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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

    Real Name: Meghann Fahy


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    Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Friday, January 06 2012

    Blair arrives at the mansion just as Cole is shot. Starr rushes to Cole, as James holds a gun on Hannah. Blair wonders what's going on, but Todd insists they get the car. Hannah screams her regret to Cole. She only wanted to hurt Starr! Starr slugs Hannah in the face. James, Blair and Starr take Cole to the hospital, while Todd stands behind and tells Hannah, "Maybe I'll kill you." He admits it wouldn't be the first time he killed someone. Hannah heard about Todd killing his mother, who shot Todd first. That doesn't count. Todd uses Hannah as a sounding board. She's bananas, no one would believe Hannah if he told her… Todd remembers killing Victor. Just as Todd's ready to confess, the cops arrive for Hannah. She calls Todd a murderer, but the cops take her away. Todd smirks.

    Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    Thursday, January 05 2012

    James pleads with Sam at the mansion. Is Starr's secret about Cole? After James warns Starr could go to jail for hiding Cole, Sam replies, "Check the cabana." After James rushes off, Sam takes his toys to the TV and sees a report that Hannah escaped. "Hey kid," Hannah says, appearing by Sam's side. "Can I play?" Sam knows she's the girl who hurt Starr and screams. Hannah covers Sam's mouth and warns him to shut up. Sam refuses to tell Hannah where Starr is and bites her finger. As Hannah grabs Sam, Todd appears and orders her to put Sam down. Hannah pulls a gun on Todd. If he doesn't give her Cole and Starr, Hannah will fill Sam with bullet holes. In the cabana, Starr breaks from Cole's kiss and wonders what he's doing. "The same thing you are," Cole replies. "Kissing the person I love." Starr kisses him again. Cole doesn't care that Starr's with James and insists she still loves him. James appears and lashes out at Cole for putting Starr in this position. Starr admits she hid Cole because she wanted to. James wonders if Cole's right. Does Starr love Cole no matter who she's with? Starr's helping Cole for Hope. Cole's her father! Cole thinks James is right. He doesn't want Starr to end up in jail and hugs her goodbye. Cole wants to see Hope before he leaves. Starr, Cole and James head into the mansion and find Hannah with Sam and Todd. Cole pretends to be happy to see Hannah and claims she's the one he wants. He begs Hannah to runaway with him. Hannah puts Sam down. Sam kicks her. Todd rushes toward Sam, as Hannah raises her gun. A shot is fired.

    I Thought My Life Was Over.

    Monday, November 01 2010

    At the station, Marty lies to John, "I killed Eli Clarke." John talks to Natalie about filing a report but Marty waves her rights and demands that John book her now! Suddenly, James and Hannah are brought in. James fills Marty in on what Hannah did and how Starr and Hope are safe now. Marty is appalled as Hannah claims that Cole belongs with her. Hannah hopes Marty will be at her arraignment and says, "Someone will have to tell the judge to let me go." Marty makes it clear she wants nothing to do with Hannah! "Talk about crazy," Natalie mumbles. Hannah leaps toward her but is pulled back and taken away. As John brings up Eli's murder, he gets the fingerprint analysis and asks Natalie, "Are Marty's prints on the gun or not?" Natalie apologizes to Marty then admits to John that Cole's prints were on the gun too. Natalie tries to cover for Marty who says, "It's no use." John warns, "Taking the rap for Cole would've ever worked." Marty thinks it still can. John refuses to cover for Cole. He notices James is gone and leaves. Later, Natalie tries to apologize to Marty. Marty stands up, slaps Natalie hard across the face and vows revenge!

    Get In The Grave!

    Friday, October 29 2010

    After James is buried in the cemetery, Hannah demands that Starr lay in her shallow grave. Starr refuses and screams that Cole will never love her! Hannah jumps on James' grave and threatens to put Hope in Starr's place if she doesn't lie down. Starr convinces Hannah to let her say goodbye to Hope. Hannah holds back her emotions as she watches Starr tearfully tell Hope goodbye. Hannah forces Starr into the grave and goes to pull the trigger. Suddenly, James' hand erupts from the dirt and grabs Hannah's leg! James comes out of the grave and wrestles with Hannah. She gains control and goes to shoot James but Starr hits her over the head. They manage to tie Hannah up and use her cell to call the cops. Starr throws dirt in Hannah's face and asks, "How's it feel?" The cops arrive and James convinces them to let Starr take Hope home to Cole. Starr kisses James on the check and thanks him profusely for saving her life. Before Hannah is taken away, she tells James, "I may have lost Cole, but you lost Starr."

