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    One Life To Live CAST - Hannah O'Connor

    Full detailed profile on Hannah O'Connor Played by Meghann Fahy on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Heidi Gutman)
    Hannah O'Connor

    Actor: Meghann Fahy

    Who played Hannah O'Connor over the years

    Meghann Fahy (February 25, 2010 - November 1, 2010; January 5, 2012 - January 6, 2012)

    Useful information on Hannah O'Connor

    * Attended Llanview University with Cole Thornhart and Markko Rivera.
    * Was used for sex by Robert Ford.


    Past: Prisoner at Statesville
    Past: Student at Llanview University


    Hannah appeared at Capricorn for the Snoop Dogg concert, where it was revealed that she attended classes at Llanview University with Cole and Markko. When she arrived at Cole's apartment, she found out that he lived with his girlfriend Starr and had a daughter Hope. Hannah revealed to Cole that a guy from her past broke her heart.

    Cole later found Hannah had overdosed on pills but managed to get her to throw them up. Hannah asked Cole to keep it between them, and Cole promised he wouldn't tell anyone.

    Hannah continued to manipulate Cole and even kidnapped Starr and Hope after it came about that she knew Eli had pushed Marty down the stairs. Though Marty took Hannah in, once the truth was revealed, Hannah was taken away and arrested.




    Cole Thornhart
    Robert Ford






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    Friday, January 06 2012: Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    Blair arrives at the mansion just as Cole is shot. Starr rushes to Cole, as James holds a gun on Hannah. Blair wonders what's going on, but Todd insists they get the car. Hannah screams her regret to Cole. She only wanted to hurt Starr! Starr slugs Hannah in the face. James, Blair and Starr take Cole to the hospital, while Todd stands behind and tells Hannah, "Maybe I'll kill you." He admits it wouldn't be the first time he killed someone. Hannah heard about Todd killing his mother, who shot Todd first. That doesn't count. Todd uses Hannah as a sounding board. She's bananas, no one would believe Hannah if he told her… Todd remembers killing Victor. Just as Todd's ready to confess, the cops arrive for Hannah. She calls Todd a murderer, but the cops take her away. Todd smirks.

    Thursday, January 05 2012: Hey Kid, Can I Play?

    James pleads with Sam at the mansion. Is Starr's secret about Cole? After James warns Starr could go to jail for hiding Cole, Sam replies, "Check the cabana." After James rushes off, Sam takes his toys to the TV and sees a report that Hannah escaped. "Hey kid," Hannah says, appearing by Sam's side. "Can I play?" Sam knows she's the girl who hurt Starr and screams. Hannah covers Sam's mouth and warns him to shut up. Sam refuses to tell Hannah where Starr is and bites her finger. As Hannah grabs Sam, Todd appears and orders her to put Sam down. Hannah pulls a gun on Todd. If he doesn't give her Cole and Starr, Hannah will fill Sam with bullet holes. In the cabana, Starr breaks from Cole's kiss and wonders what he's doing. "The same thing you are," Cole replies. "Kissing the person I love." Starr kisses him again. Cole doesn't care that Starr's with James and insists she still loves him. James appears and lashes out at Cole for putting Starr in this position. Starr admits she hid Cole because she wanted to. James wonders if Cole's right. Does Starr love Cole no matter who she's with? Starr's helping Cole for Hope. Cole's her father! Cole thinks James is right. He doesn't want Starr to end up in jail and hugs her goodbye. Cole wants to see Hope before he leaves. Starr, Cole and James head into the mansion and find Hannah with Sam and Todd. Cole pretends to be happy to see Hannah and claims she's the one he wants. He begs Hannah to runaway with him. Hannah puts Sam down. Sam kicks her. Todd rushes toward Sam, as Hannah raises her gun. A shot is fired.

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