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    One Life To Live CAST - Aubrey 'Kimberly Andrews' Wentworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aubrey 'Kimberly Andrews' Wentworth Played by Amanda Setton on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Amanda Setton

    Real Name: Amanda Setton


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    The Natalie Effect.

    Thursday, December 29 2011

    Cutter calls Kim from a Kentucky jail and asks for a favor. Kim promises to help if he tells her where Stacy is. She's stunned to hear the girl she rescued was Gigi. Cutter explains, as Kim cries, "It can't be." Kim blames herself for not stopping Stacy from the beginning. She feels alone, but Cutter says she still has him. Kim lashes out for Cutter framing her. He apologizes, suggests they team up again, asks Kim to bust him out of jail and says, "I'm too pretty for prison." Cutter piques Kim's interest when he talks about the perfect mark, a woman with her own island - their mother. Cutter shares his run-in with Alex. Kim says goodbye and hangs up on him. Cutter calls Alex.

    I Pushed Her Into The Basement.

    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    Viki sees Kim and Clint kissing in the living room at Llanfair. Kim pulls back, asks Clint if they belong together then kisses him again. Viki sneaks off unseen, runs into David and leaves. Clint pulls back and tells Kim he wants to be with Viki. "No you don't," Kim objects. She thinks the atmosphere at Llanfair is simply familiar to him. "I'm in love with Viki," Clint insists and apologizes. Kim wonders what'll happen if Viki doesn't want him. It's a chance Clint's willing to take. Kim kisses Clint goodbye then leaves. He places a gift for Viki under the tree.

    As Sweet And Tart As Gigi Was.

    Tuesday, December 20 2011

    Back in Llanview, Natalie catches Clint up on her progress with Jessica at Llanfair. She gave Natalie advice about John. Natalie hasn't been able to reach him and leaves to track John down. Kim arrives soon after and asks if Clint's made a decision. He and Viki have bonded. He's been trying to make up his mind. Kim wants to help and kisses Clint. Viki appears and sees them.

    I Want You Back, Cowboy.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    At Llanfair, Kim explains Stacy's plan to get Rex back. Clint worries how Rex and Shane will react. She admits Rex knows about Stacy and got Kim released from jail. "I want you back, Cowboy," Kim states and blames their separation on Cutter and David. Now, there's no one standing in their way. Clint brings up how much Viki's helped him and how they kissed. He snaps at Kim, who thinks Viki's right to think she's Clint's consolation prize. Kim realizes Clint wants her and Viki and asks, "Who do you want more?" He can't answer her. Kim already knows what she wants and urges Clint to think hard. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

    In Angels Square, Ford and Jessica look for a tree. Ford thinks back to his childhood and anticipates giving Ryder everything he didn't have. He heads off to find the perfect tree. Nearby, Shaun gets Vivian to sign a petition to save "Paternity Row." Vivian hushes Shaun's mention of marriage again but wants to prove to Mrs. Evans how much she loves him. She points out a huge tree and wants to surprise his parents with it. If Shaun can't give her a ring, he plans to get Vivian a tree. Shaun takes off. Jessica joins Vivian. The women watch as Shaun and Ford fight over the same tree. They calm the guys down. When Jessica and Ford refuse to sign Shaun's petition he agrees to give them the tree if they do. Jessica and Ford sign then privately admit how much they love the soap. Jessica snaps at Aubrey on their way out. Rama invites Aubrey to spend the holidays with her and Vimal. Aubrey shares that Rex invited her to spend the holidays with him and Shane. She ordered a huge Christmas tree to surprise them with. Rama hears about Aubrey and Rex's kiss. Aubrey hopes when Rex returns, he'll be ready to let Gigi go. Over talk of Kim, Aubrey warns it's possible Kim's back on the streets. Rama refuses to hide from Kim. Kim appears and calls Rama a bitch. Rama lunges after her! Across the square, alone, Shaun takes out Vivian's engagement ring and vows to marry her.

    My Name's Viki. What Can I Get You?

