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    One Life To Live CAST - Ross Rayburn (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ross Rayburn (Past) Played by Michael Lowry on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Lowry

    Birthday: March 28 1968
    Birthplace: Staten Island, New York
    Real Name: Michael Lowry
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Mitch's Sickest Deal Yet!

    Wednesday, January 13 2010

    In Tahiti, Dani refuses to believe what Ross is saying - that Todd is her father - and asks Tea why he's saying that. Tea is happy to see that Ross loves Dani enough to tell her the truth then explains to Dani about how Todd was on the island, with Ross and Tea, and how she was conceived. Dani thinks Tea is lying then looks at the DNA test that proves she's Todd Manning's daughter. Though Ross and Tea admit that they found out the truth a while ago, Dani blames Tea - saying she's not Ross' daughter because she slept with Todd! After Dani hears that Tea got the test done months ago, she thinks her mother stayed quiet because she was afraid Todd would try to kill her - like he tried to kill Ross. Dani is shocked to hear that Todd knows the truth too then thinks back to almost shooting him. Tea and Ross want to help Dani heal, but she begs them to be a family again. Ross tells Dani that she can't stay there, that she needs to go back to Llanview to get to know him. "Todd?" Dani asks, and Ross replies, "Your father." Dani refuses to accept Todd as her father, and though Ross agrees that no paper will change the fact that she is his daughter, she's Todd's too. Ross begs Dani to give Todd a chance, claims he was only trying to save Dani when he shot him, but Dani wonders what'll happen to Ross now - since everyone wants to put him in jail! Tea promises not to tell anyone that Ross, who is presumed dead, is alive - on one condition… "You return to Llanview to get to know Todd," Tea tells Dani then watches as Ross takes Dani in his arms, urging her to do this for herself. Dani promises that she'll return to see him, and Ross says, "I know you will. I'll be waiting."

    The Divorce Papers From Hell!

    Tuesday, January 12 2010

    In Tahiti, Dani sees Ross and rushes into his arms screaming, "You're alive!" Ross admits he almost didn't make it, saying, "Good thing Todd's a lousy shot," then explains they can pick up where they left off - and that he has a new place for them. Dani smiles, and just as Ross urges her to leave with him, Tea arrives home - and drops her grocery bag! Tea pulls Dani behind her and warns for Ross to stay away from them - until Dani begs them to stop fighting over her! "Dad," Dani says. "I'm sorry, but I can't go away with you. I would miss Mom." Dani begs them both to become a family again, together, but Ross admits that Tea is in love with someone else. Over talk of Todd, Ross finds out that Dani tried to kill Todd and listens as she says, "I did it for you." Ross feels horrible then says, "You don't understand." Ross asks Dani to promise him that she'll stop hating Todd, but Dani says, "Just because I wouldn't run away with you, I love you, you're my father." In tears, Ross replies, "Thing is, I'm not your father. Todd Manning is."

    Ross Arrives Home...

    Monday, January 11 2010

    Outside his house in Tahiti, Ross peers through the window at Tea and Dani…

    Inside, Tea urges Dani to go to the beach with her, to say goodbye to Ross, but Dani cries that she keeps expecting him to walk through the door. Once they walk out the door, Ross watches after them then goes inside, looks in Tea's wallet, pulls out a picture of her and Todd then places something over his photo that Dani has included in her shrine to him…

    When Tea and Dani return, she notices Ross' necklace, the one he had on when he went over the bridge, draped across his photo in her shrine. After Tea heads to take a shower, Dani goes to the door and calls out, "Dad?" Tea reappears, and when Dani doesn't want to go out for lunch, Tea gives her some space - and Dani comes face to face with Ross, who smiles. "Hello, Sweetheart."

    Mel Hayes Returns...

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Outside, a man is lurking in the shadows… It's Ross!

    Tragedy Strikes!

    Monday, December 14 2009

    Near the Canadian border, trapped on the bridge, Bo screams, "It's over, Rayburn!" but Ross reeves up the engine and tells Blair, "Not till I say it's over." Ross puts the car in gear and guns it toward Bo's car. Though Bo, Nora and Tea get out of the way, Todd runs toward Ross' car - and Blair pulls the emergency brake. Ross backs up, as Todd tells Tea he will not let Ross take his daughter - and while Bo kisses Nora, happy she's okay. Suddenly, a gunshot fires, and everyone looks toward Ross' car - Ross has Blair at gunpoint and screams, "Have I got everyone's attention now!" Ross addresses Todd, warning him to make it possible for them to get through - or he'll turn him into a single parent! Against Bo's warnings, Todd marches across the bridge and tells Ross to take him instead - and promises he'll set him up in Canada until he wants to get rid of him. Todd warns if Ross doesn't take his offer, he'll hunt him to the end of the earth! Dani gets out of the car, begs Ross not to hurt Blair then threatens he'll never see her again if he doesn't let her go. With Ross distracted, Blair kicks him and runs toward Bo, as Dani watches Todd and Ross struggle over the gun! Todd manages to get the gun, but Ross grabs Dani and opens a gate in the railing of the bridge. Ross instructs Dani to jump into the water with him, but Dani begs him not to make her do it! When Todd gets a clean shot, he fires the gun and hits Ross! Ross manages to tell Dani that he loves her then plummets to the water below, as Dani screams, "No!"

    A Transformation Occurs...

    Friday, December 11 2009

    Driving closer to the Canadian Border, Blair checks the GPS, as Ross tells Dani not to worry - he'll figure everything out. Just as Dani wonders where Blair fits into their new life in Canada, Blair's GPS goes off saying, "Please enter your destination." Ross grabs the GPS device, throws it out the window then says, "Dani doesn't need saving. I can't say the same for you." Blair realizes that Ross plans to get rid of her then threatens to tell Dani the truth! As Dani asks, "What truth?" Ross aims a gun at Blair - and Dani screams, "Are you going to shoot Blair?" Ross assures Dani that he's not going to shoot Blair, as Blair uses Dani to try to get Ross to take a look at what he's doing, wondering if he really wants to hurt Dani by taking Tea and Todd away from her forever. "Todd?" Dani asks. "What does he have to do with anything?" Blair makes excuses to Dani, saying that Todd loves Tea enough to never stop looking for her daughter, then continues to rant at Ross about how he's taking Dani away for a life on the run.

    Shortly after, as Ross goes over a bridge, he's forced to slam on the brakes - because border patrol is blocking the other end! Though he goes to back up, Bo pulls in behind him! Blair takes Dani's hand, as she screams, "Daddy!"

    Blair Makes A Move!

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Heading toward the Canadian Border Ross stops on a country road and explains they need to ditch the car, but Blair suggests he just turn himself in. "I have a better idea," Ross says then tells Blair and Dani to get out of the car. As Blair sifts through her purse, Ross wonders what she's hiding, but Blair deters Ross from the contents of her purse then stands next to Dani - and Ross has no idea Blair has taken the GPS device out of her car! Ross pulls Blair and Dani away, and as they walk Ross tries to reassure Dani, who wants to know how Blair knows her parents. Ross stops Blair from getting into details then persuades Dani to stand at the roadside and hitch them a ride! Blair warns Ross that once Todd gets a hold of him, he'll regret it and says, "We both know how far Todd Manning will go to keep his children!" When a man pulls over, Ross claims they're having car trouble then knocks the man, who turns to call for help, over the head, causing Dani and Blair to gasp.

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