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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    A-Tisket A-Tasket, Mitch In A-Casket

    Wednesday, December 02 2009

    At the funeral, Mitch slowly rises from Jared's casket and says, "Don't look so surprised. It's not like this is the first time I've come back from the dead." Natalie jumps up, as does Charlie, screaming for Mitch to tell them where Jared is! Mitch is restrained then taunts everyone, saying Jared's body is back at the funeral home - and Jared was kind enough to give him his invitation! With Brody holding Mitch back, Mitch addresses his daughter, Jessica, which puts Clint into a tailspin, screaming, "She's not your daughter, she's mine!" After Clint heads to the funeral home, Mitch looks at Bo and Nora, implies that he knows about their affair then stuns everyone, especially Natalie, by announcing that all the charges have been dropped against him - and John is forced to verify it. Looking at Jessica, Mitch says, "We won't need letters anymore, Kitten, Daddy's home," as Rex watches in disgust. As Bo and John arrest Mitch, and take him away, he stops in front of Rex and says, "Rex Balsom… the son I've always wanted. We have much work to do… you and I!" Roxy screams for Mitch to back off, as the devil in disguised is taken away…

    Brody throws Mitch into a cell, as Bo reminds Brody to ignore Mitch, who is taunting Brody to hit him. As Brody grabs Mitch's shirt, who is demanding that Bo allow Rex access to him, John arrives, and Mitch says, "McBain, just in time to see your loose cannon explode." Brody walks out of the cell, and John sends him off to the cemetery, but as Bo and John are leaving, Mitch asks to talk to Bo, about Clint, and makes another crack about Bo not being the brother Clint thinks he is! Bo and John leave Mitch alone then Mitch pulls out a photo of Rex.

    Back in Mitch's cell, someone approaches the bars, and Mitch says, "Well, well, well." Charlie stares Mitch down with fire in his eyes!

    Preparing To Say Goodbye Forever...

    Tuesday, December 01 2009

    Back in the church, as the minister continues to pray, John pulls Bo aside to tell him what's going on - and Jared's coffin starts to open! Slowly, Mitch sits up and smiles to the crowd, as everyone gasps in horror!

    You're My Baby's Father...

    Monday, November 23 2009

    In Napa, Mitch talks to a mysterious visitor and says there's a project they need to work on and says, "My family's future depends on it." Mitch starts to dictate a letter to Jessica - first apologizing for what he did then claiming she broke a commandment to her father. Mitch explains that it's okay because she'll soon learn how to honor him. Mitch ends the letter saying he can't wait to get to know his granddaughter and to spend the holidays with them then signs off as 'Dad'. The person then takes the letter and vows to deliver it to Jessica - and to heed the messenger!

    The Unsuspecting Father...

    Friday, November 20 2009

    When a cop looks in on Mitch, in Napa, Mitch eyes his gun then asks him to bring him a Bible. The cop brings Mitch a Bible and tells him to pray for a miracle, which is exactly what Mitch plans to do. Mitch begins reading from the Bible then chants, "Take me out of this prison…" Just then, Mitch receives a mysterious visitor!

    She's Not Your Daughter...

    Thursday, November 19 2009

    Brody takes Jessica to see Mitch in the Napa jail, who wonders where Natalie is and suggests that Jared be buried in Nash's grave. As Brody starts to snap at Mitch, Jessica stops him, and Mitch thanks her for protecting him - and forgives her for trying to kill him! Jessica claims he's not her father, but Mitch continues to taunt her, causing Brody to scream, "Back off!" Mitch turns his attention to Brody, and his past insanity, but Brody reminds Mitch that he met Jessica through it all - and at least they still have their souls, unlike Mitch… the soulless bastard! "You'll always be my daughter, and we'll be together," Mitch says to Jessica. "If not in this world then in the next." Though Jessica thought by visiting Mitch he could make her understand why he's done the things he's done, Mitch wonders if he apologized would she forgive him, and Jessica warns for him to never go near her or her family again - and Brody interjects, "Or I'll kill you!" As Brody and Jessica leave, Mitch screams in a rage that he'll always be a part of her - now and forever!

    Her Quest To Keep Them Apart...

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    As Charlie strangles Mitch at the vineyard in Napa, Viki screams for him to stop, and John and Brody finally pull him off - as Mitch smirks and says, "Would it help if I said I'm sorry?" Mitch refuses to take any blame then implies that Jared grew up to be just like his father. Charlie warns that if he's ever alone with Mitch, he'll kill him - and Mitch wants John to arrest Charlie for threatening his life! John refuses, and as Charlie leaves, Mitch demands Viki's attention and calls Charlie a drunk and a murderer. As Mitch says, compared to Charlie Banks, he is righteousness itself, Viki slaps him hard across the face and snaps, "Don't you ever say my husband's name again!"

    Outside, Charlie admits to Viki that he would have killed Mitch then brings up how he killed a man - and they now have to face this! Suddenly, Napa PD appears and shocks everyone by saying Mitch will be prosecuted in Napa - not Llanview! John is forced to turn Mitch over, who gives John one last smirk before he's taken away.

    Goodbye Jared...

    Monday, November 16 2009

    Still at the vineyard, Mitch warns John that once he's cleared, he plans to be a more hands-on father! After John takes a call from Brody, he informs Mitch that Jared is dead - and that Mitch is going down! However, Mitch claims that John is to blame for Jared's death - not him! Mitch explains how John wanted to believe that Jared was guilty and says, "Natalie will never forgive you for that, and neither will you." As Mitch taunts him, John looks at his gun then slowly sets it down.

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