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    One Life To Live CAST - Carlotta Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carlotta Vega Played by Saundra Santiago on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saundra Santiago

    Birthday: April 13 1957
    Birthplace: The Bronx, New York
    Real Name: Saundra Santiago
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Attempted Murder At The Llanview PD!

    Friday, September 04 2009

    When Carlotta sees the 'How To' book with Cris and Layla, at the diner, he tries to explain who it's for, but Carlotta immediately says, "I love you the way you are!" As she goes on and on, saying, "I'm not blind… I saw the signs… and all the trouble you have with women…" Cris makes it clear that he's not gay - as Layla is content to be amused by Carlotta's assumption! Layla finally fills in the blanks, and Cris tells Carlotta not to sound so disappointed that he's not gay! Carlotta only wants her son to be happy, no matter what he religion teaches, and wishes 'their friend' could be as happy. Once Carlotta leaves, Layla bursts out laughing then wonders why Cris can't give Fish the book himself, and asks if he worries someone else will think he's gay. Layla calls Cris 'gay catnip' then says, "This book will mean a lot more coming from you than from me." Cris agrees to give Fish the book.

    Courtroom Drama!

    Thursday, September 03 2009

    Cris arrives at the diner, holding a bookstore bag, which he doesn't allow his mother to see. She asks about his roommates - and says how much she hopes nice Officer Fish finds a great girl! As Carlotta suggests that Cris find a girl too, Layla appears, and Carlotta gives them some time.

    Across the room, Viki and Charlie arrive, and briefly chat with Carlotta, who backs Viki's campaign, then Dorian appears - and refuses a 'Viki for Mayor' button! Dorian also declines the mayor's attendance at Viki's press conference, but they do agree on a mayoral debate!

    When the coast is clear, Cris shows Layla the book he bought to help Fish with his parents: "How To Tell Your Parents You're Gay." Layla is touched and says, "I'd kiss you if I hadn't sworn off men." Cris asks Layla to bring the book to Fish when she heads back to work." Just then, Carlotta returns and sees the book about being gay - the book that Cris wouldn't let her see earlier!

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