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    One Life To Live CAST - Robert Ford

    Full detailed profile on Robert Ford Played by David Gregory on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    David Gregory
    Robert Ford

    Actor: David Gregory

    Who played Robert Ford over the years

    David Gregory (August 10, 2009 (recurring) then October 2009 (one year contract) - January 10, 2012)

    Useful information on Robert Ford

    * Goes by the name Ford.
    * Worked as David Vickers reality television show producer.
    * Was mistaken for being Jessica Brennan's stalker while shooting a scene from Llanfair's bushes.
    * Was befriended by Langston Wilde, who he later had an affair with.
    * Triggered Jessica's memories to return when they started to have sex.
    * Died on January 9, 2012.


    Past: Hotdog stand worker.
    Past: Teacher's Aid at Llanview University
    Past: Television Producer
    Past: Unknown


    Ford arrived on the scene on August 10, 2009 when David Vickers returned to Llanview with hopes of televising a reality TV show. As David's producer, Ford got sick of all of the doors that were slammed in their faces then decided to leave town - and David's idea - behind a few months later.

    However, before leaving, Langston Wilde gave him an idea for a new television show about love and finding 'the one' you're supposed to be with.

    Ford returned in 2009 and took a teaching assistant's job at Llanview U. During this time he and Langston grew close. However it became apparent that Ford was simply a player who used any woman he could get his hands on.

    After Markko found out Langston had cheated Ford broke things off with her as well, claiming the fun had been in the risk, which was now over. Soon after, Cris and Layla found Ford in his bedroom beaten to a pulp at the hands of Eli. Months later, when Clint found out Ford had slept with Jessica during her memory relapse, Ford found himself beaten once again.

    Ford's father Eddie rolled into town just as he and Langston got back on track, where Ford claimed to be a changed man. He had also reestablished his relationship with his brother James. The brothers fought against Eddie and were stunned when their mother Inez appeared with their unknowing brother Nate.

    After months of abuse, Eddie turned up dead and everyone in Ford's family became suspects. They were all cleared, and Ford once again found himself in hot water. Jessica turned up pregnant and after a paternity test botch, Ford was proved to be Ryder's father.

    Things with Langston went downhill after Ford married Tess, Jessica's evil alter, as a means to get his son. However, after Langston left town, Ford ended up falling in love with Tess and was determined to get custody of his son.


    Jessica/Tess/Bess Brennan (married Tess on February 28, 2011)


    Jessica/Tess/Bess Brennan
    Langston Wilde
    Aubrey Wentworth (slept with in Venice)


    Inez Salinger (mother)
    James Ford (brother)
    Nate Salinger (brother)


    Ryder Asa (son with Jessica/Tess/Bess Brennan)


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    Monday, January 09 2012: I Want My Damn Heart Back.

    In another area of the hospital, Jessica and James await news on Ford. Jessica wonders if James found Starr. James only wants to concentrate on Ford right now. They never see the hooded figure carrying Ford's spirit away. In a darkened room, Eddie reveals himself to his son. Ford thinks he's dreaming and wants to get back to Jessica. Eddie opens a door and exposes flames, claiming they're in Hell. Ford rants at his father and calls Eddie a rapist. Eddie reminds Ford he didn't rape Nora, unlike what Ford did to Jessica. Ford knows Jessica forgave him. They have a son now. After Ford pushes Eddie into the flames of hell, he runs through a set of doors, sees Luna and asks, "Will you help me?" As Luna, Megan and Gabrielle watch from afar, Ford and Cole's family and friends gather in the waiting area of the hospital. A doctor appears, as Luna admits, "I could only save one."

    Friday, January 06 2012: Jessica And Natalie Are Both Yours.

    While Ford and Mitch struggle for the gun in the church, it goes off and hits a chandelier, which comes crashing down on Ford. Jessica rushes to Ford, as Mitch aims a gun at her and warns John he'll kill Jessica if he shoots. He refuses to let John call 911 and warns Jessica's time has come to an end. Natalie rushes to Jessica's side, as Ford goes unconscious. Jessica begs Mitch to let John call 911. Mitch lets John call but grabs Natalie and says, "Natalie comes with me." After the EMTs arrive and take Ford and Jessica away, John orders Mitch to let Natalie go and promises to let him escape. Mitch kisses Natalie and taunts John about her becoming his true wife. When Mitch refuses to let Natalie go, John shoots him then takes Natalie into a kiss.

    Blair, James and Starr rush Cole into the hospital. The doctor looks worried and orders a hysterical Starr out of the exam room. Blair takes Starr to the chapel. Starr explains how everything went down. Cole saved her and Sam's life. "What if he dies?" Starr cries. "A world without Cole doesn't make sense." Starr can't live without Cole. At Blair's persistence, Starr starts to pray then sings "You Only Have One Life To Live." Blair steps out into the hall and cries. Todd appears and holds her. Back out in the ER, James is stunned when Ford's rushed in with Jessica by his side.

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