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    One Life To Live CAST - Mitch Laurence - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mitch Laurence Played by Roscoe Born on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roscoe Born

    Birthday: November 24 1950
    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Roscoe Born
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Goodbye Jared...

    Monday, November 16 2009

    John then puts on some plastic gloves, as Mitch talks about all of the people who have died in vain, including Caitlin, then John uncuffs Mitch, throws him face down and holds a gun to his head! "John, no," Brody shouts. "He's not worth it!" Once John pulls away, Mitch asks for Brody's permission to spend some time with Jessica, but Charlie appears and asks, "What about my son!" Charlie rushes in, with Viki close behind, and starts strangling Mitch!

    Deathbed Confessions...

    Friday, November 13 2009

    Still at the vineyard, Mitch suggests to John that they say a prayer for Jared, as Nash's corpse is taken away in a body bag. Mitch reminds John that everyone dies - some sooner than others! John takes a call then informs Mitch that he's taking him back to Llanview - for the murder of Pamela Stuart. However, Mitch denies having killed her, claims that Jared did and warns that John better ask Jared why he did it - while he still can! "Admit it John, you can't touch me," Mitch says, but John has no doubt that many people will line up to testify against him. Mitch looks forward to going home - and seeing many of Llanview's residents.

    Mitch Shoots Jared!

    Thursday, November 12 2009

    After Mitch takes aim and fires a shot at the vineyard in Napa, Jessica screams, "No!" John manages to get his gun on Mitch, but Natalie screams when Jared falls to the floor - shot! As John cuffs Mitch, he instructs Brody, Natalie and Jessica how to take care of Jared - and Natalie flips out when Mitch continues to taunt her! John can't take it anymore - and slams Mitch's face into a beam and knocks him out, as Natalie begs Jared not to leave her.

    Just as Jared opens his eyes, Charlie rushes to him. Jared struggles to talk and tells Charlie, "I'm sorry, I did it for you." Charlie has no idea what Jared is talking about, who again falls unconscious. When the EMTs enter, they rush to help Jared, as Mitch and Viki make eye contact! Jared is taken away, and Mitch yells, "Say goodbye to Jared, everyone!" John warns Mitch that he has more pain to inflict on him if he doesn't cool it! An EMT informs everyone that Jared was shot in the chest, which is very serious, then Natalie gets into the ambulance with her husband and begs him to fight!

    It's Time Ross Rayburn Gets Something He Wants!

    Wednesday, November 11 2009

    In Napa, Mitch lets go of Natalie then brings up Jared's loyalty to Charlie - and how Jared took away Mitch's daughter and wife. "I have big plans for both my girls," Mitch says, holding a gun on them, bragging about all of his followers who have helped him lure them there. "My life's complete except for a family. I need my daughter and my wife." When Mitch claims that Jared is in the way of his plans, Natalie throws herself in front of Jared and says, "You'll have to shoot me first!" Jessica stands in front of Jared too, saying that Mitch is her father - and he won't kill her. Mitch brings up fathers then announces that Jared has been lying - and that Jared went to great lengths to keep his drunk of a father, who's a murderer, out of prison!

    As Natalie accuses Mitch of lying, John and Brody arrive in the shadows. Brody and John see what's going on and quietly separate, as Jared admits he caught Landers lurking around Llanfair and just when Jared was going to call the police, Landers blackmailed him with what he knew about Charlie, which led to Jared working with Landers - who turned up dead! Jared claims that he got a text, went to the Lodge and says that Pamela was alive when he got there! John listens as Mitch reminds everyone of Nash's corpse - and as Jared says to Natalie, "I did this to protect my dad. I made a deal with the devil. I hope you can forgive me." Natalie vows to stand by Jared, who begins lashing out at Mitch for having everything that he wants - as John makes himself known to them, behind Mitch. As Jared manages to get Mitch repositioned, John comes in with his gun drawn, but Mitch manages to grab Natalie and warns that he'll kill her - in a second! John demands that Mitch let Natalie go, and just as Mitch tosses Natalie toward John, and pretends to put his gun down, Mitch takes aim at the crowd and fires a shot!

    Back From The Dead...

    Tuesday, November 10 2009

    As Mitch steps out of the shadows in Napa, he shocks Jessica, and Natalie, by saying, "He has risen! The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated… Come to Papa!" Mitch takes a step toward Jessica, who runs behind Natalie and Jared. Jared is shocked to hear this is Natalie's crazy ex-husband, who promises to bring his family back together! As Mitch starts rehearsing bible verses, Natalie grabs a blade and goes at Mitch - who grabs Natalie, calling her his lovely bride, and doesn't feel any fear when Natalie promises that John McBain will stop him. "John McBain's in Llanview chasing his tail," Mitch says then explains to Jessica, who wonders why he isn't dead, that he obviously faked his death.

    After Mitch apologies for luring Jessica there, with Nash's corpse, and promises to give him a proper burial, Mitch blames everything on Jared and says it's time Jessica and Natalie know the truth! Jared denies knowing what Mitch is talking about, but Mitch brings up Jared and Charlie's bond!

    A Grave Discovery...

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Natalie wakes up, she sees Jared outside the window, and though Jessica begs Natalie not to let him in, Natalie opens the door and flies into Jared's arms - as Jessica grabs a shovel! Jared screams that he's innocent, and when Jessica asks if Jared was the one who dug up and brought Nash's body to Napa someone comes out of the shadows and says, "That would be me." It's Mitch Laurence!

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