James. It took Bo to make Cole realize Eli is to blame. Not James. Hannah quickly excuses herself. Later, Marty heads to the LPD and Hannah joins Cole. He asks if she's okay. Hannah cries, "I'm not okay." Cole wonders if it has to do with Starr. Hannah has something she has to tell Cole!

    You're A Lucky Girl.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    At Marty's, Hannah overhears Cole leaving Starr a message about Eli being on the loose and about Hannah being in danger. John arrives and informs Cole and Hannah that Eli has Starr, Hope and Dani. Cole fears for his family. John stops Cole from leaving and says, "Don't make me put you in a cell." After John leaves, Hannah urges Cole to go. She notices Cole forgot his cell and answers it when it rings. It's Starr. Hannah admits she knows they were kidnapped and says Cole just rushed off to find her without his phone. Starr asks Hannah to tell Cole she's at the Cherryvale Clinic barricaded in a room on the fifth floor. "I'll take care of it," Hannah promises.

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