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    One Life To Live CAST - Elijah Clarke

    Full detailed profile on Elijah Clarke Played by Matt Walton on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Matt Walton
    Elijah Clarke

    Actor: Matt Walton

    Who played Elijah Clarke over the years

    Matt Walton (August 7, 2009 - October 26, 2010)

    Useful information on Elijah Clarke

    * Lawyer to Bo and Nora Buchanan.
    * Knew Tea Delgado's secret.
    * Dropped his last name 'Rayburn' and used his middle name 'Clarke'.
    * AKA Bennett Thompson.
    * Serial killer.
    * Was killed by Cole Thornhart.


    Past: Lawyer
    Past: Law Student


    Elijah arrived in Llanview to represent Bo and Nora Buchanan in their counter suit against their son Matthew. After a few strange phone calls, and a hidden warning to Tea Delgado, Elijah appeared to be hiding a secret of his own.

    He later fell in love with Blair Cramer, who had no idea Eli had a much deeper secret... That he was in fact Bennett Thompson, the man who killed Melinda Cramer, a few other people and practically beat Ford silly. He also pushed Marty down the stairs, which Hannah O'Connor witnessed, then forced Hannah to down some pills.

    Hannah made it through the apparent suicide attempt and with Kelly, John, Rex, Natalie and Brody on his tail Eli was trying his hardest to hide his true identity. However, just as Eli had married Blair, she confronted him about who he truly was. Eli admitted the truth to Blair then staged his death in Tahiti.

    Eli reappeared at St. Kitts and was happy to find that Greg had gotten rid of Tea, like he ordered. However, Greg only made Eli believe he'd followed his blackmailing orders. Before going on the warpath, Eli made it so Ross was granted custody of Dani then tried to kill Greg, who planned to stop Eli from hurting anyone else - or from exposing Greg's deepest secret.

    Even though Eli didn't succeed in killing Greg, he did kill Ross then kidnapped Starr, Dani and Hope. When Tea escaped the room at Cherryvale, she ran straight into Eli who let his plan be known. Starr and Hope managed to escape but Eli took Tea and Dani hostage in a warehouse.

    After the ransom meeting had been set, Blair agreed to wait in a van for Eli, who let Dani go. However, when Eli found the van empty, he let off a bomb inside the warehouse then was detained and arrested. While everyone went in search of survivors, Cole, thinking Starr and Hope had died in the explosion, shot Eli in cold blood.


    Blair Cramer (married August 30, 2010)
    Olivia Thompson (deceased)
    First wife (deceased)


    Blair Cramer


    Ross Rayburn (brother)




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    Tuesday, October 26 2010: I Found You, Starr.

    Across the parking lot, Cole shoots Eli. "That was for killing Starr," Cole says and shoots Eli again. "And this is for Hope." Marty appears, sees Cole holding the gun and rushes to Eli. "He's dead," she says. Cole's glad. He thinks Starr and Hope are dead too. Marty hugs Cole. He drops the gun. Marty begs Cole to leave. No matter how Cole tries to justify it, Eli was handcuffed and defenseless. Cole will be charged with murder. He doesn't care. Marty convinces Cole to leave then picks up the gun. Natalie comes upon her. Marty admits Eli's dead and lies, "I shot him." Natalie opens an evidence bag and Marty drops the gun in it. "He killed my baby!" Marty screams. "He killed my granddaughter!" Natalie informs Marty that Starr and Hope were never in the warehouse. Marty whispers, "Cole," then claims she doesn't know where he is.

    When Brody returns to Eli, he finds out Marty shot him. Natalie asks after John and rushes off when Brody says they couldn't find him. "You really did this?" Brody asks Marty. "I did. Arrest me." Brody thinks Marty did the world a favor but has no choice… He arrests her.

    Monday, October 25 2010: Shots Fired!

    Outside the warehouse, Marty suggests to Natalie that it sounds as though her baby is Brody's rather than John's. Suddenly, there's an explosion! Natalie and Marty panic, knowing Starr and Hope are still in there. Cole screams for Starr, as John wrestles Eli. John arrests Eli then has him taken away. Before John rushes off to look for survivors, Brody tells him Tea's alive. Across the parking lot, Todd carries an unconscious Dani and calls for help. John urges Todd to go find help for Dani and promises he'll rescue Starr and Hope. No one notices as Cole rushes into the warehouse in search of his girls. As Marty realizes Cole is gone, Todd appears with Dani and begs Marty for help. Marty sees Todd to an ambulance and helps with Dani's vitals. Todd urges Dani to squeeze his hand and she finally does. Todd convinces Marty to stay with Dani while he goes in search of Starr. Natalie becomes frightened when she gets word that John went into the warehouse. No one knows where Blair is either. Dani wakes up and Natalie rushes to her side. Dani asks after Tea and verifies that she's alive.

    Back out in the parking lot, Brody goes to Eli and demands to know where Tea is. Eli claims he has no idea. Bo instructs a cop to leave Brody alone with Eli. Brody tries to beat the truth out of Eli but he doesn't give in. He only says if he can't have his wife, Todd can't have his either. Eli suggests that Brody concern himself with who isn’t in the warehouse. John emerges from the warehouse with Cole. As an EMT looks over Cole, he eyes Eli. Cole's left alone when the EMTs hear more of the building collapsing. Cole opens the evidence box, goes to Eli and shoots him!

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