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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Attempted Murder At The Docks!

    Friday, January 22 2010

    Brody finds Mitch at the docks, grabs him, shoves him to the ground and warns he better never contact Jessica, or her family, again. As Mitch taunts Brody about having Jessica for the taking, Brody grabs a crowbar and goes to hit him, but John appears and screams, "Brody, don't!" Mitch urges Brody to finish his mission, so John can cover up his murder by throwing Mitch in the river, then continues talking eerily about Jessica and Natalie. Just as Brody starts to strangle Mitch, John pulls him off then Lowell and his crew appears and demands to know what's going on! It's apparent that Mitch set Brody up, who realizes Jessica could be in danger. When Brody tries to leave, he's detained, as he vows to kill Mitch if he touches Jessica. John claims he's the one who attacked Mitch then distracts the cops in order for Brody to get away! John's arrested then taken away, leaving Mitch to warn Lowell… For Lowell's sake, Brody better not have interfered with his plans!

    Introductions Are Made...

    Thursday, January 21 2010

    Mitch sits on the docks and is humored when Brody appears and grabs him!

    Internet Search Results!

    Wednesday, January 20 2010

    Starr and Cole arrive at the coffeehouse, and briefly debate about her spending the money Todd gave her on the necklace she wanted - Cole thinks she should. Over talk of Todd, Starr realizes that Todd acts the way he does, to protect her, like Cole does with Hope, then Mitch appears and reminds them that sometimes parents can't do anything to protect their kids from evil. Mitch begins preaching about their sins and their parents' sins - until Cole shoves Mitch to the ground in defense of the ones he loves! Mitch is thrown out, but before he goes, he claims Cole, Starr and Hope will always be welcome in his church then says, "Oh, Starr, Happy Birthday." As Cole hugs Starr, who is happy to have him in her life, Mitch glares at them, through the window, from outside the coffeehouse.

    Gagged And Interrogated!

    Friday, January 15 2010

    Over at the diner, as Charlie apologizes to Viki, Jessica and Natalie for drinking, Mitch arrives and taunts them all - until Natalie suggests that Mitch get her another letter-opener! Charlie comes to Natalie's defense, and Viki comes to Charlie's, then Jessica warns Mitch that he won't get anywhere near Bree! Mitch says he wouldn't hurt any of his children then brings up Charlie's son, causing Charlie to grab Mitch by the coat - until Viki and her girls beg him to let Mitch go. When Charlie does, Mitch proposes a truce and reminds everyone that he never stays dead. Jessica and Natalie storm off, as Charlie warns he will never let Mitch hurt anyone else he loves then runs off when Mitch taunts that Jared is in a better place! Viki follows Charlie.

    Outside the diner, Charlie kicks garbage cans in a rage, but Viki stops him and reminds, "Revenge is only going to hurt you. It won't bring Jared back." Charlie feels as though he's going to explode and says, "'I've gotta get out of here," and Viki watches him go then looks in the diner window and glares at Mitch.

    From a concrete room, Mitch cryptically reads from the Bible.

    Mitch's Sickest Deal Yet!

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    Todd is alerted to Mitch's presence, as he walks up behind him at the Manning Estate. "What the hell are you doing here?" Todd asks, but Mitch doesn't appreciate Todd's greeting, claiming they're old friends, and brings up all of Todd's latest cover stories involving him. Mitch comments on how well Todd wears his brother Walker's face, and how he killed him and stole his identity, then says, "You owe me, and it's time to pay up." Todd thinks they're even, but Mitch talks about his kids, brings up Todd's daughters, Starr and Dani, then claims all children need guidance. Mitch plays on Todd's abandonment issues, and says how family is everything to both of them, then promises to get Starr back for him - say, if Cole would have a fatal accident. "Whose arms do you think she'll come running to?" Mitch asks, but Todd thinks he's nuts. Mitch reminds Todd that he's the one who tried to kidnap Hope, for a new beginning, leaving Todd to ask, "Is that what Stacy's baby is for you?" Mitch wants Todd to put in a good word with Rex and Jessica for him, claiming that he is not leaving Llanview without Rex's child, but Todd throws him out, leaving Mitch to say, to himself, that Todd will learn to regret his decision!

    Ross Arrives Home...

    Monday, January 11 2010

    At the mansion, Dorian drugs some food before she brings it to Mitch, who is reading the newspaper about how he will not stand trial. Mitch looks at the food, asks if Dorian poisoned it then warns that if something happens to him, he can't promise that Starr, and Dorian's girls, will be able to leave Todd's house alive. Dorian takes the plate away and says, "I guess you're not hungry, are you?" Mitch makes it clear that he's calling the shots then hides, and takes a call from Lowell - and warns for him to get things done, when Charlie arrives, demanding to know how Dorian can live with herself! Charlie begs Dorian to fire Lowell, but she can't and says, "I'm really sorry," to which Charlie replies, "No you're not," then leaves, as Mitch comes out of hiding and reminds Dorian of all the cruel things she's done to Charlie. Dorian hands Mitch some money, who again threatens her girls, then pulls out the vile of poison that she used to drug Mitch's food after he leaves.

    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Mitch blocks the doorway, which prevents Stacy from escaping the loft, and stares at Stacy's belly, telling her, "You are the vessel, you are carrying my future. Let me help you." Stacy refuses to go with Mitch, who agrees to let the choice be up to her - follow him or be taken! Mitch explains how he got out of jail then stops Stacy from calling the cops, saying, "Lowell dropped the charges because I own him. You are mine until my grandson is born then I'll have no more use for you." Mitch is sure the baby will be a boy then grabs Stacy and tries to usher her out, saying, "This kid is mine!" but Stacy replies, "He's not your grandchild!" As Stacy starts to explain her miscarriage, the nurse wakens, and Mitch demands that she get up and help him!

    As Mitch and his nurse grab Stacy, who's screaming for help, Rex barges through the door and yells, "What the hell is going on!" Stacy runs into Rex's arms, who warns he's calling the police - to report that Mitch has escaped! Mitch laughs, and tells Rex that Bo isn't the commissioner anymore, but Rex calls the station for himself, finds out the truth then listens as Stacy tells him what happened. Mitch claims he and his nurse only came to make sure Stacy was taking care of herself, but as Rex warns for Mitch to stay away - or else, Mitch says, "You're not going to kill me, Rex. I'm your father." Once they are gone, Rex promises Stacy that Mitch won't get their baby - because he's going to move back in and make sure Mitch doesn't hurt her again!

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