    Tea Didn't Die Of A Brain Tumor.

    Thursday, October 28 2010

    Hannah forces James and Starr to wear masks and leads them into a cemetery. They take off their masks. She orders them to start digging their own graves. When James goes to hit her with a shovel, Hannah pulls a gun on him! James puts his arm around Starr as Hannah tells Hope, "Mommy's going bye-bye." Hannah hears someone coming and orders Starr and James to put their masks on. A cop appears with a woman. Starr takes her mask off and screams, "Help, she's trying to bury us alive!" However, the couple is just in costume and Hannah lets them go on their way. Starr and James are forced to dig their graves, as Hannah tells Hope she's going to be her new mommy. Over talk of Cole, Starr screams that Hannah will never replace her. James confesses that Ford and Langston know that Hannah had Starr and Hope. They're probably at the station reporting them missing now! Hannah panics. While Starr tries to distract her, James goes for the gun on the ground. Hannah's too fast… She grabs the gun and knocks James over the head. Starr notices James is unconscious and bleeding. She begs Hannah to get him help. Hannah kicks James into the shallow grave and then tells Starr, "Fill him in." When Hannah threatens to kill Hope, Starr is forced to begin burying James alive.

    I Found You, Starr.

    Tuesday, October 26 2010

    Starr is stunned to see James fall unconscious through the attic door after the box she rigged crashes down upon his head. Hannah laughs and says, "That is no way to greet your boyfriend." Starr rushes to James and warns Hannah that Cole will figure out she has her and Hope. Just like James did. With the gun aimed at Starr, Hannah says she has to get a few things ready for Starr's final journey then leaves. Starr manages to bring James around who says, "Twinkle." Starr assures James that Hope is okay then breaks down in his arms. James holds her close and says, "I found you, Starr." James admits he didn't tell Cole about his suspicions and explains why. Starr feels awful for what Cole must be going through and can't believe James risked his life for her. James promises Starr they'll get through this. James notices Starr's ankle pain. He tears his shirt and wraps it for her. Hannah returns. She's going to make sure Starr and James are together for the rest of their lives.

    Shots Fired!

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Outside of Marty's house, James insists to Hannah that he came by to see if there was any news on Starr. Hannah claims Todd's making the ransom exchange right now at a warehouse. Cole should be bringing Starr and Hope home soon. James suggests that Hannah go to the warehouse with him. Hannah prefers to stay and wait for Marty in case she needs anything. James doesn't believe Starr and Hope are at the warehouse. He thinks Hannah knows exactly where they are. James keeps pushing Hannah until she shows him the baseball containing Starr's plea for help. He grabs her and demands to know where Hannah is keeping them. "Get your hands off of me," Hannah orders. Hannah shares how she came to find Star then pulls a gun on James.

    We Are Not Your Real Parents.

    Friday, October 22 2010

    At Marty's, Cole wonders what Eli did with Starr and Hope. Hannah confesses that she had a dream last night that Starr and Hope were dead. Cole refuses to believe it. Once this is over, he's counting on getting things back to normal with Starr. Hannah goes to her purse and discreetly handles the gun. Marty appears and Hannah assures her she'll be okay. They should go find out what's going on at the warehouse. Once alone, Hannah realizes the only way to have Cole is to make sure Starr and Hope are out of the picture. Hannah looks at the gun.

    Outside Marty's house, James demands that Ford and Langston stop their obvious flirting and watch the house. Suddenly, they see Cole and Marty leave the house and wonder where they're going in such a rush. Ford coughs uncontrollably and credits it to an excessive workout at the gym. Langston looks at the napkin Ford's holding and asks if a workout would really cause him to cough up blood. They get Ford out of the car and want to take him to the hospital. Ford refuses but Langston helps him walk off. James stays behind and sees Hannah. She asks if James is spying on her.

    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    At Marty's, Ford asks Hannah about the baseball. Suddenly, Langston joins Hannah at the door and asks what Ford is doing there. Ford claims to want another chance with Hannah, which shocks both girls. Langston calls Ford a dog who blames Langston for messing up his life. Langston stands with her mouth open as Ford continues to pursue Hannah. When Hannah takes a call from Marty, Ford begs Langston to trust him and asks her to leave him alone with Hannah. He urges Langston to go to James. Langston agrees and says, "I trust you." Hannah rejoins them and Ford and Langston act as though they're arguing. After Langston leaves, Hannah says she can't be with Ford because of Cole. Ford reminds Hannah she could never have Cole as long as Starr's in the picture. "What if she wasn't?" Hannah retorts.

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