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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    My Dad Needs Help!

    Wednesday, April 28 2010

    At the apartment Hannah is babysitting Hope. Hannah reads her a story then comments on how Hope's parents are like the prince and princess in the book. Hope cries out, "Mama," but Hannah replies, "We're going to be great friends." Cole comes home and admits Todd denied pushing his mom. "I tried to kill him," Cole tells Hannah. Cole thinks back to how he kept beating Todd for everything he's done. "I couldn't see what I had done until it was over," he admits. "They took Todd to the hospital. It looked really bad." Cole begs Hannah to go to the station with him to make a statement. She's reluctant but Cole assures her that Todd can't hurt her now.

    Still at the apartment, Cole calls the hospital and asks for information on Todd. "I can answer that. My father may die and it's because of you," Starr seethes as she enters the room.

    I Saw Who Did It!

    Tuesday, April 27 2010

    At Cole's apartment, Hannah insists she saw the person who pushed Marty down the stairs.

    Caught With Your Lips In The Cookie Jar!

    Monday, April 26 2010

    At their apartment, Cole screams at Starr, "Your father pushed her down the stairs and now her and John's baby is dead!" Hannah apologizes for Cole's loss then leaves. With Hannah listening from outside the door, Starr and Cole argue over whether or not Todd is guilty. Cole thinks he is and yells about everything that happened. Starr can't believe that her father would do this. Cole can't believe she's taking Todd's side! Starr isn't but neither of them has proof. When the arguing continues Starr leaves for school. Hannah reenters the apartment and says it's all her fault. Cole wonders if she pushed Marty then demands that she tell him what's going on. Hannah claims she saw who pushed her!

    Wait! You Can't Go!

    Friday, April 23 2010

    Hannah goes to Cole's apartment and Starr welcomes her in by saying, "Make yourself at home. Can I take your shirt?" Starr confronts her about going after Cole. Hannah thinks Starr's being irrational. She and Cole are just friends. "Why are you so desperate to see my boyfriend this time?" Starr asks. As they argue over Langston, Ford and Cole, Starr blurts out, "Cole's mom just lost her baby." Starr warns Hannah to stay away from Cole. Cole arrives and tells Starr that her father pushed his mother down the stairs!

    Payback For The Past?

    Friday, April 16 2010

    Starr enters the apartment and witnesses Cole and Hannah's embrace. "Would you like to tell me what's going on?" Starr asks. Cole explains what Todd walked in on. Though Starr admits Todd probably overreacted she can understand why he would. "You're defending him? Cole asks. Hannah trashes Todd but Starr tells her to butt out! She apologizes to Starr then leaves. Once alone, Starr admits she's furious with Cole for the whole Hannah situation. Cole warns Starr that Todd is out of control and trying to destroy them.

    Half-Naked Study Buddy!

    Thursday, April 15 2010

    Todd enters Cole's apartment and sees Cole with Hannah, who's in her bra. Todd starts throwing Cole around, who taunts Todd to hit him. Hannah puts on her shirt and explains what happened. Todd accuses Cole of not respecting Starr then warns Hannah Cole is playing her for a fool. "Let's find out what Starr thinks about this half-naked study buddy of yours," Todd threatens. Cole challenges Todd to go ahead. He makes it clear if he had his way Todd would never see Starr or Hope. Cole points out that Starr chose him but Todd vows to get Starr away from Cole for good. Cole warns Todd never to hurt Starr or Marty again then throws him out!

    Back at the apartment, Hannah blames herself for what happened. Cole comforts her with a hug and Starr walks in to see it!

    Looking For Answers.

    Wednesday, April 14 2010

    Natalie runs into Brody at the coffeehouse. Brody fills her in on his date with Jessica and how hard it is to deal with Jessica's infatuation with Cris. Brody shares that Marty thinks Jessica is blocking out her memories to forget that Mitch was going to rape her. If anyone can help Jessica Natalie thinks it's Marty. Brody brings up Natalie's feelings for John. Natalie breaks down and admits, "I'm falling in love with John again." Natalie thinks she and John would be together if it weren't for Marty being pregnant. Brody looks up and alerts Natalie to Marty's presence! Hannah arrives and overhears Ford talking to a girl about how he's been dreaming about her body, not realizing it's Langston. Hannah interrupts Ford and assures him his lame lines won't work on his new girlfriend. After Hannah stomps away Ford takes a call from Karen.

    At their apartment Cole is ranting at Starr about Langston cheating on Markko. Markko appears and wonders where Langston is. When Cole goes to leave he finds Langston about to enter. "I was just getting some orange juice," Langston explains but Cole wonders, "Is that all you were getting?" Markko wonders what Cole means but Starr and Langston deter the conversation. Markko leaves for school and Cole makes it clear he knows about Langston's affair. Langston is upset Starr told Cole but insists she ended things with Ford. Langston rushes out. Hannah listens from outside the opened door as Starr lashes out at Cole. After Starr leaves Hannah knocks on the door. Cole admits he had a fight with Starr. Hannah talks about her run-in with Ford then spills some coffee on her shirt. She quickly goes to wash it out, reappears in her bra and asks, "Can I borrow a shirt while this dries?" Suddenly, Todd comes through the door and sees them! "What the hell?" Todd seethes.

    Markko runs into Ford at the coffeehouse and wants to talk about school. Ford brushes him off then leaves.

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