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    One Life To Live CAST - Nick Chavez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Chavez Played by Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicholas Rodriguez

    Real Name: Nicholas Rodriguez


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    Crash Landing!

    Friday, October 09 2009

    Across the patio, after David lays into Nick for Amelia and Dorian's stunt, Kyle confronts Nick, wanting answers, who admits that they never planned on Dorian fronting as Amelia's fiancée but claims this could be huge for their fight for equal rights! Later, Nick asks Amelia if she'll really be marrying Dorian - and Amelia admits she'll do it - for a good cause then says, "How bad could Dr. Dorian Lord be?"

    David calls Dorian to check in, and Dorian warns David to keep the cover going - that she's gay and has always been gay! Once David hangs up, he tries to avoid the questions from the press, but they want to know if he knew that Dorian Lord was gay! As David talks about how Dorian found her true self, Fish and Kyle share a glance.

    Poetic Justice?

    Thursday, October 08 2009

    Nick meets Amelia at the diner and asks, "Are you sure you're up for this," to which Amelia says, "We've been waiting far too long for this." As Nick warns her that no one can know he is involved, Fish listens from the counter! "I'm ready to pull the trigger," Amelia assures Nick then leaves him with a hug saying, "Wish me luck."

    After Amelia leaves, Fish approaches Nick and acts as though he wants to make sure that they are 'cool' because of Kyle. Before he leaves, Nick says everything's cool then invites Fish to show his support for equal rights by attending Dorian's press conference later.

    Shortly after, Kyle arrives at the press conference, followed by Fish, who tells Kyle, "I think Nick is planning to assassinate Dorian Lord." Kyle lashes out at Fish and claims he's making jealous accusations to break him and Nick up, but Fish points to Nick, who is talking to Amelia, and explains what he overheard at the diner.

    As Dorian's press conference gets underway, Todd arrives, and Dorian promises to fight discrimination then introduces Amelia. Amelia explains that with Dorian as mayor, she'll have the right to marry her partner then gives the stage back to Dorian. The press starts pounding Dorian, wondering why she's showing support now, and to halt their suspicions of her, Dorian announces that Amelia is her fiancée!

    Up in Blair's room, Blair rants at Tea about how Todd left the island and Ross knocked her up then has a revelation and says, "Oh, my, God… Your child isn't Ross', but it's Todd's." Tea immediately denies that Todd is the father, but Blair thinks Todd is the father - and says Todd needs to know it! Blair turns to leave - to find Todd - but during a struggle to stop her, Blair ends up going through the second story window!

    Markko And Langston XXX!

    Wednesday, October 07 2009

    Later, in class, when Nick introduces himself as their substitute, a girl looks at Starr and says, "This one's mine, Starr." However, they all know Nick is gay, who offers to chat with them about it after class, then begins the lesson, as Starr whispers to Langston that she hopes Markko and Cole are doing okay with Hope.

    An Emotional Plea...

    Tuesday, August 18 2009

    Fish eyes Kyle talking to Nick at the gym and watches as Kyle gives Nick his number - so they can meet up for coffee later. Suddenly, Kyle gets a call from Stacy and heads out to meet her - but not before blowing off Fish, who asks if he's okay! After Kyle calmly walks away, Fish thinks back to their kiss.

    Following Nick into the locker room, Fish suggests that he stay away from Kyle. Fish makes it clear that he's not gay but warns Nick that Kyle's been in trouble with the law. Nick thanks him for the heads-up but makes it clear that he'll determine what's right for him himself.

    Wanted: A New Baby Daddy!

    Monday, August 17 2009

    Just then, Cris appears, and Fish immediately pulls away from Kyle and says, "Don't touch me!" When Cris demands to know what's going on, Kyle covers for Fish, claims Fish is in love with Layla and says that Fish was just trying to let him down easy! As Kyle walks off, Cris warns Fish to be good to Layla, but Fish becomes distracted as he watches Kyle talking to another guy.

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