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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Later, at Dorian's, just as she vows to think of a way to get rid of Mitch, there's a voice whispering over her shoulder saying, "Honey, I'm home." It's Mitch!

    Needle Of Persuasion...

    Thursday, January 07 2010

    Stacy calls Rex from the loft to remind him of a doctor's appointment and to see if she can help him in Gigi's absence. When she finds out Gigi left him for Schuyler, she tries to get more info, but Rex hangs up on her. Just as Stacy says, "He's going to be mine," Mitch's nurse arrives at the door saying, "The boss will be thrilled." Stacy refuses to give up her baby to Mitch, but the nurse starts telling her how things will go down, pulls out a syringe then says, "We're not asking, Stacy!" Scared, Stacy steps back and says, "You're going to have to kill me first," as the brainwashed nurse says, "Come, Stacy." As the women struggle, the syringe falls, but Stacy manages to grab it - then the nurse grabs her! Stacy stabs the needle into the woman then rushes to the door, as the nurse collapses - but is stopped from leaving by Mitch, who says, "Looks like someone isn't following doctor's orders!"

    Todd's Confession...

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Brody is in the jail with Mitch informing him that Bo is there to stay - because Dorian fired him without cause. Mitch taunts Brody a bit, but Brody warns that Mitch could never break him or the ones he loves. Mitch brings up Jessica, and how he saved Shane, then warns that Brody will not be adding another birthstone to the necklace he gave Jessica! Brody promises Mitch will be a dead man if he does anything to hurt Jessica.

    Dorian goes down to Mitch's cell, tells him that she did his dirty work, even though she's always respected Bo. Dorian knows it'll be hard to fill Bo's shoes, which leads Mitch to his next task - for Dorian! When Mitch whispers to Dorian who he wants her to replace Bo with, Dorian says it's impossible, but Mitch reminds her that she's the mayor - nothing's impossible!

    An Unexpected Visitor Arrives...

    Monday, January 04 2010

    Dorian receives a call from Mitch at the mansion, explaining that she's about to get some very damning evidence against Bo - and she better use it! Suddenly, through the phone, Dorian hears someone enter Mitch's room, but before she can find out what's going on, Viki appears in her living room. When John comes across on the other line, Dorian demands that he make sure 'the prisoner' doesn't get a hold of a phone again! Dorian hangs up then listens as Viki demands to know why she fired Bo - and why she's talking to Mitch - but Dorian reminds her that she's mayor now, leading Viki to remind her that she only resigned to protect her family then realizes that Dorian is doing the same and wants to know how she's going about doing it - and why. Viki begs Dorian to allow her to help her, but Dorian simply says, "Goodbye Viki, you know the way out," to which Viki replies, "I hope you do too."

    After John hangs up Mitch's phone, at the hospital, he demands to know why Mitch is calling Dorian! Mitch brings up his stabbing and vows to walk out of there a free man, but John claims if he's well enough to make a call, he's well enough to go back to jail. John makes a few calls…

    Back at the station, as Rex is leaving Bo's office, Brody, John and Fish enter the station house with Mitch, as Jessica, Natalie, Bo, Rex and Nora look on. After Mitch taunts the crowd, and is about to be taken to a cell, Rex takes a call from Shane - and Dorian storms in, screaming for everyone to wait just one minute! Dorian instructs Bo to step down as commissioner, but when Bo refuses to leave his office, Dorian pulls out a bloody letter opener from the envelope she received, claiming Bo was involved in a cover-up - one that started with John McBain!

    Rex Goes Back To His Roots...

    Monday, December 28 2009

    Just as Mitch hangs up with Dorian, demanding that she fire Bo, Rex appears, and Mitch says, "Hello Son, I've been expecting you." No matter how much Rex demands that Mitch stay away from Natalie and the rest of his family, Mitch orders that Rex, and his unborn baby, will join him to carry out his message! Mitch brings up Stacy and Gigi and reminds Rex how Gigi has chosen a lowlife drug addict over him then says, "You're better off without her." Rex snaps and warns for Mitch to stay away from his family, or he'll show him just how much like him he really is! Fish comes in and orders Rex out, as Mitch hollers after Rex to bring the family next time.

    Holiday Cheer In Llanview!

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    At the hospital, Mitch's dinner plate is brought to him, and when he's alone, Mitch opens the lid, finds a cell phone then laughs.

    Back at the mansion, as Blair, Starr and Langston appear in the living room, Dorian gets a call from Mitch, who says, "Did you get my gift? I'm just cuckoo for Cramers." Dorian hangs up then tries to warn her family that now that she's in office, her enemies may come out of the woodwork. As she explains that Cassie, who hurt her leg, and Adriana, who was in a car accident, won't be coming home, Mitch calls back, with the knowledge of both accidents then warns Dorian not to let her family drink the eggnog! Dorian makes a dash for the eggnog, startling her girls, which causes Mitch to howl with laughter! Dorian explains to her family that the store called - and there's been a recall on eggs! She takes a sample of eggnog, to be tested, then heads to the kitchen, gasping, "Oh, my, God."

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