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    One Life To Live CAST - Nick Chavez

    Full detailed profile on Nick Chavez Played by Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nicholas Rodriguez
    Nick Chavez

    Actor: Nicholas Rodriguez

    Who played Nick Chavez over the years

    Nicholas Rodriguez (August 17, 2009 - December 30 2009)

    Useful information on Nick Chavez

    * Worked with Amelia Bennett to try to legalize same sex marriages.
    * Was the victim of a hate crime.


    Current: Substitute Teacher
    Current: Gay Rights Activist
    Past: Student


    Nick arrived in Llanview and started dating Kyle Lewis, who was still hung up on his college sweetheart, Oliver Fish. After Kyle backed out of making a commitment to Nick, during Dorian Lord's same sex commitment ceremony, the two split, but Nick continued on his quest, along with Amelia Bennett, to fight for gay rights.

    After Dorian was arrested for stamping her mayoral seal to legalize same sex marriages, Nick was brutally attacked outside of Rodi's and found himself the victim of Llanview's latest hate crime. He tried to create issues between Fish and Kyle but realized how much Kyle loved Fish - and left the canvas for good.




    Kyle Lewis






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    Wednesday, December 30 2009: New Year's Eve In Llanview!

    As Kyle and Nick kiss, on his bed, Kyle finally pulls away and screams, "I'm with Oliver now!" Though Nick reminds him that Oliver isn't there, Kyle begins to think Fish was right - and that Nick was using the situation to get back with Kyle. Nick denies it but slips about knowing that Schuyler's room was open then stops Kyle from calling Amelia. Nick cries and claims he loves Kyle, saying Kyle's been so good to him, then begs Kyle for his forgiveness saying, "I didn't know how much you loved Oliver." Nick urges Kyle to go find Oliver then Kyle rushes out - after making sure that Nick is going to be okay.

    Tuesday, December 29 2009: Drama At The Mayoral Ball!

    Across the hall, in Kyle's room, Fish wonders if Kyle is ready to go out, but Kyle looks at Nick, who's in bed, and says he can't leave him - because Nick's upset about his attackers' trial date having been moved up. Just as Fish wonders if Nick is playing the sympathy card on purpose, Roxy arrives and snaps at Nick's presence, saying to Kyle, "I told you I had an extra room for him!" Kyle claims she never called him, asks if she's drunk then offends Roxy into leaving - as Fish suggests that Nick took Roxy's call, and kept quiet, then says, "Because he wants to stay here with you." Kyle pulls Fish out into the hall, where they argue, leading Fish to rush off to Ultraviolet, telling Kyle if he changes his mind - he'll know where to find him!

    Back in his room, as Kyle apologizes to Nick, for Fish's actions, Nick starts to give Kyle a massage then kisses him - and Kyle kisses Nick back!

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