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    One Life To Live CAST - Carlotta Vega - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carlotta Vega Played by Saundra Santiago on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Saundra Santiago

    Birthday: April 13 1957
    Birthplace: The Bronx, New York
    Real Name: Saundra Santiago
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Seeing A Lot Of Each Other.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    Outside the diner, Blair feels guilty. If Todd killed Victor, she showed him the gun. Tomas assures Blair Victor's murder had nothing to do with her. Blair wonders how Tomas would know that. Tea appears and relays what happened at the station. Inside, Cris finishes up a call with the Dean. He was asked to go to Barcelona to replace a professor who had to drop out of a program. Carlotta's stunned to hear his flight has already been booked. Cris doesn't think he can leave on such short notice. She convinces Cris to take the opportunity and hopes he finds what's been missing for him in Llanview in Spain. Rama appears and thinks Carlotta is happy because Cris and Jessica are back together. Cris corrects Rama, shares his news and they say goodbye. Rama thinks Cris' true love is out there waiting for him. Tea, Blair and Tomas appear. Cris gives Tea his condolences. Everyone hears Cris' news and is happy for him. They all share an emotional goodbye. After Cris leaves, Blair assures Tea that Victor loved her very much. Tea cries in Blair's arms. Outside, Tomas takes a mysterious call asking someone to keep him posted on Victor's investigation. He's glad Tea and Dani are finally safe.

    I Can't Ignore What Happened Because Of Her Falsehood.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    Carlotta visits Cris in his studio at Llanview U and lashes out at him for letting Layla go off to Paris. Cris asks his mother to calm down and respect his and Layla's decision. Carlotta relents and leaves Cris to prepare for his class. Once alone, Cris leaves a message for Layla with love. Gigi arrives, sees Cris' latest project and analyzes, "You're really missing Layla, aren't you? You're not only sad, you're mad." After Gigi explains what she sees in Cris' work, he says, "I think you're going to do just fine."

    I'm Actually Here To See Your Boss.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Nate takes a break from his job at the diner to sit with Dani. Dani fills him in on the wedding. Carlotta overhears and insists on giving Tea a wedding shower. Nate gets back to work and Carlotta talks briefly to Dani about Tea and Todd. When Cris arrives he pulls Carlotta aside and gives her the news about Evangeline. Todd appears, having overheard, and lashes out at Cris saying everyone gave up and let Evangeline die. Dani calms Todd who takes a seat and describes Evangeline to her as a lawyer who used to help him out, like Tea. Todd is forced to explain why Tea isn't there. They rush off to be with Tea.

    A Rush Of Memories...

    Friday, May 21 2010

    Cris and Layla share their news with Carlotta at the diner. Bo and Nora arrive and hear the news as well. They talk about the prom with hopes that Matthew had a good time. Alone, Nora tries making wedding plans but Bo is distracted by the call from Rex and says, "Something's not right." Nora assures Bo if Rex needs him he'll call him back. Later Cris admits to his mom that it wasn't until she told him to choose that he knew he loved only Layla. Carlotta is happy for him but wonders how Jessica will take the news. Layla truly feels sorry for Jessica. Talk turns to Layla's mother and Carlotta suggests they break the news to her soon. Before someone else does. They decide to go to Maryland to tell her in person. Layla thinks about Evangeline and Jessica, hoping she gets her memory back. Layla wants her to be as happy with Brody as she is with Cris.

    For Your Protection.

    Thursday, May 13 2010

    In the kitchen, Layla tells Carlotta that she hopes tonight will be incredible. They bring up Jessica and Layla says it’s not the way Jessica’s looking at Cris that bothers her. Later, Cris walks in on the ladies and Layla leaves. Carlotta says they’re concerned about him because of Jessica. Carlotta asks if he has feelings for Jessica.

    A Surprising Discovery!

    Tuesday, March 09 2010

    In the kitchen, Layla finds Carlotta making Cris a congratulatory cake and fills her in on Jessica's resurfacing attachment to Cris. Making their way to the counter, Carlotta is stunned, as Layla claims Cris has everything under control. As Layla vows that Cris' future is with her, Jessica walks through the door, overhears and introduces herself to Layla. Carlotta hugs Jessica and tries to explain why Charlie duplicated the diner to look like the one in Texas. After Carlotta leaves to make Jessica lunch, Layla tries to leave - but Jessica wants to get to know her - since they have Cris in common.

    Later, Cris arrives at the diner and finds Layla and Jessica in a catty argument over him. Jessica has homework to do, promises to see Cris in class tomorrow then leaves - and Cris has to explain to Layla that Jessica is his student. Layla is convinced that Jessica is after more than art lessons!

    Stepping Down!

    Tuesday, November 24 2009

    Dorian gathers Carlotta, Noelle and Moe at the diner, wanting to know who they voted for, but they tell her that she lost - and to live with it! After Dorian insults Carlotta, Moe and Noelle a bit, Carlotta admits that she voted for Viki!

    A Grave Discovery...

    Monday, November 09 2009

    At the diner, Carlotta notices how down in the dumps Cris has been then hands him a phone and says, "Call her." Cris says he can't then brings up Evangeline - and how Layla feels - but Carlotta reminds him that Evangeline wouldn't want Cris and Layla to be alone and urges him to try to tell Layla that again.

    Body of Evidence!

    Monday, October 19 2009

    In her room at The Palace, Tea finishes up a call with her child, promising to see them for parents' weekend - but looks at her engagement ring and explains that their father won't be able to make it. After Tea hangs up, Carlotta arrives, and Tea breaks down crying and explains her situation with Blair, Todd and Ross. Just as Carlotta urges her to open up, Todd knocks at the door, asking Tea to let him in.

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