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    One Life To Live CAST - Nick Chavez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Chavez Played by Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicholas Rodriguez

    Real Name: Nicholas Rodriguez


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    Romance Is In The Air!

    Monday, December 07 2009

    Shortly after, Kyle and Fish arrive in Nick's room, where Marty explains his injuries. John arrives, and Nick explains the night's events - and Fish remembers seeing the men in Angels Square. Kyle agrees to stay with Nick while John and Fish rush out to look for Nick's attackers, leaving Nick to apologize for ruining Kyle and Fish's date. Kyle comforts Nick, telling him not to worry about it.

    Fish goes back to the hospital to let Nick and Kyle know that they arrested the guys who attacked him, and Nick, who is holding Kyle's hand, thanks Fish. Fish smiles, leaves the room then turns to stare back into the window, as Kyle stays by Nick's bedside.

    The All-American Rejects Rock Ultraviolet!

    Friday, December 04 2009

    Still in Angels Square, Amelia and Nick try to ward off the bigoted hoodlums, and after Nick rushes Amelia off, one of the men announces his plans to make 'those people' pay!

    Back at Rodi's Nick and Amelia share a drink, as the three thugs appear at their table, asking to be educated on their gay lifestyles! Gigi goes to the table and snaps at the men, but when one grabs Gigi, Schuyler intervenes - and ends up getting punched in the face! Gigi screams, "I'm calling the cops," then the men leave, as Nick apologizes to Schuyler and Gigi, who assure him he has nothing to be sorry about, then Amelia worries for what's to come next. Amelia and Nick head out, separately, leaving Gigi to tend to Schuyler. Gigi is touched that he took a punch for her.

    Alone, outside Rodi's, Nick is approached by the men, who proceed to beat the hell out of him!

    Let The Parental Fighting Begin!

    Thursday, December 03 2009

    Just as Dorian vows to legalize same sex marriages, the Attorney General appears to stop her and says, "There will be no gay marriages approved in Llanview!" Dorian accuses the man of discrimination then vows to file the certificate to legalize the marriages. The Attorney General says, "By the end of the night, you'll wish Viki Banks was mayor." Dorian stands tall in front of her supporters and signs the document, but the Attorney General warns, if she stamps the document she'll be arrested - then points to Fish and says, "By him." After Dorian stamps the document, to make it legal, Fish is ordered to arrest Dorian, or his badge will be revoked, but Fish refuses to arrest her - and defends Dorian for trying to break the law to make things right in this world. As Fish goes to hand over his badge, Dorian tells him, "Keep your badge, Officer, arrest me, I will go proudly." The crowd cheers, as Dorian demands that Fish cuff her! Dorian assures Langston and Starr that she'll be fine, says that she's been arrested for worse, then instructs the girls to go to their concert. Before they take Dorian away, she tells the crowd, "I'll be fine. I'm only going to jail… the safest place in town."

    After Dorian is led away, some thuds approach Amelia, who worries to Nick about Dorian's arrest, and the men make some bigoted remarks!

    A-Tisket A-Tasket, Mitch In A-Casket

    Wednesday, December 02 2009

    Kyle runs into Nick in Angels Square, who is there to watch Dorian get sworn in. Nick makes it clear he's still bitter that Kyle turned his back on him then makes cracks about Kyle's first official date with Fish - and how they haven't slept together yet. Nick realizes that Kyle acted differently, when they were together, because Kyle wasn't in love with him. Nick finally admits he respects Kyle and Fish's relationship, and as soon as the friends hug, Fish appears - but Nick assures Fish that their hug is not what he thinks. The three men manage to have a civil conversation, but when Nick makes a remark about how Kyle and Fish haven't slept together yet, then leaves, Fish questions why Kyle would tell Nick such a private thing.

    Dorian and the gang arrive, and Amelia assures Nick that Dorian is committed to the cause - and will not forget about them. The ceremony begins and Dorian is sworn in as mayor of Llanview! Immediately, the people demand to know if Dorian is going to keep her promises, and Dorian promises that she will grant those who participated in the marriage ceremony last month legal documentation! However, the Attorney General arrives and announces that he's there to shut her down!

    Crash Landing!

    Friday, October 09 2009

    When Tea comes downstairs, Todd demands to know what went on upstairs, as Blair is taken away by ambulance. Fish stands by as Todd suggests that Tea pushed Blair out the window then leaves with Dorian to ride in the ambulance with Blair!

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