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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    I Love You Too...

    Monday, February 08 2010

    In the observatory, after Mitch tells Jessica they'll create a child together, he hands her a nightgown to wear - for when the chosen one is conceived. Jessica reminds him that he's her father, but Mitch claims, "This is what must be." As he rants about the bond they'll share, saying, "I love you, and you love me," Jessica replies, "I think there's someone else I love." Jessica pulls away, runs to the door and screams, "This isn't right… I don't want to create this child with you… Help!" However, Mitch drugs her…

    Back at the observatory, just as Mitch lays Jessica in bed and begins kissing her, Brody busts through the door, aims a gun on Mitch and screams, "Get the hell away from her, Laurence!"

    Change Of Plans...

    Friday, February 05 2010

    In the old observatory, as Jessica asks Mitch if Stacy's baby is hers, Stacy cries, "You have to believe me, it's not Rex's baby!" Mitch believes her but freaks out, starts trashing the place and desperately starts talking to his Lord - then turns his anger on Stacy. Mitch starts choking Stacy, but Jessica says, "Father, stop." Mitch knows Jessica is right, he shouldn't kill Stacy, then vows to let God judge Stacy. Mitch grabs Stacy and says, "If you survive the storm, it will be God's will."

    Mitch returns inside and asks his Lord, "If the boy was not to be of my son's loins…" Mitch waits then turns to Jessica, saying he's received his answer - and knows what they must do. Mitch tells the nurse to leave them alone then informs Jessica that she will have a child to raise, one who will be his own flesh and blood. "Together, we will create the chosen one," Mitch instructs. "I will give you a child."

    Crash On Llantano Mountain!

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    Jessica opens her eyes in Mitch's hidden lab, in the abandoned observatory, where Mitch assures her she'll now embrace her future and says, "You're about to have a baby. He's on his way right now." Jessica realizes she's not pregnant, so Mitch starts filling Jessica's head and shows her the nursery. When the nurse arrives with Stacy, she tries to plead with Jessica to work with her - to escape - but Jessica's empty look causes Stacy to ask, "What the hell did he do to you?" As Stacy tries to get through to Jessica, Nurse Charles tells Mitch about Dorian's deception and how she thinks she and Charlie could be dead - after being involved in an accident - leaving Mitch to say, "God rest their souls." Jessica puts her hand on Stacy's belly, as Mitch instructs Nurse Charles to examine Stacy. Once she does, and reports Stacy isn't due for another few weeks, Stacy says, "Rex is not this baby's father." Mitch demands that Stacy tells him everything, and Stacy starts from the beginning and tells Mitch the truth… how she lost Rex's baby and became pregnant with another man's child. "You believe me, don't you?" Stacy asks. "Father?" Jessica interrupts. "Is that my baby?"

    Marty Takes The Fall!

    Tuesday, February 02 2010

    Mitch talks to an unconscious Jessica in his lab, telling her when she awakes, she'll make new memories - and raise Rex's baby as her own. Suddenly, Mitch's nurse appears and says she just got word - Stacy's at the hospital about to have her baby! Mitch demands that she bring him the vessel! The nurse rushes out, as Mitch explains that the hole in Jessica's heart, for Chloe, will soon be healed - and things for Stacy will be painful. Suddenly, Mitch gets a call from Lowell, who explains that John and Brody escaped. Mitch says it doesn't matter - they'll never find him - but never realizes that John and Brody are listening in and saying, "Gotcha," as they get a pinpoint on the vicinity of Mitch's location!

    A Bold Move...

    Monday, February 01 2010

    In Mitch's lab, Jessica vows not to let Mitch erase her memories, but Mitch replies, "We'll see about that." Though Jessica finally agrees to take care of Stacy's baby, she wonders what Mitch has planned for Stacy once the baby is born. Mitch doesn't want Jessica to be concerned about Stacy then urges her to forget about everyone in her past. "Your life with me will be rich and full," Mitch says, and Jessica, who's scared for her life, goes along with him replying, "I know." Mitch agrees to untie Jessica, and allow her to look around their new home, but warns that there are no exits in sight. Jessica plays her part to make Mitch think she's onboard, as Mitch shows her the bland makeshift nursery. While Jessica points out areas that could use improvement, she manages to steal the nurse's cell and tuck it out of sight! Jessica acts tired, leaving Mitch to allow her to lie down on the bed in the nursery. After he gives her a kiss goodnight, and leaves with his nurse, Jessica tries to call Brody - but Mitch returns and stops her! Mitch drags Jessica back onto the metal table, ties her up, attaches the memory erasing equipment then turns up the knobs - as Jessica shakes in response!

    My Water Just Broke!

    Friday, January 29 2010

    In the confines of Mitch's lab, Mitch pushes a medical cart near Jessica and tells his nurse that it’s exactly what they need to make Jessica become a devoted mother. The nurse adamantly warns that electroconvulsive therapy will erase Jessica's memories, but that's exactly what Mitch wants. He plans to administer the treatment saying, "Prepare the patient." When Jessica wakes up, she can't move and demands to know what Mitch is going to do to her. Mitch tells Jessica to forget about her future then instructs the nurse to put Jessica under. Jessica cries and pleads for Mitch to stop, saying, "I'll do whatever you want," but Mitch puts his hand over her mouth and says he has no doubt she will - after the treatments, she'll be the perfect daughter! Though the nurse reminds Mitch that they aren't prepared for these treatments, Mitch demands that they begin.

    An Enlightening Encounter...

    Thursday, January 28 2010

    Down in Mitch's lab, Jessica warns Mitch that he can't take Stacy's baby, but Mitch refuses to allow a pole-dancing jezebel to raise his grandson. When Jessica gets up, Mitch's nurse appears, and Mitch warns Jessica not to force his hand. Mitch claims he's going to help her heal, from Chloe's death, then talks about how Jessica allowed her alters to take over. Jessica argues what she did, but Mitch says she had the right idea - it was God's plan for her. Jessica refuses to be the mother of another woman's child, who Mitch brands his future messenger, but Mitch continues to play on Jessica's loss of Chloe, saying this baby will need Jessica so much. "I don't need a baby to heal," Jessica pleads, begging to go home to Bree, but Mitch claims he's the only one she needs. Jessica spits in his face, saying, "Rot in hell! I'll never forget my real family!" As Jessica tries to go up a spiral staircase, Mitch vows to make her forget each and every one of them - then has Jessica restrained, placed on a metal table and drugged. "I'm going to hate you until I die," Jessica whispers into oblivion. The nurse assures Mitch that Jessica will be fine but worries what'll happen if she refuses to raise the baby. "When I'm through with her," Mitch says. "She will gladly obey me." Mitch plans to take drastic measures and make Jessica forget everyone she used to love.

    Schuyler Lands The Drugs!

    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Deep inside an observatory in Llantano Mountain, Jessica wakes up and asks, "Where am I?" to which Mitch replies, "Home, my child. You're finally home." As she looks around at the lab room, Jessica manages to get up. She tries to leave, but Mitch's nurse appears and drugs her again! After Jessica calms down, Mitch uncovers a baby cradle and informs her that she's going to be Rex's baby's mother!

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