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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    I Want To Say Goodbye To My Daughter.

    Friday, April 09 2010

    Hannah is watching Cole from afar at the coffeehouse. Cole and Markko talk about Langston. Markko finally feels as though things are okay with her. When Markko leaves Hannah approaches Cole. She thanks Cole for introducing her to Marty. Hannah hopes Starr will be okay with the situation.

    Starr rushes into the coffeehouse and asks Hannah for some alone time with her boyfriend. Once Hannah leaves Starr blurts out, "Langston's breaking up with Markko."

    You're As Clueless As Markko!

    Wednesday, April 07 2010

    Cole meets Hannah in Marty's room. They go over her chart to find out why Marty was admitted. Cole is relieved to see Marty just needed some rest. Over talk of Starr Hannah thanks Cole for keeping her secret. John brings Marty in, who reassures Cole about her pregnancy. Marty is introduced to Hannah. After Cole and Hannah leave John assures Marty he's prepared to bring her home to his apartment.

    Outside Marty's room, Hannah admits she has a problem and thanks Cole for his help. She takes Cole in a hug and Starr arrives to interrupt! Cole credits Hannah for alerting him to Marty. After Hannah leaves Cole admits he didn't tell Hannah that he told Starr her secret. Cole knows if something was going on with Langston Starr would tell him about it too. Hannah peers at them as they leave.

    Feelings Of The Past?

    Wednesday, March 31 2010

    Starr spies Cole and Hannah inside diner… Inside, Cole gives Hannah another pep talk about Ford. Just as Hannah wonders if she should trash Ford's life like he's doing to hers, Starr approaches and wonders what they're talking about. Hannah quickly excuses herself, apologizes for monopolizing Cole's time then leaves. As Cole wonders what is wrong, Starr thinks back to Langston's secret then asks Cole if there's ever a good reason to keep a secret from someone you love. Cole thinks she's talking about what the delivery girl said then admits he was in Hannah's room, because she overdosed... Across the room, Clint asks Jessica about her day, and she thinks back to spending time with Cris. When Clint badgers her about Cris, Jessica brings up his marriage to Kim, who's old enough to be her sister! Clint regrets keeping Kim from Jessica, but she agrees to be happy for him, if Kim makes him happy. Jessica acts as though she's over Cris then tells Clint she's going out with Brody. Clint is happy and asks Jessica to keep him posted, even though Jessica warns that Brody might not be the right guy for her. Jessica refuses a ride and after Clint leaves, Cris arrives and Jessica asks him for a ride home.

    Langston appears at Ford's office and informs him that Starr knows about their affair. When Ford hears Hannah has been blabbing her mouth to Markko, he admits they had sex but he stopped it because Hannah was in over her head. "It was over the second I thought I had a chance with you," Ford says then wonders if Langston's planning on breaking up with Markko. "Starr thinks I should break up with you," Langston says, but just as Ford rants that it's not Starr's business, Hannah arrives. Hiding in the office, Langston listens as Ford let's Hannah down easy and sticks up for Langston. However, when he rejoins her, he suggests Langston not break up with Markko. Ford doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Langston snaps, "Are you breaking up with me?" Ford denies it, kisses her then suggests they keep things on the down low until after the semester.

    Back at the diner, as Cole is explaining to Starr about Hannah and Ford, Hannah returns and sees Cole and Starr kissing. Hannah leaves, upset, and Cole apologizes to Starr, agreeing never to keep anything from her again. Cole knows Starr would never keep secrets from him, which causes Starr to say, "I need to tell you something."

    Heart Attack At Statesville...

    Friday, March 26 2010

    As he's leaving the diner, Cole overhears Hannah accusing Ford of sleeping with Langston while he was sleeping with her. Cole glances back at Markko, who's still in the kitchen. When Ford calls Hannah a crazy tramp, Cole confronts him and has to stop Hannah from rushing to tell Markko about her claim against Langston and Ford. Just as Hannah tells Cole, "They were having sex in his office," Markko appears and asks, "What?" Ford quickly warns Cole and Markko that Hannah has been stalking him, and spreading lies to get back at him, then tells Hannah, "Get over it!" After Ford leaves, Hannah apologizes to Markko and warns him that once Ford sets his sights on someone, he uses them then throws them away. Hannah goes to the bathroom, and Markko is stunned about her accusations against Langston. Cole makes excuses for Hannah and tries to assure Markko that Hannah doesn't have any facts in regards to Langston and Ford. Markko storms off, and Hannah rejoins Cole and apologizes. He accepts her hug but reminds Hannah that Ford isn't worth it, and Langston would never cheat on Markko. "She loves him," Cole says.

    It's Johnny!

    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Cole arrives at the diner, and Markko talks about all the time Cole's been spending with Hannah. Cole takes offense, and Markko apologizes then admits he's upset because he found Langston's button in Ford's office. From around the corner, Hannah listens as Cole asks if Markko thinks Langston's screwing around with Ford. Though Markko trusts Langston, Ford's the one he's worried about.

    Ford shows up at the diner, and Hannah confronts him about dumping her just so he could sleep with 'some Langston chick' and Cole, who's on his way out, overhears!

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