    Monday, December 12 2011

    In the living room at Llanfair, Kim has a bone to pick with Clint. He reads Kim's goodbye letter. She denies writing it. Kim reads Clint's goodbye letter. He denies writing it as well. Kim realizes Cutter duped them. Natalie appears and berates Kim. Clint refuses to allow Natalie to trash Kim any further. Natalie takes offense and leaves. Kim admits Cutter's her brother and explains how he framed her for murder. He's stunned to hear Kim's the real Aubrey Wentworth. Kim assures Clint she had nothing to do with Cutter's plan to scam the Buchanans. Clint believes Kim but asks about her friend in the special care facility. Kim confesses. Stacy's still alive and has Gigi's face. Out in the foyer, Nigel arrives and ushers Roxy, Shaun and Destiny into the kitchen to resume their meeting.

    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    At Llanfair, Viki finishes up a call with Rex. They make plans to meet at the airport and fly to Texas together. After she hangs up, Clint accuses Viki of running away because of Kim. She denies it but claims if Kim appeared, Clint would turn his back on Viki in a heartbeat. They argue the point. Clint warns if Viki leaves she'll be throwing away everything they just got back. Viki refuses to be his consolation prize and asks if he'd be waiting around for Kim had she not sent the letter. Clint can't give her a straight answer and follows Viki out the door. His ankle monitor goes off. Clint kisses Viki and challenges her to tell him what he feels for her isn't real. "Tell it to the police," Viki replies and leaves. Later, Clint answers the door and is stunned to see Kim.

    Exes Should Be Seen And Not Heard.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011

    In the Kentucky jail, Kim refuses to tell Rex anything about Stacy until Aubrey returns with the photo that can clear her. Kim looks at her nails and anticipates getting a manicure and carving it into Clint. Arguing over Stacy, Kim spills how Stacy changed her face to get Rex. Kim tried to talk Stacy out of it. If Stacy was going to take over Gigi's life, Rex wonders what Stacy was going to do with Gigi. Kim wasn't going to let anything bad happen. Stacy arrived in Llanview on the day Rex and Gigi were going to be married. She tells Rex how she pulled Stacy from the same basement Gigi died in. She took Stacy to a special care facility in Kentucky. Last time Kim saw Stacy, she was in a coma. When Aubrey texts Rex the photo of Cutter next to the dead body at the Spotted Pony, he shows Kim, who says, "I'm free." Rex calls Aubrey to thank her. He's lucky to have her in his life and will call when he returns to Llanview.

    Brandon And Brianna Cannot Be Brother And Sister!

    Tuesday, December 06 2011

    Rex and Aubrey wait at the Kentucky jail. When Kim's brought to them, Rex explains her boss at the Spotted Pony led them there. Kim claims she was framed and begs Rex to help her. Rex knows Stacy's alive and wearing Gigi's face. He demands Kim help him find her. Kim will help Rex and Aubrey find Stacy if they get her out of jail and clear her. She reads Clint's goodbye letter. Kim needs to face Clint for blowing her off. She admits Stacy was in the basement when Gigi died. Aubrey warns Rex not to trust Kim. Rex can't resist being able to confront Stacy and agrees to help Kim. Aubrey leaves to find the photo that can clear Kim.

    It's All Coming Back, Isn't It?

    Monday, October 17 2011

    At The Spotted Pony, Rama tells Kim she's there to collect. Kim promises to pay Rama back. Cutter appears. Kim asks him to verify their deal that's going to make them rich. Cutter refuses, calls in some cops and points to Kim. "I think you're busted," Rama tells Kim. Cutter acts as though he's with Rama. They went to the police to report that Kim's the killer. Rama shows her a photo of Kim standing over the man that Cutter drugged years ago. Kim screams at Cutter for setting her up. Kim runs, but Rama grabs her. The cops have to break up their fight. Once Kim's in cuffs, Cutter privately warns that Rama was coming after Kim anyway. It was her or him. As Kim's dragged away, she screams for Cutter to take care of Stacy.

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