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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Let The Truth Be Known!

    Wednesday, December 16 2009

    Brody arrives at Mitch's room, sends Fish off then heads inside. When Mitch says he wants to make a statement, John gives Brody the go-ahead and says, "Take his statement." Mitch claims that John is lying, that he didn't stab himself, and that John is only protecting the person who stabbed him. Just as Mitch is about to name his attacker, Natalie appears, and Mitch finishes, "The person who stabbed me is John McBain."

    Blair Makes A Move!

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Stacy appears, ranting at Rex for being late for their baby's appointment! Rex explains what happened to Mitch, heads off to call Gigi then Stacy heads into Mitch's room and whispers that he's going to become very useful to her! Rex reappears and demands to know what Stacy is doing in Mitch's room. Stacy claims she only wanted to see his face, to memorize it in case he came after her and the baby, but Rex reminds her that she saw Mitch in the clinic! As Stacy tries to comfort Rex, an orderly appears and says they'll be taking Mitch to surgery after they get his blood samples together. Stacy eyes the tubes of blood thoughtfully.

    Stacy decides to reschedule the doctor's appointment then leaves Rex with Jessica, who has just rejoined them. As Stacy leaves, holding a vile of Mitch's blood, Rex and Jessica go to Mitch's side, who wakes up, happy to see his children. Rex instructs him that next time he plans to kill himself, he should do it right, but Mitch only says, "Kill myself?"

    A Stabbing At The Llanview PD!

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    In John's office, Natalie tells Mitch she has nothing to live for then stabs him in the gut with the letter opener! As Mitch falls to the ground, John grabs Natalie's hand, stares at the letter opener then says, "Drop the knife!" Natalie does so then explains that she brought it from the office - it was Jared's. Brody and Jessica enter, and John pushes the knife under his desk, while Natalie wipes off her hands. John claims Mitch stabbed himself - while John was trying to bring him back to the holding cell! John instructs Brody to call an ambulance and says that Natalie saw the whole thing - that's why she's shaking! Natalie stares down at Mitch and whispers "Die." When the EMTs appear, they announce that since Mitch missed his vital organs, it's his lucky day - he'll probably survive.

    As they are taking Mitch away, Rex appears to hear what happened, and John whispers to Natalie, "Don't say a word." John tells Rex that Mitch wanted to die then Rex and Jessica talk about the possibility of Mitch dying - and how they need his blood in case something ever happens to their kids in the future - like what already happened with Shane. Jessica and Rex head to the hospital, and John tells Brody he'll bag the evidence then asks him to take Natalie for some water. John opens his desk drawer and looks at his own letter opener. John then takes Jared's letter opener, wipes Mitch's blood from it onto his letter opener then bags his in the evidence bag!

    Unsettled Emotions...

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    As Marty is visiting John, Mitch is brought into his office. Mitch makes a comment, wondering what Marty sees in John, since he didn't even rape her, then John shoves him hard! After Mitch taunts Marty a bit more, John ushers her out then warns Mitch, who's brought up Natalie's name, never to mention Marty or Natalie again!

    As Fish arrives outside of John's office door, he hears John warning Mitch that if he manages to weasel out of these charges, he'll kill him himself! Inside the office, Mitch starts ranting off his plans for his former bride, Natalie, causing John to pull Mitch backwards in his chair. Fish briefly checks in, wanting to be present while John questions Mitch, but John turns Fish away and closes the door! Shortly after, Natalie appears and demands to know how Mitch is going to get away with murder. As John calls for another cop to come in and take Mitch away, Natalie makes it clear to Mitch that she has nothing to live for - then stabs him with the letter opener!

    The All-American Rejects Rock Ultraviolet!

    Friday, December 04 2009

    In the jail cells, Dorian and Mitch trade barbs, where Mitch asks if Dorian's 'Mrs.' makes her feel like he did then rambles on about Dorian's shattered relationships. "You are Satan," Dorian seethes then vows to make sure he stays locked up! Mitch starts bring up Dorian's Cramer girls, including Langston, Starr and Hope, saying, "She's the hope for all of us," leaving Dorian feeling threatened. With her back to Mitch, in tears, Dorian shakes, as Mitch rants about 'getting close' to her girls. Suddenly, Dorian grabs a chair, slams it against the bars and screams, "I will kill you!" Dorian reminds Mitch that her girls would never listen to or fall prey to him, but Mitch smiles, as Amelia appears to support Dorian.

    Let The Parental Fighting Begin!

    Thursday, December 03 2009

    When Charlie arrives outside Mitch's cell, Mitch wonders if he's there to finish him off and taunts Charlie about being a murderer and a drunk. Charlie demands to know why Mitch killed Jared, but Mitch replies, "I didn't kill Jared, you did." Mitch continues taunting Charlie, asking if he lied to Viki about where he went - maybe to an AA meeting - then belittles Jared's memory, comparing him to a loser like Charlie. "You're a drunk," Mitch says. "It's the hand that God dealt you. Nothing changes that." Charlie refuses to allow Mitch to get under his skin, but Mitch reminds him that every time Charlie closes his eyes, he'll see Jared, the little boy he abandoned, then urges Charlie to bury his memories with the bulge in his jacket pocket, which he assumes is a bottle of booze. "It's okay," Mitch says. "I won't judge you." Mitch claims that if Charlie hadn't been searching for Jared, he'd still be alive then says, "You should've never left Texas." After Charlie leaves, Mitch sings a happy tune and snaps his fingers to the beat.

    Shortly after, Fish brings Dorian into the jail cell, and she's shocked to see Mitch - who is happy to hear that Dorian is Llanview's new mayor!

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