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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    The Fight For Sierra Rose...

    Monday, March 22 2010

    Still in her dorm room, Hannah tries to get Cole to stay longer, but Cole needs to get home to Starr and Hope. Hannah begins crying about how she almost killed herself then Cole takes her in a hug. "I'm scared to be alone," Hannah admits, so Cole orders a pizza, which is delivered by a female acquaintance. Cole gets a call from Starr, hears about Langston's musical, and how she's okay with it - because they love and trust each other more than anything, then Cole glances at Hannah and gives Starr his go-ahead. After Cole tells Starr he loves her, and hangs up, Hannah feels bad about keeping him from Starr and says, "I could kill Ford." Cole can't believe the guy who hurt Hannah was Ford and talks about how he was hitting on Langston - but Langston would never cheat on Markko. Cole suggests it's time for Hannah to move on, but Hannah doesn't know who to move on with - since Cole's taken… She can't imagine that there are any guys like him left out there. Cole hates lying to Starr, but Hannah begs him not to tell her - she can't risk anyone finding out about what happened.

    Free Green Beer With Every Manicure!

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    Still in Hannah's dorm room, Cole wonders if she took the drugs to kill herself. Hannah just wanted to forget how she let herself be used. Hannah talks about how she went to see the guy from her past, who threw her away like she was nothing. Though Cole wants to call Marty, Hannah is more comfortable talking to him. Cole makes her promise never to do that again and warns that no guy is worth losing her life over. Hannah hangs on Cole's every word, as he lists her good qualities and says, "You just have to hold out for the right guy… He's out there." Cole confesses that he's a reformed drug addict and says how lucky he was to have forgiving people in his life, leading Hannah to say, "I guess I'm lucky too." Hannah assures Cole she is okay now but makes him promise not to tell anyone about her pill overdose. Cole promises to keep it between the two of them. When Hannah admits she doesn't want to be alone, Cole agrees to stay then takes a call from Starr - and explains he's still with Hannah, and he has no idea how long he'll be.

    Detour To London!

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    In Hannah's dorm room, Cole tries to wake Hannah and notices the empty bottle of pills on the nightstand. He manages to get her up then leads Hannah to the bathroom to throw up the pills. Once that's accomplished, Hannah refuses to go to the infirmary and asks Cole to leave. "Did you take those pills on purpose?" Cole asks, but Hannah just breaks down in Cole's arms.

    Uncle Todd?

    Tuesday, March 16 2010

    Hannah arrives at Ford's office and barges in, as Ford nervously looks for a reply from Langston on his cell. Though Hannah wants to talk about their past, Ford brushes her off, says the sex was good, but pushes Hannah out the door - telling her to find a boyfriend someplace else! Shortly after Hannah leaves, Langston arrives, and Ford pulls her into a kiss - and they frantically have sex! Afterwards, Ford urges Langston to hurry up and get dressed - he has a class to teach. Langston feels used and says, "We can't do this again." With a sexy kiss, Ford manages to get Langston to forget about her statement then rushes off to his class.

    In her dorm room, Hannah searches an online dating site. Later, Cole arrives outside her door and takes a call from Markko, who's on his way to Ford's office, saying he couldn't connect with Langston. Once he hangs up, Cole doesn't get an answer on Hannah's door, enters the room and finds her unconscious on the bed!

    A Box Filled With Love...

    Friday, March 12 2010

    At their apartment, Starr tells Cole they are all alone and tries to seduce him. However, Cole alerts her to the letter that came with the Llanview University brochure, asking Starr to set up an interview for the honors program. As they start to get cozy again, Hannah arrives, wanting to talk to Cole. Hannah got their study date mixed up, and Starr offers to go get Hope. Once she's gone, Hannah apologizes and begins breaking down. She tries to leave, but Cole stops Hannah. "I'm such an idiot," Hannah cries and admits that it took her a long time to get over her past boyfriend - and how she gave in to this other guy, who used her for sex. Cole names off all of Hannah's good qualities, admits that guys are jerks and suggests she look for someone who will treat her good.

    When Starr goes home, she catches Cole and Hannah in a hug, but hides until Hannah leaves. Starr then goes into the apartment, where Coles says his meeting with Hannah went well.

    Just Another Notch In His Belt!

    Monday, March 08 2010

    Across the room, Langston gets a text from Ford, who suddenly appears and joins her, Markko, Cole and Starr saying, "There's my favorite student." As Ford praises Markko about a recent project, Hannah arrives, and Starr and Langston head to class. While Markko and Ford discuss Markko's project, Cole and Hannah take a seat at another booth, where Hannah can't take her eyes off Ford! Markko alerts Ford to Hannah's glare, but Ford texts Langston, telling Markko, "I'm wild about this girl… You know what it's like because you have a wild one, right?" Later, after Cole and Markko leave, Hannah confronts Ford for using her for sex - then pretending like they never met! Ford says he never promised her anything and advises she let it go. After Ford leaves, Hannah says to herself that she never promised she'd let it go.

    A Cramer Girl Is Dead...

    Monday, March 01 2010

    Hannah shows up at Cole's apartment, wanting to work on their project. When she hears a baby crying from the other room, Hannah questions if Cole is a nanny. Cole talks about his daughter and says Starr lives with him too. Hannah wonders if he ever feels as though he's missing out, and Cole gives her the short story of him and Starr becoming parents - and how he wanted to keep Hope. As Hannah admits she wanted what Cole and Starr have, Hope cries, and Cole goes to check on her. When he returns, Hannah confides how she was in love with a special guy once, who broke her heart, but admits it was the best thing that he could have done for her. Suddenly, Cole gets a call from Starr, about Melinda, then apologizes to Hannah when he has to tend to Hope again. Cole loves his life, but Hannah suggests they meet at her dorm next time then leaves…

    She's A College Girl...

    Thursday, February 25 2010

    Across the room, Star, Cole and Markko talk about Langston and how sorry they are that she missed the concert. Suddenly, a girl appears and hugs Cole! Cole introduces her as Hannah, a girl from college, one who's never seen Starr around campus. Starr admits she goes to Llanview High then Hannah pulls Cole aside to talk about college - and Markko urges Starr not to become jealous and to remember how much Cole loves her. Markko brings up how Starr reassured him about Langston then rushes off to head home - to tell Langston how much he loves her. When Cole rejoins Starr, she asks what Hannah wanted then appears as though she doesn't care when Cole tells her about them becoming partners for a class. Cole insists Starr has nothing to worry about but says if she has an issue with him working with Hannah, he'll work with one of the guys. After Cole jokes with Starr about the project surrounding human sexuality, Hannah reappears to say good night. Starr thinks she seems really nice then tells Cole she trusts him.

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